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June 14, 2009

Nannies, Nincompoops & Ne’er-do-wells

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The Nanny State(Gonna start off with a big ol’ tip o’ the tuque to Jeremy for dropping this in my inbox)

You know things are looking bad for Big Nanny when she’s getting hit from so many sides at once. Everyone knows that Big Nanny’s convinced that there’s nothing you can do that she can’t do better, including and especially deciding what’s best for your kids.

It seems like that sacred cow’s taking a bit of a beating lately:

Whether we wanted it or not, knew it or not, over time, the work of child-welfare organizations has become “parenting by the state and the imposition of their value system on other people,” says Marty McKay, a clinical psychologist who has worked on abuse cases in the U.S and Canada. Provincial agencies have the power to intervene when children are considered “at risk” of abuse or neglect – even if none has actually occurred. Or, where spousal abuse happens, but kids are untouched. And what they do with the children they take can sometimes be worse than what they suffered at home.

Utter BullshitThen we have another favourite social-engineering sledgehammer, the Human Lefts Commissions which have popped up across the land like warts on a toad’s arse. Curiously enough, they’ve been yelping a lot lately about how they want to “engage in the debate” that has swirled around their malfeasance lately. I call bullshit on that; and so does Ezra Levant.

Yup; this right here is totally how you engage in a debate. Not. This kind of buffoonery would actually be funny as hell under different circumstances…

This evening, Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, tried to have CTV Newsnet kick me off their interview program Power Play, hosted by Tom Clark.

To their great credit, CTV refused to be bullied — and it was Lynch who wound up off the show.

You can watch the episode here.

What an embarrassment Lynch and her CHRC have become to this government — and to all Canadians.

November 25, 2008

Whose Petard?

Why yours, of course, Lynchie. And yer gettin’ a downright atomic wedgie by the danged thing, too.

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, constitutional law expert Richard Moon has finished his little PR stunt that CHRC uber-dachte-Polizistin Jennifer Lynch had commissioned for him and well… you remember how funny it always was when one of Wile E.’s contraptions went haywire on him and blew up in his kisser? Yeah, it was kind of like that.

The reason it’s so damned funny is because the whole purpose of this farce in the first place was that Lynch and her fellow operatives over at the Ministry Of Love were desperately scrambling, in the light of bad publicity (i.e., John and Sally Canuck were being told all about what kind of abuses these bastards have been getting away with for years now), to put on a nice little dog and pony show that would show everyone that they weren’t really conniving, totalitarian thought-nazis trolling the internet and drumming up their own business. So they enlisted Moon to make a pretty report that would say that they were doing very important work by policing so-called “hate messages” (Leftbot Codespeak for “politically incorrect ideas”) on the internet.

So Moon came out with his report today. His conclusion: HRCs should get the fudge out of the business of policing hate messages

An independent report recommends stripping the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its authority to police hate messages on the Internet.


Moon says the commission should get out of the business of policing hate messages, which should be dealt with strictly under the Criminal Code.

But… but… but… If the HRCs aren’t chasing down all those nasty Badthinkersâ„¢, who’s gonna prosecute all those Stalag 13 Section 13 cases that keep little Dickie’s bills paid? Who’s gonna take care of all that important stuff, huh??

Not to worry, little children, Mr. Moon — the guy that Lynch hand-picked to whitewash her dirty laundry — has that one covered too:

The report by constitutional law expert Richard Moon says Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act should be repealed.

The controversial section prohibits telephone or Internet communications that are deemed likely to expose the members of an identifiable group to hatred or contempt.

Hyuk. Lynch got Mooned. 😛 Sound too good to be true? Don’t take my word for it, read all about it right here or download it here. You can thank Ezra for the .pdf, and even he was a little stunned:

I’m surprised, because Moon was hand-picked by Jennifer Lynch, the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s chief commissar, and was paid more than $50,000 by her for his 42-page report (nice work, if you can get it.)

