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March 29, 2009

Let’s Hear It For Dad!

I know I haven’t been posting so much lately — too many other projects are just eating up every spare moment that I have. But THIS needs to be talked about. This is where I call “bullshit!” on our bassackwards excuse for a justice system.

It’s bad enough that the liberal mindset has created a system that is unwilling, unable, or both, to protect decent citizens. That alone is enough to make the blood boil. But now we see that, not only is “the system” not going to protect you and your family, but if you do it yourself… it’ll be YOU that they come after.

Just who the hell do you think you are, defending yourself like that? How dare you? You should just lie down and take it, and wallow in your victimhood like we tell you to.

Now, before some excusemongering son of a bitch out there starts flapping his peckerholster about everything from “anger management” to “that’s what the police are for,” take a damned minute and ask yourself this: If it was YOUR family, just what would YOU do??

Personally, I think this guy was pretty restrained…

Dad charged for assaulting bully

Internet insults of wife, daughter, drove him to shove teenage trash-talker

Yeah, you read that right… he “shoved” the little punk. That’s all. Keep reading. (more…)

December 5, 2008

Who The Hell Do We Think We Are??

How dare we?

Just what the hell were we thinking?

Just who the hell do we think we are to have the gall to try and speak out in defence of our democratic heritage on THEIR DAY without clearing it with the feminists first?

In case you haven’t figured it out, tomorrow’s Rally For Canada events, organized to protest the Sedition Coalition’s™ attempted coup d’etat, is falling on the same day as the annual National Never Hear The End Of It Day Montreal Massacre Memorial Antipenis Rally… and the Fembots® are pissed:

Holding a political rally on a day set aside to remember women who have been victims of violence is “a slap in the face,” a London MP charged yesterday.

An angry London-Fanshawe NDP MP Irene Mathyssen was joined by women’s advocates who also said rallies tomorrow to protest attempts in Ottawa to replace the Harper federal government with a coalition party are inappropriate.

“For them to use a day to remember our obligation to women . . . for their crass political purpose is beyond description,” said Mathyssen.

Yeah, right. And it’s not like the Leftoids used Gamil Gharbi and 14 dead women for their own political purposes or anything like that.  The Feminazis have been politicizing the whole damn thing for nearly 20 years and using Gamil Gharbi as a cudgel with which to guilt-beat an entire generation of males who never did a damn thing to any woman.  Yes, Gamil Gharbi. What do you mean, you’ve never heard of him?? Of course you have; he killed 14 young women and wounded 13 more with a Ruger Mini-14 at L’Ecole Polytechnic in Montreal in 1989. But you never hear that, do you?

It was the feminists who started this whole “crass political purpose” bullshit in the first place, so they’ve got no business whining now.  STFU.

Megan Walker, executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, called the rallies’ timing “inappropriate.”

“It speaks to me about how insignificant Dec. 6 has become . . .” Walker said, adding she’d feel the same way about any political rally being held tomorrow. “The government has failed in sending the message Dec. 6 is a national day of remembrance.”

No, Megan, your beloved Big Nanny Government® hasn’t failed anything. Canadians in general — and, let’s be honest, men in particular — are just sick and tired of being browbeaten over the actions of an Algerian-born son of a wife-beating Islamofascist, dressed up in the pseudonym of “Marc Lepine.”

Here’s a secret: Marc Lepine didn’t do it. There IS NO Marc Lepine. There never was. He only existed on paper. Gamil did it all.

But you didn’t know that, did you? After all, a name like “Gamil Gharbi” and the whole Algerian-born son of a Muslim wife-beater thing would be very politically incorrect to point out, not to mention rather unwieldy as a PR tool. No, a much better name is the one that he took in 1977. Flinging the name “Gamil Gharbi” around might raise questions about Islam, Algerian culture, his ancestry and upbringing, etc etc etc, and all kinds of other potentially politically incorrect implications that could prove pretty problematic for the malingering malcontents in the man-hater menagerie.

Gamil GharbiBut “Marc Lepine?” Aaahh, that’s perfect: it just sounds soooo… so Canadian; so white; so safe to demonize. And for ten long years, that was the only name that we knew him by.  It wasn’t until the TO Star published it that anybody knew. And so, every year, the sixth of December becomes a day not so much about honouring the dead as dishonouring the living, as “Marc Lepine” is held up as the symbol of the murderous misogyny that lurks within all men. He was held up as the perfect example of the evil — and, we were told, typical — Canadian male.

