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December 4, 2008

Seeing Double?

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No, you’re not.

What you are seeing is that visitors to this site are now getting TWO loudmouthed right-wing arseholes for the price of one. Because, you know, we never stop finding new ways to give you more value for the money that you don’t spend to come here. 😛 Ain’t we nice?

Some of you have likely noticed Karol here before. As in “Karol of the Damn Long-winded Comments.” So I figured to myself, why clutter up the comments when posts will do?

Like I’ve said before, I have no problem letting others post here (as long as they ain’t friggin’ Libs). So, without further ado, mosey along and check out Karol’s first post and throw in your two bits.

How long’s Karol going to be posting here? Gee, I dunno… Is Karol a mean, nasty, evil, right-wing, gun-totin’, Harper-lovin’, liberal-hatin’, knuckle-draggin’, puppy-torturin’, socialist-slappin’, feminazi-baitin’…

We’ll see. 😉

October 17, 2008

Taking A Break

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Call it blogger burnout. Call it post-election exhaustion. Call it too many projects and not enough hours in the day. Hell, call it George, if that’s what turns your crank. Either way, I’m taking a break.

As of today, I’m going to do everything I can to try and keep my damned trap shut for at least the next two weeks (unless something really jumps up and pisses me off, of course) and just plain relax for a change.

Don’t worry, I’ll be coming back (always do) just as soon as I’ve had time to recharge the ol’ batteries and enjoy a little R&R. Until then, if anybody wants me, I’ll be at the range.  Or, more likely, in the hammock…

Time to relax...

Hope to see you all again real soon.

September 17, 2008

Risky Business

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We\'re doing stuffI know it’s probably a reckless thing to do at a time like this, but I’m going to try to update the software that powers this site.  Yes, I know we’re in the middle of a busy blogging season and things have gone sideways when I’ve done this in the past, but it does need to be done.

So, if you can’t access the site for an hour or so today, don’t worry (too much).  If all goes well, everything should be back where I left it in a couple of hours, if not less.

Wish me luck… 😯

September 7, 2008

On Yer Marks…

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Campaigning… get set… GO!

And just like that, ladies and gents, we’re on our way to the polls again. HMPM Harper has finally decided that he’s sick and tired of the Librano$’s bullshit and it’s time for them to get hauled on the carpet, in front of US, to explain just what the hell they think they’ve been doing for the past (how many now?) months.

Not that this came as a surprise to anybody who hasn’t been in a coma for the last few weeks, but the final word came down this morning:

It’s official — Canadians will go to the polls Oct. 14.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wasted no time taking shots at Liberal Leader Stephane Dion as he kicked off a federal election campaign with an early-morning visit to Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean.

Harper warned Canadians they should not take a “gamble” on Dion’s proposed carbon tax.

“Between now and Oct. 14, Canadians will choose a government to look out for their interests at a time of global economic trouble,” Harper told reporters from the sprawling grounds of Rideau Hall. “They will choose between direction or uncertainty; between common sense or risky experiments; between steadiness or recklessness.”

Not a bad opening salvo, IMHO. Better than li’l Steffy managed. As you can imagine, the HypoGrits still haven’t managed to change the playbook from the last two elections (you know, the whole Nice speech, Steffy“he’s got an ideology” thing):

“With this conservative ideology, Canadians are left to fend for themselves.”

Dion said a Liberal government would make Canada “richer, fairer and greener.”

Hey, Steffy, I got a news flash for ya: politics is all about ideologies!

But then, I can see how hard that might be for a Liebral to figure out. After all, in order to understand ideologies, you need… ahem… IDEAS. And it’s not like little Steph has any of those.

Oops, I forgot. 😯 He does have an idea…

FEED ME!!!!!!

Ah, campaigning on a new tax-grab platform.  What a genius, eh? [Oh, before I forget: about that little “left to fend for themselves” bullshit… why is it that so many studies have proven that those mean, nasty, social-darwinism-loving conservatives are consistently more giving than the oh-so-sweet liberals?  Just wondering, ya understand.]

I know I’ve been a Bad Blogger lately, not posting much and such, but now that I’ve got something to sink my teeth into, look for that to change…

August 9, 2008

Time To Fiddle A Bit

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We're doing stuffWell, as some of you have likely noticed, there’s a bunch of funky new double-underlined links all over the place now. The reason for this is that I’ve started embedding Infolinks paid links into the blog code (hey, shooting my mouth off is a lot of fun and all, but running a website costs money, too).

While I’ve heard some bad stuff about Infolinks, I’ve also heard enough good stuff about them that I fugured they’re worth a try. The main complaint that I came across is that they can make pages load slower — a lot slower. We’ll see.

So far, the code is embedded in both individual posts and the main page. If you notice the main page starts loading like old folks shag, let me know and I’ll limit them to just the individual post views. Let’s see how this works out…

July 26, 2008

Enough, Already

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Okay, we get it.  It’s a story…

Who's going where now...?

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