Welcome to the club, buddy. Like all good little tyrants with a well-developed sense of self-preservation (and a powerful liplock on the taxpayer teat), Lynch is already trying to toss Moon under the bus and wailing for a mulligan: She’s announcing “further reviews.” Of course she is…

“The debate on how to ensure that Canadians are protected against hate, while preserving freedom of expression, demanded fresh thinking. We commissioned the Moon report as an important step in our analysis,” CHRC Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C. said upon releasing the report. “Professor Moon has now provided us with an excellent and thoughtful report. Today, I am pleased to share his findings and invite comments on the report’s conclusions, in order to further our review process.”

And to think… this lovely house of cards all came crashing down because of some sock puppets, and a self-aggrandizing bugger with a full deck of Victim Cards® who thinks any Israeli over 18 is a fair target for murder. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

Funny how things work out, eh? And just what does the Grand Sock Puppeteer have to say lately? Well, some highlights…

  • “The first point that I did learn from this exercise is that Islamophobia is alive and well in Canada, in the media and also in politics,” he said. “In all of this, we’ve been victimized.”
  • [about those puppets] Prof. Elmasry said both those men, in their numerous public and media appearances, were always acting “upon my instruction.”
  • Prof. Elmasry said Canadian law is deficient because it lacks the concept of “group defamation,” which would “make it easier” for tribunals to uphold complaints such as his.
  • “If somebody makes a joke that you’re white, who cares?” he said.

Hell, even the friggin’ Mop & Pail is jumping the hell off this boat:

Allowing a human-rights commission to police the country’s newspapers and magazines for their coverage of religious or other minorities is a terrible idea, yet that is the law, though most Canadians may not realize it. Now, an independent report requested by the Canadian Human Rights Commission recommends a repeal of the section on hate speech in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The report is a much-needed blast of common sense.

November 4, 2008

Harrison Bergeron

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I’d like to thank Ezra for pointing me at this in his post the other day. Can’t figure out what the funk is up with all the Human Lefts Commissions® in this country? Just read…

Harrison Bergeron
by Kurt Vonnegut (1961)

THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

Some things about living still weren’t quite right, though. April, for instance, still drove people crazy by not being springtime. And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron’s fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away. (more…)

September 18, 2008

“You’re Next”

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Well, it seems like a slow election day today…

(or maybe it’s just that my mind is on my son’s first game of the season today and he’s all bugged that they started him off as left guard in all the practices but have now shifted him further to the left all of a sudden so he’s trying to get his head into a completely new space with next to no notice and besides, being moved to the left in any fashion, especially when it’s not your idea, really sucks even more than a run-on sentence…)

… so I guess that I’ll get back to something that I’ve been neglecting a little bit lately: the dastardly, conniving, rights-ravaging HLCs and their Section 13 sycophants and the Stalinist show trials they love so much (a little thanks to Kathy for bringing this back into my melon). What really gnaws at my gnuts about that post is the complete and utter heap of seaming bovine byproducts that Iggy decided to hack up on the rug in response to an email:

…thanks for your message about Keith Martin’s proposal. It blindsided the party, so we’re still working past that problem to look at the merits. I don’t want a free speech chill, but I also don’t want open season on minorities. So Im still working on it.


First of all, it’s in the name of these so-called “vulnerable minorities” that Stalag Section 13 is being abused in the first place. Being white seems to put a bullseye on your ass when this bunch is around. Open season, my lily-white ass…

Second, as Kathy pointed out, Section 13 has turned into a one-man band in the last few years. Little Dickie Warman has turned the whole damned CHRC into his own personal cash cow. Being the most thin-skinned sonofabitch in Canada pays pretty good, from what I hear.

So why is it that so few people seem to know about this? Hell, even the last few calls I’ve gotten from the Conservative Party were (except for the first guy) by people who, while they were nice enough, hadn’t a friggin’ clue what it was that I was so steamed up about! I try to give them the Reader’s Digest version, because I understand that they have a job to do and need to get on with it, but I still get the feeling that most of them are left scratching their heads.

