Category: Nukes

May 1, 2008

Not Totally Stoopid, After All

Okay, here we go. Gravol? Check. Barf bucket? Check. Piggies on the runway? Check. I sooooo don’t wanna do this…

Everybody who spends any time here already knows that I have no love whatsoever for Billary “I love country music” Clinton (google it if you can’t figure it out). I agree with Gary Hubbell when he says that the Angry White Man loathes Hillary Clinton. Her voice reminds him of a shovel scraping a rock.” I had no idea that Gary even knew me. 😛 The real problem here is that I also like to think of myself as someone who acknowledges common sense, regardless of whose mouth it comes out of.

So you can imagine the conundrum that I find myself in when Billary up has herself a “don’t Falk with me, Argentina” moment and blurts out the only realistic answer on the question of how to deal with a potentially nuke-packing Iran: (more…)