So go ahead. Get together tomorrow and have whatever the hell it is that’s the feminist version of a circle-jerk. We have more important things to do.

Besides, those from my generation are getting fed up with getting blamed, ad nauseum, for something we didn’t do and those of my son’s generation are sick and tired of getting nagged over something that happened before they were born.

If Gamil Gharbi’s my fault, then Karla Homolka’s your damned fault. Make sure to get back to somebody on that one.

September 18, 2008

“You’re Next”

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Well, it seems like a slow election day today…

(or maybe it’s just that my mind is on my son’s first game of the season today and he’s all bugged that they started him off as left guard in all the practices but have now shifted him further to the left all of a sudden so he’s trying to get his head into a completely new space with next to no notice and besides, being moved to the left in any fashion, especially when it’s not your idea, really sucks even more than a run-on sentence…)

… so I guess that I’ll get back to something that I’ve been neglecting a little bit lately: the dastardly, conniving, rights-ravaging HLCs and their Section 13 sycophants and the Stalinist show trials they love so much (a little thanks to Kathy for bringing this back into my melon). What really gnaws at my gnuts about that post is the complete and utter heap of seaming bovine byproducts that Iggy decided to hack up on the rug in response to an email:

…thanks for your message about Keith Martin’s proposal. It blindsided the party, so we’re still working past that problem to look at the merits. I don’t want a free speech chill, but I also don’t want open season on minorities. So Im still working on it.


First of all, it’s in the name of these so-called “vulnerable minorities” that Stalag Section 13 is being abused in the first place. Being white seems to put a bullseye on your ass when this bunch is around. Open season, my lily-white ass…

Second, as Kathy pointed out, Section 13 has turned into a one-man band in the last few years. Little Dickie Warman has turned the whole damned CHRC into his own personal cash cow. Being the most thin-skinned sonofabitch in Canada pays pretty good, from what I hear.

So why is it that so few people seem to know about this? Hell, even the last few calls I’ve gotten from the Conservative Party were (except for the first guy) by people who, while they were nice enough, hadn’t a friggin’ clue what it was that I was so steamed up about! I try to give them the Reader’s Digest version, because I understand that they have a job to do and need to get on with it, but I still get the feeling that most of them are left scratching their heads.

The main reason for this was, no doubt, the utter silence that emanated from the national media on the subject. After all, who really gives a rat’s ass if some neo-nazi kook gets himself battered from pillar to post through the legal system? Is that really news? Is it going to sell any papers? Not likely.

Well, all that changed when McLean’s — the much-beloved “Canada’s National News Magazine®” — found themselves in the gunsights of not one, not two, but three of these little Thought Police commissions. Ah, okay… now there’s something wrong. Had themselves a little Martin Niemöller / road to Damascus kind of moment there, I guess. Yeah, well; whatever it takes to get ’em finally talking.

But does anybody think that this will stop at McLean’s? I mean, really? Barbara Kulaszka — one of Marc Lemire’s lawyers — doesn’t think so, and has a no-bullshit warning for anyone who thinks that It Can’t Happen To Themâ„¢:

Barbara Kulaszka, a lawyer for Mr. Lemire, told the tribunal that the mainstream media paid no attention to unfairness of Section 13 complaints until Macleans magazine columnist Mark Steyn was targeted by a Muslim group earlier this year.

“Every religion is going to start using it,” she warned. “Just look at the first Muslim complaint in 30 years. Everyone went nuts. The media woke up, and said: ‘It isn’t just Ernst Zundel and his creepy right-wingers being attacked. They are going to come after us.’

“You’re going to be caught in the cross-hairs,” she cautioned.

Translation: They might not be bothering you — YET — but they WILL come for you; and who will be left to speak up?

And you — yes YOU, sitting there in front of your computer, all nice and comfy — pay attention:
Your turn is coming. Sooner or later, they will get around to you. Totalitarianism is a hungry animal, it needs to be fed regularly, and when it runs out of its usual food, it turns elsewhere. Mark my words: sooner or later, YOU WILL BE NEXT.

It’s just a matter of time.