The main reason for this was, no doubt, the utter silence that emanated from the national media on the subject. After all, who really gives a rat’s ass if some neo-nazi kook gets himself battered from pillar to post through the legal system? Is that really news? Is it going to sell any papers? Not likely.

Well, all that changed when McLean’s — the much-beloved “Canada’s National News Magazine®” — found themselves in the gunsights of not one, not two, but three of these little Thought Police commissions. Ah, okay… now there’s something wrong. Had themselves a little Martin Niemöller / road to Damascus kind of moment there, I guess. Yeah, well; whatever it takes to get ’em finally talking.

But does anybody think that this will stop at McLean’s? I mean, really? Barbara Kulaszka — one of Marc Lemire’s lawyers — doesn’t think so, and has a no-bullshit warning for anyone who thinks that It Can’t Happen To Themâ„¢:

Barbara Kulaszka, a lawyer for Mr. Lemire, told the tribunal that the mainstream media paid no attention to unfairness of Section 13 complaints until Macleans magazine columnist Mark Steyn was targeted by a Muslim group earlier this year.

“Every religion is going to start using it,” she warned. “Just look at the first Muslim complaint in 30 years. Everyone went nuts. The media woke up, and said: ‘It isn’t just Ernst Zundel and his creepy right-wingers being attacked. They are going to come after us.’

“You’re going to be caught in the cross-hairs,” she cautioned.

Translation: They might not be bothering you — YET — but they WILL come for you; and who will be left to speak up?

And you — yes YOU, sitting there in front of your computer, all nice and comfy — pay attention:
Your turn is coming. Sooner or later, they will get around to you. Totalitarianism is a hungry animal, it needs to be fed regularly, and when it runs out of its usual food, it turns elsewhere. Mark my words: sooner or later, YOU WILL BE NEXT.

It’s just a matter of time.


In case you need some sort of recap about why we need to get rid of these Stalinist show trials, here it is:

  1. No more Mr Nice GuyThey only support Leftist causes (sound familiar?).
  2. The complainer gets all costs paid while the accused is forced to pay out of pocket (again: familiar?).
  3. The very process itself IS a punishment.
  4. The conviction rate is 100%!! (No, I’m not making that up) I don’t think even the Gestapo managed to pull that one off.
  5. They plant fabricated evidence and willfully use it against the accused.
  6. They only prosecute people of one race.
  7. The rules change from case to case, as needed to ensure that the accused’s rights are properly violated.
  8. Truth is not a defense.
  9. They have no sense of humour…

September 16, 2008

Day 10

CampaigningAh, fer the love of… Some days, I just wonder if I understand anything at all.

I know that I promised yesterday that I’d have some footage of PM Harper’s appearance in London last night. Things went south from the get-go. Cam battery was deader than Elvis so I had to resort to using my phone (lovely quality, that). Then, when I tried to upload the damned thing to YouTube, it croaked because the vid was too long.

Not to worry, though, I’m not done yet. I’ll try to post the raw files later today and see if that works. (I apologize ahead of time for the crappy quality but, like I said, it was done with a phone…)

11:00 – Turner Trounced

Dang. The problem with staging a stunt is, when you don’t let the crew in on the joke, you might just get caught…

And to think that some folks still have it in their heads that the PM made a mistake by losing that loose cannon… Go figure.

19:05 – Update: AITGWN has more. this poor bastard just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper…

12:20 – Okay, let’s try this

Alright, I got the files uploaded to the server so let’s see how this works. It’s in two parts and, due to a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that I’m not going to get into right now, it might or might not play properly in your browser. Sorry about that.

