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August 23, 2010

Lock and Load

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Yes, I have something to say...Enough is enough.

How long have Canadians been saying that, especially in referenced to our never ending joke of a refugee system?  Fraudsters the world over have been scamming us for decades, ever since the High ‘n’ Mighty Roos took a gigantic dump on the bench and gave every lying queue-jumper on the planet the magic welfare word: Refugee.

Sun Media has the right idea, though:

Call it fraud.

The National Post weakly opined yesterday that it was time for the Harper government to “get smart” about this refugee situation, and “forget tough.”

It then took us to task, stating “the Sun Media newspapers even ran an odious editorial advocating a Œlock and load’ approach to incoming vessels.”

That, of course, was early in the game.

So let’s rephrase that “lock and load approach” in light of the secret government report that gives credence to our concerns about becoming patsies – concerns rightly shared by many Canadians outraged by having our collective generosity taken advantage of by con artists.

Instead of “lock and load,” let’s “lock them up, load them up, and ship them out.”

Are we clear?

Of course, the usual ad hominem excuses will be flung.  Stephen Hume pops up right on cue, telling us that we’re all a bunch of xenophobic, mean-spirited boobs.

Hey, Stephen: shove it.  We’ve been called names for so long, it just doesn’t sting anymore.  It pisses us off. (more…)

February 26, 2010

Of Floodgates and Fraudulence

“I think of the fall of Jerusalem in 69 A.D., and the fall of Rome, and of the USSR — no civilization falls because of external threats. They fall because of internal corruption, because of failing to be who they say they are.”

Great BritainIt’s no secret to anyone, nor has it been for a very long time now, that the political Left are infatuated with the politics of ethnic divisionism.  Despite all their accusations of “divisiveness” aimed at their opponents, it is and has always been they who gain the most by pitting cultures, classes and races against one another.

It has also long been suspected that the Left’s fetish for multiculturalism and mass immigration — even the importation of cultures violently opposed to their own interests — has more to do with keeping assorted socialists and neoliberals in power than with any of the problems those policies are accused of solving.  Suspected and met with apoplectic denials.

As increasingly pissed off Brits are finding out, the suspicions were truer than most would have thought possible.  Turns out the far-right kooks were right after all. (more…)

September 16, 2009

ACORN Atrocity

Some things require no explanation at all …

November 4, 2008

So Let The Bastard Die, Already

Well, I guess my break’s over. It was kind of nice while it lasted but seriously folks, this isn’t what I wanted to come back to.

In yet another perfect example of the judiciary asshattery goodness that we’ve had kicking around ever since the Supreme Court’s Singh decision back in ’85, some child-molesting yankee bag of maggot shit has gotten himself bagged in Winnipeg and promptly gone and uttered the magic word: “REFUGEE!”

To make a long story short, Troy Greenbank tried to have a threesome with a woman and her ten year old daughter and got caught. So, naturally, he ran like hell for the Canadian border:

Greenback has no connection to Canada and told police he came north because it was the easiest direct route from Missouri in his attempt to seek asylum on charges he knew were coming. He also wanted a chance to “start over.”

Go to hell, asshole. You want to start over? Do it someplace else. And just what excuse is it that he’s using to try and stay here, you wonder?

Troy Greenbank, 29, faces up to 50 years behind bars if convicted in his home state of Missouri, but is now seeking to fight deportation and to obtain refugee status and protection from the Canadian government. He claims he will probably be killed in prison if returned to the United States to face justice.

Boo hoo. Can’t have that now, can we? Because everybody knows that what this world really needs is more diddlers walking around hogging up air that the rest of us could be breathing.

The girl’s father then learned of the arrangement and called police after discovering the sex toy Mr. Greenbank allegedly bought her.

Greenback is scheduled to return to court in Winnipeg on Friday for another detention review. He is being held in protective custody at the Winnipeg Remand Centre and is on 24-hour suicide watch, based on his statement that he has made previous attempts on his life.