In case you need some sort of recap about why we need to get rid of these Stalinist show trials, here it is:

  1. No more Mr Nice GuyThey only support Leftist causes (sound familiar?).
  2. The complainer gets all costs paid while the accused is forced to pay out of pocket (again: familiar?).
  3. The very process itself IS a punishment.
  4. The conviction rate is 100%!! (No, I’m not making that up) I don’t think even the Gestapo managed to pull that one off.
  5. They plant fabricated evidence and willfully use it against the accused.
  6. They only prosecute people of one race.
  7. The rules change from case to case, as needed to ensure that the accused’s rights are properly violated.
  8. Truth is not a defense.
  9. They have no sense of humour…

September 13, 2008

Entirely Too True

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Oh, yes it is (this post certified 100% Election Bullshit® Free)…

September 12, 2008

As If We Needed It

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Stupid Judge TricksAs if we somehow needed more proof (no, we don’t) that our laughably so-called “justice system” in this country has gone completely and utterly off the rails, a woman in Guelph, Ontario has gotten of light, thanks to Justice Cas Herold, with the cold-blooded murder of not one, but two children.  Not just kids, but babies!  Both of them were under three months old! It’s days like this that I sometimes question my opposition to capital punishment.

Both of the victims were her own children.

Some of you without strong stomachs of anger management issues might not want to read much further, just so you know.  Pieces of walking garbage like this so-called woman could gag a maggot:

GUELPH–A Guelph woman who admitted killing her two sons was acquitted of two counts of murder yesterday, prompting an angry outburst from one victim’s father and tears of relief from the other.

“You’re a f—ing murderer,” the woman’s former partner yelled at her before storming from the courtroom at Guelph’s Superior Court. “No matter what, you’re a f—ing murderer.”

The man, followed from the courtroom by his mother and grandmother, could then be heard screaming and banging in the corridor.

Yeah, he’s pissed, and who the hell can blame him?  The bitch murdered his son!

Let’s take a look at the facts of this case, shall we?  For once, they really are quite simple and straightforward…

  1. In Kitchener in 1998, she smothered her 7-week old son.
  2. Just 4 years later, in 2002, she killed her 9-week-old son in Guelph.
  3. She admitted to killing her children.
  4. She also admitted to thinking about killing her other two surviving kids. 😯

There you have it.  She’s 27 years old, has murdered exactly half of all the children she’s ever given birth to, and is thinking about finishing the job on the others (a boy and a girl).

Maximum sentence: seven years.  Toss in statutory release and the lovely 2-for-1 pizza justice that scumbags get for pre-trial custody, and she’ll likely be out by next summer.  Oh, did I mention the best part?  You aren’t allowed to know who she is.

That’s because, while she was 21 when she killed her second victim, she was only 17 the first time she killed a baby (and got caught), so she gets to hide behind the anonymity that the lovely little YCJA provides for all murdering little bitches/bastards under the age of 18.  Nice friggin’ job, Chretien & Co., the gift that just keeps on giving.

And you can’t return the God damned thing…

July 14, 2008

Gun-Grabber Mentality Strikes In Vancouver

What a complete and utter crock of God damned bullshit! The Vancouver Sun had the story yesterday about 4 guys on their way to the range, minding their own business, and the abuse that they were subjected to, all in the name of our Great Anti-Gun Nanny State®.

This is a perfect example of just what the hell is wrong with all the anti-gun propaganda that proliferates throughout our country after too damned many years of meddling Letfbot rule in Ottawa and elsewhere. These guys did everything — EVERYTHING — by the book; right down to going along with the idiotic gun registry and taking more care than needed in transporting their firearms (see the photos below).

In spite of all this; what the hell happens? Some hoplophobic (son of a?) bitch sees a gun, shits his/her pants and, the next thing you know, four guys who were doing nothing but heading out for a nice, relaxing afternoon are staring down the business ends of a bunch of 12-gauges with a gaggle of jittery cops at the triggers. Just friggin’ wonderful, eh? Read the story (with my emphasis and commentary added) for yourself and then tell me: is this bullshit or is this bullshit:

VANCOUVER – Police seized five rifles and arrested four men Sunday in a dramatic takedown in the city’s West End after someone called 911 complaining about seeing a gun on the street.

Get a fucking clue, assholeBecause, as any sane person knows, just seeing a firearm can sear the soul and damn you to the Eternal Hellfires of Redneckdomâ„¢. Save me, Mister Policeman! Save my little liberal eyeballs from being violated so! Shitskulls…

Police later determined, however, that the guns were legally registered to one of the arrested men and released the four.

The weapons will remain with police until it’s determined if charges are warranted under the Firearms Act.

