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March 30, 2007

And Another One Gets Fed Up

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Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic PermanetWell, it seems like yet another Grit has gotten fed up with the Fiberals and jumped ship.  The Grit in question is Ontario Liberal backbencher Tim Peterson (whose website seems to be currently offline).  Some of you might know him as being part of what the MSM like to call “London’s first family of Liberals.” :roll:  He’s former Ontario premier David Peterson and Toronto-area MP Jim Peterson’s kid brother and London-North-Centre MPP (and former Ontario Lieberal president) Deb Matthews’ brother-in-law.  Now there’s a gene pool for ya…

Utter BullshitThe Liebrals, predictably, are saying that he’s just pissy over not getting a cabinet post.  Because we all know that whenever someone crosses the floor from the Grits, its always because of a cabinet position or some other such ulterior crap; but when someone crosses to the Grits and gets plopped right into a cabinet position that they have no qualifications for, it’s truly altruism at its highest.

And before the hooting even starts: no, he’s not joining the Tories.  He’s going to sit as an independent until the October 10 provincial election when he does plan to run as a Tory (assuming he can secure the riding nomination — he’s not getting a freebie).  Ironically enough, it looks like PC Leader John Guess-What-Party-I’m-With actually talked him out of outright crossing over:

“John Tory convinced me that I should not work in this session against the party that helped me get elected, and the party that the people in Mississauga South supported in the last election,” he said.

Imagine a Grit doing that.  Go ahead, imagine it.  Nah, I can’t either.