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September 2, 2008

And Nothing Has Changed.

Militant IslamYou’d never see this in Canada, but jolly old England actually has a TV broadcaster with the balls to do this sort of thing.  First there was Undercover Mosque. Then the predictable stink followed:



How dare you catch us in the act of being assholes, and then put it on TV!

Blah, blah, blah, three bags full. When they finally got it through their little medieval skulls that they’d been caught red-handed, nobody gave a damn if they were offended or not, and their faux indignation was only going to piss people off more, they promised that they’d clean up their act.

Fat chance. Now, we have Undercover Mosque: The Return, and it’s all nothing but same shit, different day…

I’ll put the other parts up as I get the time…

March 16, 2008

Son Of A…

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And here I thought that CANADIAN politics was full of some low-down, nasty crap! The HypoGrits, Blocheads and Dippers may be capable of some cheapass shots but, I’ve gotta admit, I’ve never heard any of ’em spewing anything quite like this.

I’ve honestly got no idea who this bellowing gargoyle is and at this hour of the night, I’m not likely to give a crap, either. I’m no fan of Obambi, but this Froot Loop® is just absolutely over the top.

I recommend Thorozine; and a hell of a lot of it…

h/t to Paul

October 21, 2007

How To Shut Up An Atheist

Thumbs up!An absolutely huge tip o’ the old toque to Dr. Roy for putting this where I could see it so that I can, in turn, pass it along to the rest of you (couldn’t have done it without ya, mate).

I wasn’t going to post anything at all today due to my temp hitting 102 — that’s 38.8, for those of you that have been fully metricwashed — and generally feeling like a can of smashed arseholes.

Thanks again, Doc. Just when I thought the day was a wash… 😀 The original article is here (along with plenty of other good stuff, so take the time to check it out).

How to Shut Up an Atheist if You Must
By Doug Giles
Saturday, October 20, 2007

The atheist’s days of running circles around the Christian with their darling questions are drawing to a close. Yes, the fat lady just wrenched herself off her humongous backside, has cleared her throat and now is fixin’ to sing the finale on the atheist’s ability to have fun with their specious little fairy tales at the Christians’ expense.

That is if the Christian will buy, devour, commit to memory and stand up and challenge the pouty anti-God cabal with the atheist-slaying facts found in two new books from Regnery namely, What’s So Great about Christianity and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible.

Authors Dinesh D’Souza and Robert Hutchinson skillfully answer, once again, the atheist’s pet questions about the existence (or non-existence) of God and how Christianity has allegedly made the world suck. Suck, for you thick atheists, is a slang word which means to make or to be really, really crappy (kind of like how our culture becomes anytime you guys mess with it).

These books will be especially beneficial for high school and college students to draw upon when their secular anti-God fuming delirious instructors start railing against God and Christianity.

For instance:

  1. When the prissy anti-Christs tell you the Bible stands in the way of science, inform them that the greatest scientific geniuses in history were devout Christians – and scientists from Newton to Einstein insisted that biblical religion provided the key ideas from which experimental science could develop.
  2. When the pissy God haters tell you the Bible condones slavery, you can remind them that slavery was abolished only when devout Christians, inspired by the Bible, launched a campaign in the early 1800s to abolish the slave trade.
  3. When the screechin’ teachers tell you the Bible has been proven false by archaeology, hark back and show them that each year a new archaeological discovery substantiates the existence of people, places and events we once knew solely from biblical sources, including the discovery of the Moabite stone in 1868, which mentions numerous places in the Bible, and the discovery of an inscription in 1961 that proves the existence of the biblical figure Pontius Pilate, just to name a few.
  4. When they get sweaty and tell you that the Bible breeds intolerance, refresh their memory with the fact that only those societies influenced by biblical teachings (in North and South America, Europe, and Australia) today guarantee freedom of speech and religion. Period.
  5. When one of them queues up and quips that the Bible opposes freedom, smack ’em with the fact that the Bible’s insistence that no one is above the law and all must answer to divine justice led to theories of universal human rights and… uh… limited government.
  6. When they tell you that Christianity and the Bible justify war and genocide, unsympathetically remind them that societies which rejected biblical morality in favor of a more rational and scientific approach to politics murdered millions upon millions more than the Crusades or the Inquisition ever did. Hello. Atheist regimes have caused the greatest mass murders in history, says D’Souza. Inside D’Souza’s book you’ll find little gems like, The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Galileo affair, and witch hunts together make up less than 1% of the murders that have occurred during modern atheist regimes like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

This is just a smattering of the various 411 fun the Christian is going to get as they plow through What’s So Great about Christianity and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible.

