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March 8, 2007

Well, I’ll Be Damned

La Belle ProvinceQuebec politics actually can be more interesting than a critical review of the Encyclopeadia of Proctology. Who’d’a thunk it, eh? Most people who read here regularly already know that I find Quebec politics in general — and the current provincial election in particular — to be someplace between belly button lint and spinach on my scale of interestingness (yes, that’s a word).

So you can probably imagine how surprised I was when I stumbled across a story about a Quebec politician saying something that wasn’t just interesting, it was damn smart, too! 😯 It seems that the ADQ‘s leader, Mario Dumont, is taking a page from the “enough of this bullshit, already” book and is talking about making criminals actually do some time for their crimes:

Dumont says an ADQ government would not allow repeat offenders to get probation and that temporary passes would be given to prisoners only for humanitarian reasons. Dumont unveiled his public security program while campaigning Thursday in Trois-Rivieres.

The ADQ leader also says too many prisoners who belong behind bars are being released for overcrowding and financial reasons.

Dumont cited a report saying that a third of inmates in Quebec’s prisons are repeat offenders who have been jailed at least 10 times.

Ten times, huh?  Well, obviously the hug-a-thug method is only accomplishing two things: Jack and shit.  And Jack didn’t show up.

Thumbs up!I’ll admit right off the hop that I don’t really know much about the ADQ’s policies or ideology but if they keep coming up with stuff like this, they might be just what Quebec needs to pull their heads out of their collective derrières and get them on track to being productive partners in confederation.  I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this but… I just might start paying attention to this little horse race.