Oh, gee whiz, will you lookit that? Everything’s in order. Well, screw you anyway; we’re still going to shit on your rights and keep your rightful property … because we can. Heil Chretien! Viva C-68! Move along comrades, nothing to see here…

The 11 a.m. incident on Haro Street, just east of Denman, shocked residents.

“It was a little freaky, I have to say,” said Paul Kay, a supervisor at a nearby confection shop who witnessed the scene.

During the incident, police, with shotguns drawn, pulled over a black four-door SUV and ordered the men inside the vehicle to come out.

Witness Jack Simpson said he saw two young men, both Caucasians in their mid to late 20s, being taken into custody.

Police also removed four weapons from the vehicle, as well as several black boxes, Simpson said. In a media statement issued shortly after 1 p.m., Vancouver police department spokeswoman Const. Jana McGuinness said the four arrested men were released pending further investigation.

Further investigation of WHAT?!?!??? A few guys on their way to shoot some paper and clays?? See some pics from the Sun for yourself (just click on any of ’em to get a better look):

And to think, it was supposed to be a nice fun day at the range…

Never mind that your paperwork’s in order, just get in the back and STFU

Looks like proper transport to me. Hell, the guy’s even got nicer cases than I do

Eek! A gun! Scary Scary Scary! Run away before it jumps up and shoots you!

Complete and utter bullshit. Gangbangers and assorted other scumbags routinely carry concealed and otherwise flout the law but would the cops take them down just for looking suspicious? HELL NO! It’s profiling if they’re not white. But hey, obey all the rules and try to be a law-abiding citizen and you risk getting shot by the cops.

Being the Leftbot patsies that they are, CTV puts an even worse spin on it:

The incident began when an “alert citizen” called police after the person saw two men standing at the rear of a vehicle on Haro Street, holding a long-barreled gun, said Vancouver Const. Jana McGuinness.


But after checking police found out that the guns were legally registered to one of the men.

That doesn’t mean that the men won’t be charged

Hey, CTV: GO BUGGER YOURSELVES! Friggin’ moonbats… CP was just as bad:

Witness Walter Muller says he saw the guns on the sidewalk, and one looked like a machine gun.

Yeah, nice going assholes. Way to scare the shit outta the sheeple. Never mind that there wasn’t a single God damned automatic weapon there! Why let a little detail like that get in the way of the Great Glorious Gun Grabber Agenda®?

But the worst — the absolute worst — had to be The Province. Dripping with fearmongering goodness, it’s enough to make Landslide Annie reach for her vibrator…

“One of them looked like a machine-gun, and some of them had super scopes on them,” said West End resident Walter Muller. “The scary part is we could be caught in the crossfire.

Really, Walter? And just what kind of “machine gun” did it look like? And just WTF is a “super scope??” Why is this alleged media outlet quoting some dumbass who clearly doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground? Oh, but it gets better…

“With those weapons, serious things were going to happen.”

Like WHAT, you hoplophobic, agenda-driven son of a bitch?

Oh, wait, I get it now. How could I have missed it before? I must be getting old. I didn’t catch it at first but, now that I’ve had another look at all those photos, I see it plain as day:

They’re all white. With crewcuts or even (gasp!) shaved heads! And at least one of them even has tattoos!! Clearly, such men are the bane of civilization and we can never be too vigilant, whether it be in keeping an eye on them or just plain arbitrarily confiscating their stuff. After all, it’s not as if they have RIGHTS or anything.

We are NOT criminalsWhen is this bullshit going to stop, you ask? Simple: when gun owners across the country finally stand up and shout, in one voice: “Enough! We are SICK and TIRED of being your God damned scapegoats! You want our guns? Well, SCREW YOU! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!!”

Am I being radical? Am I being scary? Tough shit. We’ve been getting screwed in the arse by the do-nothings of this country — and for crimes we didn’t even commit!— for decades so that those parasitic bastards could give the illusion that they’re doing something to make us safe. I, for one, am nearing the end of my rope.

No more Mr Nice Guy...Every time some Leftbot special interest group holds a “protest rally” where the media outnumber the “protesters,” it’s national news and the Nanny State acolytes flock to it like maggots to a dead fish. What do you think would happen if just one percent of us were to hold a march, proudly displaying our guns? What would those totalitarian bastards do in the face of twenty thousand armed citizens?

Just wondering… 😉

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