Senior pastor, college pastor and youth pastor: do yourself and your congregants a favor and teach this stuff to your church. Equip Christians to stand against the BS (belief system) of the atheists. The culture war is heating up, therefore make sure your people don’t stand intellectually naked and neutered before these no-God numb nuts.

Lastly, comfortable and cocky atheists, you had better brace yourselves. Hundreds of thousands of Christians and authors are about to read these books and, as stated, systematically dismember your old and haggard arguments.

In addition, everywhere I go and speak – be it in conferences, on the radio, on television or in print – I’m going to encourage the tens of thousands of Christians I address that every time and everywhere they get crapped on by an atheist with unfounded arguments to open their mouths and slam dance them with facts found in these two new brilliant books from Regnery.

Doug Giles’ new book 10 Habits of Decidedly Defective People: The Successful Loser’s Guide to Life is now available. Doug’s award winning talk show and video blog can be seen and heard at

March 12, 2007

Same Sh*t, Different Pile

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AsshatteryIt never ceases to amaze me, the idiocy that some people will go gallivanting after. The fact that they go for some of this crap in the first place is baffling enough, but just why the hell do they seem to insist on thinking that this is somehow something new that they’ve stumbled onto; over and over and over again… Wake the HELL UP!!

Anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows that all this shit has been said and done before, some of it hundreds or even thousands of times, but the gullible still fall for it every damned time. Most of these little flash-in-the-pan cults are, while offensive, just plain too dumb to be worth worrying about. Others, however, serve as a good reminder as to why even freedom of religion needs to have at least some limits. One such movement is the so-called “Creciendo en Gracia (Growing in Grace) ministry.”

RantsThose who read here with any frequency may find themselves wondering just where the hell I’m going with this. After all, I’ve always made it quite plain that I have no use for those who would bash away at people of faith, so why the hell do I seem to be doing just that right now??

Well, it’s simple, really. Yes, how a man keeps — or doesn’t keep, for that matter — his company with God is his own business and no one else’s. I do believe that. But I also believe in learning from history; something about those forgetting the follies of the past being condemned to repeat them in the future and all that other bookworm stuff. And that has plenty to do with this bunch of deviant devotees.

You see, the Creciendo en Gracia is the brainfart of, and led by, a dude by the name of Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda. He’s a “62-year-old former Puerto Rican heroin addict and felon now based in the southern U.S.” So far, so what, right? There are two big problems with this guy. The first is that he claims to be the second coming of Christ. No, that’s not a metaphor; this bozo actually seems to believe it.

David KoreshNow, let me see… where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah; this dude said the same thing. You remember him, don’t you? Of course you do. He’s David Koresh, the leader of the “Branch Davidian” cult that got everybody in North America pronouncing “Waco” as “wacko” after he and his followers barbecued themselves in April of ’93 after holing up against the FBI and BATF for nearly two months. Not a bad ending for a delusional pedophile prick that seemed to think that, while no one else should be having anything resembling sex, he needed a whole harem of underage (even by the Texan standards at the time) girls to keep himself amused. It would have been ok if he had had the common courtesy to croak on his own, but nnooooo; this warped-minded wannabe-messiah had to take over 80 other people with him, including about 25 kids.

Jim JonesWaitaminit, now… He wasn’t the first was he? Nope, he wasn’t. Over a decade before Vernon Wayne Howell started calling himself David Koresh, there was crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat Jim Jones and his “Peoples Temple” down in Guyana. Things didn’t turn out too good for that bunch either, did they? Jimbo also had more than a few sexual bats in his belfry, maybe because of all the dope he was sucking back. After packing up about 1000 people and buggering off to the South American jungle, setting up a commune called “Jonestown” (nope, no ego there) and murdering a US Congressman, Jimmy seems to have decided that he wanted to bug out before the shit hit the fan. But these megalomaniacs can never seem to check out by themselves, can they? The aftermath of JonestownNot only did he off himself, he ordered his followers — all 900+ of them — to suck back a few slugs of cyanide- and valium-laced Kool-aid so they could come along for the ride into the afterlife. Those who didn’t like the idea were either shot or had the poison forced down their throats. To this day, the local Guyanese people go nowhere near the grounds of the former Jonestown.

Trying to be Christ doesn’t seem to turn out too well, does it? But hey, De Jesus isn’t stopping there. Hell no. Why settle for being just Christ when you can be the Antichrist, too? No, I’m not making that shit up. But even that isn’t new, is it? Nope; that’s been done before, too. And we all know how well it worked out for that guy, don’t we?


So you’ll just have to excuse me if there are some places where I draw the line on freedom of religion. And don’t give me any of that “slippery slope” bullshit, either. We started down that slope when we decided that idiots like these deserve to have their “civil rights” protected by the power of the state. We’ve been careening down the sonofabitch ever since.