If they won’t play in your browser, the direct links are here, for the first part and here, for the second part. They’re in the .3GP format, so you’ll need something like QuickTime to play them. Again, sorry for the quality but it’s what I had to work with… 🙁

12:30 – Update to this: Okay, that didn’t work worth crap. Trying to embed the vids here made a mess of things and slowed down the loading of this post to a crawl. Sorry folks, but it looks like the links are as good as it gets…

13:05 – They’re still out there

Lest we forget about the malevolent HRCs in our midst, the National Post has an article yesterday by Joseph Brean to remind us:

The foremost legal precedent for deciding these cases is the 1990 Supreme Court of Canada decision about the neo-Nazi activist John Ross Taylor, in which Section 13 was held to be a justifiable violation of the Charter right to free expression.

It defined hate messages as those expressing “unusually strong and deep-felt emotions of detestation, calumny and vilification.”

Simon Fothergill, a lawyer for the Attorney-General of Canada, said Mr. Lemire’s challenge of Section 13 is “relitigation” of settled law, and amounts to “harassment” of the government, which won the Taylor case by a 4-3 decision. A decade later, in 2001, it amended Section 13 to include the Internet.

Big Nanny is watching you[…]

Mr. Fothergill answered that if Section 13 puts a chill on public discourse, it is only to be around the fringes of hate speech, and that this is not “a terribly bad outcome.”

“A little bit of chilling … is tolerable,” he said.

TOLERABLE?” Is this asshole utterly out of his God damned mind??? And why the hell haven’t we heard so much as a peep out of ANY party on this subject so far in the campaign? Too uncomfortable an an issue, perhaps? Tough shit, bud; you wanna be in charge, you have to have the balls to do what needs to be done! And God knows, these things need to be reeled in.

Nest time some vote-hunting blowhard (from whatever party) bangs on your door, be sure to find out where they stand on this issue, because it’s just going to get worse if we don’t tackle it NOW.

13:22 – Another update: How’s this for a coincidence? I just got me a call from Steven at the CPC’s fundraising dept. What are the odds?Once again, the Tories were hoping for a buck or two to help out with the campaign. He was a nice enough guy (not as knowledgeable as Fred was on the issue, but still nice) but I had to tell him the same thing I’ve told the last four people that called me: No action on HRCs, no money from me.

17:49 – Holy crap!

I agree with Warren Kinsella. 😯 No, really, I actually DO. Yes, you heard me right. And don’t look at me like that.

I don’t know how it happened, either, but there it is. And it’s not just on one thing, strangely enough; I agree with him on a whole bunch of stuff. Like:

  • Things are going badly for the Lieberal campaign
  • Free advice is worth what you pay for it
  • Warren is a has-been

I guess it just goes to show you, even a blind squirrel finds a nut some days.

18:10 – Practicing what he preaches

Say what you want about Steffy Dion, he sure does practice what he preaches. He’s always going on and on about how we should do this and that for the environment and, lo and behold, Steffy turns out to be one dead serious recycler. Trusty Tory has the goodies:

That’s right, folks, the old 1993 election campaign promise. This goes hand in hand with Dion’s continued election campaign against Brian Mulroney!

But, hang on a second. Didn’t Paul Martin promise this in the 2004 campaign? See for yourself.

Recycle, recycle, recycle! Because it’ll actually happen this time. They really, really mean it. Besides, it’s not as if the Green Shaftâ„¢ is earning them any love…

23:23 – Ker-SPLAT

Coincidence?  Poetic justice?  Prophecy?  You tell me

MONTREAL – Stephane Dion’s aging plane was forced to make an emergency landing on its way to London tonight in what Liberals hope doesn’t become a symbol of the party’s faltering campaign.

The leased 29-year-old Boeing 737 was en route to London from Sherbrooke, Que., when it made an unexpected stop shortly after 8 p.m. at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.

On the bright side, at least I don’t have to put up with that waffling weasel in London now. 😉

July 23, 2008

Pat Condell …

… has a wee bit to say about our HLCs:

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