Two final things to think about today: (more…)

September 2, 2008

And Nothing Has Changed.

Militant IslamYou’d never see this in Canada, but jolly old England actually has a TV broadcaster with the balls to do this sort of thing.  First there was Undercover Mosque. Then the predictable stink followed:



How dare you catch us in the act of being assholes, and then put it on TV!

Blah, blah, blah, three bags full. When they finally got it through their little medieval skulls that they’d been caught red-handed, nobody gave a damn if they were offended or not, and their faux indignation was only going to piss people off more, they promised that they’d clean up their act.

Fat chance. Now, we have Undercover Mosque: The Return, and it’s all nothing but same shit, different day…

I’ll put the other parts up as I get the time…

July 13, 2008


Those of you who read here, know that I have some mixed feelings about La Belle Province. Sometimes, I really, really want to just bitch-slap Quebec, en masse. Other times, I just love the hell outta the little buggers.

This is one of the latter.

On the one hand, they can be like the surly teenager who lives in the basement, demanding to be let do his own thing but refusing to live by the rules of the parents who actually pay the damned bills. On the other hand, they are capable of some astounding antibullshit from time to time. Today’s editorial in the Montreal Gazette is one such example (my emphasis, of course):

The way Canadians and their government deal with refugee claimants is still, as it has long been, an incoherent muddle of exceptions, special pleading, unverifiable claims, activism, confusion and foolishness.

Politically unpalatable though it might be, somebody needs to drain this swamp, and that somebody will have to be the federal government.

Several recent cases illustrate the problem:

U.S. Army Private Joshua Key deserted, came to Canada, and claimed refugee status, saying that in Iraq he had witnessed looting and violations of human rights. His refugee claim was rejected, but a judge allowed him to stay in Canada anyway.

An un-named Colombian denied refugee status in the U.S. said the “r” word here. Despite the fact that Canada and the U.S. have a “safe haven” agreement governing such cases, a Canadian court said he could stay. Last week a higher court overruled this validation of “asylum shopping,” but activist groups are complaining; the case may not be over.

Even when a bogus claimant loses his appeals, he can find a way to stay.

In British Columbia, Laibar Singh, an Indian who entered Canada with false papers, remains holed up in a Sikh temple. After the laborious hearing and appeals process, he was ordered deported from Canada, but ignored the order. In Canada he became ill and is now paralyzed. Immigration officials have been unable to summon the courage to arrest and deport him, even though he moves frequently from one refuge to another.

In Montreal, another failed refugee claimant, Algerian Abdelkader Belaouni, remains holed up in St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church despite an expulsion order, having slipped into Canada after his U.S. visa expired. Here again, immigration officials defer to the medieval superstition that a place of worship should provide immunity from the law.

At least those two say where they are. An alarming 41,000 people ordered deported from this country – many of them criminals – have just vanished.

There are far too many cases such as those mentioned above, and each time a judge, a pastor, or anyone else puts knee-jerk “compassion” above the rule of law, Canada loses something.

Canadians like to think of ourselves as generous and compassionate people, but where can we draw the line between being welcoming and being suckers? If our refugee-determinations come to be based on simply accepting everyone who gets here and wants to stay, what will the consequences be? Do we want to accept deserters into Canada? From the U.S. alone, or from everywhere? If we do that, how can we think of imposing any penalty on deserters from the Canadian Forces?

Do we really want to allow the unpopularity of the Iraq war in Canada to lead us to treat the U.S. armed forces as somehow illegitimate? Even if we did, shouldn’t this be articulated and regulated by Parliament, rather than by anyone with room in his church basement?

Immigration, including refugee policy, must be based on rules, not on individuals. If it’s not based on rules, then it’s not law.

It’s past time for Canadian refugee law to be clarified, improved, and then enforced with determination and vigour.

Yup; sometimes ya just gotta love the li’l French bastards… 😉

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