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March 24, 2011

A Gun to Jack’s Head?

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Government du CanadaNo, this isn’t going to be a rant about the registry; not today.  Everybody and their dog has been wondering just what the hell might be going on between Uberdipper Jack! Layton’s ears these days and I have to admit that I’m no exception.

How could this guy possibly want to trot off into an election right now?  Is he nuts? Forget for a minute that his health isn’t the best; he still started off the week at least seeming to have most of his marbles.   The MSM hasn’t been saying much about it (no real surprise there) but when the budget came down, Layton said he wasn’t making up his mind until after caucus.  Seems logical to me so far.  So then the budget comes down, and even Canadian Labour Congress Complainer In Chief Ken Georgetti, of all damn people, says it’s good.  Didn’t see THAT one coming, did you? (Don’t feel bad; neither did I.) (more…)

May 5, 2010

Here a Shut, There a F#@k, Everywhere an Up, Up..

RantsI’ve finally figured out how I’m going to get filthy, stinking rich.  I deserve it of course, for being the sunshiny kind of guy that I am.  I’m going to find a company that manufactures corks for flapping, leftist pieholes, and sink every penny I’ve got into it.  Recent events have proven to me that it’ll be a goldmine.

We’ll start off with the reddest Tory in the Chamber of Somnambulant Second Thought: the Senator formerly known by the Rowell-Jackman sur-monicker but now going, Roseanne-esque, by only the given names of Nancy Ruth.  Count Igula – likely following Frank Graves’ advice about setting off a culture war – recently tried his damnedest to drag out the abortion issue and run a few volts through the bolts in its neck.  (Apparently, it didn’t occur to Iffy that it might not be such a great idea to take strategic advice from a guy whose name sounds so much like the unfortunate bugger on the right. Go on, Iggy, grab the cables; you’ll be fine)  Well, that didn’t work out too well.  Harper pretty much gave him the Dion treatment and dared Ignatieff to huff, puff and blow the house down and now Nancy has some advice for the screeching chior of the infanticide congregation:  STFU. (more…)

June 6, 2008

Reagan At Pointe Du Hoc

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Some things really can be posted with no commentary whatsoever.

D Day

Things like the speech delivered by American President Ronald Reagan in Pointe Du Hoc, Normandy, on the sixth of June, 1984. The 40th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion (careful, though; it’s kind of a big file)…


July 25, 2007

Imeson-Instegated Policy Primer

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HUH???Okay, there’s been a lot of chatter all of a sudden in the comments about just what I do and don’t delete on this site. It seems that just because I’ve admitted that I had to dump a few comments, some folks have taken it into their melons that this is a place where censorship lives.

It ain’t.

If you have something that you think is worth saying, by all means post it. Just don’t expect me (or anyone else here, for that matter) to agree with it. And do expect to be taken to task if somebody else gets pissed enough about what you have on your mind. It’s that simple. Some folks seem a little worried, though. Folks like Paul…

I will be disappointed if my comment is deleted as I’ve tried to stay positive about this whole thing, but even you all have to admit something more than the freaking OPP is needed in all of this.

And Lee Rock…

I am kinda sad that those other comments were deleted. […] and if my comment is deleted….well then that is just sad…this is a free country, with freedom of speech remember??? I liked hearing what other’s had to say, even tho they were a bit angry and upset…they were voicing their opinions and that is what Canada is all about….FREEDOM!!

First off, Lee is right. Voicing opinions is a big damned part of what Canada is all about. Uunless, of course, you voice a politically incorrect one, in which case you might find yourself battered from pillar to post through our “human rights” system, like Scott Brockie was. No need to worry about that here, though; I actually believe in giving air to those who agree with me AND those who don’t. It’s part of my belief in that whole messy democracy thing. Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but I live with it. So no, I’m not in the habit of killing comments just because they happen to piss me off.

There are, however, two things that need to be kept in mind:

  1. This is a public site and I actually do try to keep it at least half-assed family-friendly. Yes, I have a bit of a trashmouth but even I try to draw a line. Kids come to this site too and there’s some stuff that kids just plain don’t need to hear or read. So, to that end: Ray, if you don’t learn to put a filter on the sewer under your nose, I WILL ban your sorry ass. You’ve been stopping by here for a while but you’re getting to be like a dog that just won’t take to housebreaking and I’m getting sick and tired of cleaning up your crap. Other people get hot under the collar too, but they don’t put out the kind of shit that you have.
  2. Utter BullshitThis is a public forum for ideas, NOT a recruiting post for a God damned lynch mob. Anybody else tries a stunt like that, your IP goes straight to the cops. Period. Shooting some murderous prick in self-defense is one thing but hunting the bastard down and stringing him up without a trial is NOT something that I’m going to put up with. No more warnings.

Alright, folks, now that that bit of unpleasantness has been dealt with, I thought it would be a nice thing to put in a little something to boost the spirits of the folks back in my old Huron stompin’ grounds. If it won’t play in your browser for some reason, just click here and download it. A li’l Hank Jr never hurt nobody, right?

Enjoy, and remember: country folks can survive. (more…)

June 25, 2007

Still Lingering

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Our SoldiersGoddamnit, what the hell does it take to finally get over this crap? It’s been damn near a year and a half since we kicked their sorry arses to the curb and we’re still having to deal with the fallout from the Liebrals’ willful neglect of our Canadian Armed Forces! Everybody from the Freeps, to CTV, to the Ministry Of What You Should Think, and everyone in between has been telling about how the Librano$ were, as usual, too damned busy buggering things up to take care of our men and women in uniform (the Snowbirds, this time):

The air force was urged in no uncertain terms four years ago to quickly replace the aging Tutor jets belonging to the prized Snowbird demonstration squadron.

The study by the Defence Department’s director of major service delivery procurement warned that the life expectancy of the 1960s-vintage aircraft was 2010, but could be pushed out for another decade if absolutely necessary.

“With each passing year, the technical, safety and financial risk associated with extending the Tutor into its fifth decade and beyond, will escalate,” said the review, written in August 2003.

And just what did the Grits do when they were given that information? Why, they did DICK ALL, of course! Just like they always do whenever something concerns the safety, wellbeing, morale, image or the very lives of our soldiers. After all, these are the same assholes that gave us Sea Kings In The Sun, the flying caskets that are older than most of the pilots that fly them, fer Chrissakes.

Granted, the Tutor isn’t as bad as the Sea Kings, but these things are starting to show their age. In the 35-year history of the Snowbirds, only six pilots have died, but half of those have been in the last nine years.

RantsSo here we are, with yet another Grit mess to clean up. Don’t expect them to take the blame, though. Hell, NO!! That ain’t the Lieberal way. Just like they twiddled their thumbs for years over the Kyotology Kult and then had the gall to demand that the Tories implement it within months (likely hoping that such an implementation would tank the economy, making the Conservatives look like assholes, and thereby get the Librano$ back high on the public hog), look for the Grits to screech away to anyone that will listen about how the mean, nasty, Stephen-Dubya-Harper® Tories are the ones that aren’t looking after the military.

Sometimes I wonder if those bozos don’t deliberately bugger up, just so they have a failsafe to fall back on whenever they get the boot: blame the Tories for not fixing their mistakes and then act like the screwup happened on their watch instead of the Liberals’. Just a thought.