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March 8, 2007

Oh, Shit

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Militant IslamThis is not good. Not good at all. It’s still pretty early in the game so there isn’t yet any real way to conclusively verify the accuracy of these reports but they are still worrisome, to say the least.

There are a few sources here and there — like Iran’s IRNA, Stratfor and India’s Zee News — have started reporting in the last few hours that at least two “top nuclear scientists of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission” have been snatched by the Taliban, likely at the behest of Al-Qaeda, and are likely being held somewhere in Waziristan…

The two scientists were kidnapped about six months ago. To avoid international embarrassment Pakistan Government has kept this information under wraps, said an Indian private news channel “Zee News”.

According to information available with Zee News, nuclear scientists have been kidnapped by Taliban at the behest of Al-Qaeda.

Further investigations reveal that Al-Qaeda may be using the expertise of the scientists to produce nuclear bombs. The two scientists are reportedly being held somewhere in Waziristan, near Afghanistan border.

In January this year Pakistan security agencies had foiled another attempt by Taliban militia to kidnap nuclear scientists. Earlier, incidents of Taliban militia stealing uranium in NWFP have already been reported. PAEC also has a uranium mining facility in NWFP.

If there is anyone out there who even slightly doubts Al-Qaeda’s motives here, my message is simple: shoot yourself in the head now before you pollute the gene pool. You are too stupid to live.

We are talking about an organization that has stated, quite plainly, that its ultimate objective is to establish a worldwide Caliphate by any means necessary, including killing anyone that disagrees with them (put that in yer ACLU pipe and smoke it). Make no mistake, if these assholes get a nuke, they will use it.

Maybe somewhere near you.