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June 25, 2011

Rioters: STFU


Is this real,  or just another internet hoax?  (No, not the picture above — we all know who Bert Easterbrook is by now, right?)  I’m not sure and snopes doesn’t have anything yet.  Either way, it’s still good:

Dear 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup Rioters,

Please stop saying you’re sorry. Stop posting YouTube videos begging for forgiveness. Stop writing letters asking that society cut you some slack and leave you alone. (more…)

January 3, 2009

On The Off Chance…

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… that going for a dip in the freezing friggin’ ocean in the middle of a Canadian frickin’ winter isn’t stoopid enough to satisfy you…

Aw, screw it. Just watch.

July 14, 2008

Gun-Grabber Mentality Strikes In Vancouver

What a complete and utter crock of God damned bullshit! The Vancouver Sun had the story yesterday about 4 guys on their way to the range, minding their own business, and the abuse that they were subjected to, all in the name of our Great Anti-Gun Nanny State®.

This is a perfect example of just what the hell is wrong with all the anti-gun propaganda that proliferates throughout our country after too damned many years of meddling Letfbot rule in Ottawa and elsewhere. These guys did everything — EVERYTHING — by the book; right down to going along with the idiotic gun registry and taking more care than needed in transporting their firearms (see the photos below).

In spite of all this; what the hell happens? Some hoplophobic (son of a?) bitch sees a gun, shits his/her pants and, the next thing you know, four guys who were doing nothing but heading out for a nice, relaxing afternoon are staring down the business ends of a bunch of 12-gauges with a gaggle of jittery cops at the triggers. Just friggin’ wonderful, eh? Read the story (with my emphasis and commentary added) for yourself and then tell me: is this bullshit or is this bullshit:

VANCOUVER – Police seized five rifles and arrested four men Sunday in a dramatic takedown in the city’s West End after someone called 911 complaining about seeing a gun on the street.

Get a fucking clue, assholeBecause, as any sane person knows, just seeing a firearm can sear the soul and damn you to the Eternal Hellfires of Redneckdomâ„¢. Save me, Mister Policeman! Save my little liberal eyeballs from being violated so! Shitskulls…

Police later determined, however, that the guns were legally registered to one of the arrested men and released the four.

The weapons will remain with police until it’s determined if charges are warranted under the Firearms Act.

Oh, gee whiz, will you lookit that? Everything’s in order. Well, screw you anyway; we’re still going to shit on your rights and keep your rightful property … because we can. Heil Chretien! Viva C-68! Move along comrades, nothing to see here…

The 11 a.m. incident on Haro Street, just east of Denman, shocked residents.

“It was a little freaky, I have to say,” said Paul Kay, a supervisor at a nearby confection shop who witnessed the scene.

During the incident, police, with shotguns drawn, pulled over a black four-door SUV and ordered the men inside the vehicle to come out.

Witness Jack Simpson said he saw two young men, both Caucasians in their mid to late 20s, being taken into custody.

Police also removed four weapons from the vehicle, as well as several black boxes, Simpson said. In a media statement issued shortly after 1 p.m., Vancouver police department spokeswoman Const. Jana McGuinness said the four arrested men were released pending further investigation.

Further investigation of WHAT?!?!??? A few guys on their way to shoot some paper and clays?? See some pics from the Sun for yourself (just click on any of ’em to get a better look):

And to think, it was supposed to be a nice fun day at the range…

Never mind that your paperwork’s in order, just get in the back and STFU

Looks like proper transport to me. Hell, the guy’s even got nicer cases than I do

Eek! A gun! Scary Scary Scary! Run away before it jumps up and shoots you!

Complete and utter bullshit. Gangbangers and assorted other scumbags routinely carry concealed and otherwise flout the law but would the cops take them down just for looking suspicious? HELL NO! It’s profiling if they’re not white. But hey, obey all the rules and try to be a law-abiding citizen and you risk getting shot by the cops.

Being the Leftbot patsies that they are, CTV puts an even worse spin on it:

The incident began when an “alert citizen” called police after the person saw two men standing at the rear of a vehicle on Haro Street, holding a long-barreled gun, said Vancouver Const. Jana McGuinness.


But after checking police found out that the guns were legally registered to one of the men.

That doesn’t mean that the men won’t be charged

Hey, CTV: GO BUGGER YOURSELVES! Friggin’ moonbats… CP was just as bad:

Witness Walter Muller says he saw the guns on the sidewalk, and one looked like a machine gun.

Yeah, nice going assholes. Way to scare the shit outta the sheeple. Never mind that there wasn’t a single God damned automatic weapon there! Why let a little detail like that get in the way of the Great Glorious Gun Grabber Agenda®?

But the worst — the absolute worst — had to be The Province. Dripping with fearmongering goodness, it’s enough to make Landslide Annie reach for her vibrator…

“One of them looked like a machine-gun, and some of them had super scopes on them,” said West End resident Walter Muller. “The scary part is we could be caught in the crossfire.

Really, Walter? And just what kind of “machine gun” did it look like? And just WTF is a “super scope??” Why is this alleged media outlet quoting some dumbass who clearly doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground? Oh, but it gets better…

“With those weapons, serious things were going to happen.”

Like WHAT, you hoplophobic, agenda-driven son of a bitch?

Oh, wait, I get it now. How could I have missed it before? I must be getting old. I didn’t catch it at first but, now that I’ve had another look at all those photos, I see it plain as day:

They’re all white. With crewcuts or even (gasp!) shaved heads! And at least one of them even has tattoos!! Clearly, such men are the bane of civilization and we can never be too vigilant, whether it be in keeping an eye on them or just plain arbitrarily confiscating their stuff. After all, it’s not as if they have RIGHTS or anything.

We are NOT criminalsWhen is this bullshit going to stop, you ask? Simple: when gun owners across the country finally stand up and shout, in one voice: “Enough! We are SICK and TIRED of being your God damned scapegoats! You want our guns? Well, SCREW YOU! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!!”

Am I being radical? Am I being scary? Tough shit. We’ve been getting screwed in the arse by the do-nothings of this country — and for crimes we didn’t even commit!— for decades so that those parasitic bastards could give the illusion that they’re doing something to make us safe. I, for one, am nearing the end of my rope.

No more Mr Nice Guy...Every time some Leftbot special interest group holds a “protest rally” where the media outnumber the “protesters,” it’s national news and the Nanny State acolytes flock to it like maggots to a dead fish. What do you think would happen if just one percent of us were to hold a march, proudly displaying our guns? What would those totalitarian bastards do in the face of twenty thousand armed citizens?

Just wondering… 😉

July 3, 2008

Looks Like I’m Not The Only One …

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Thumbs up!… who thinks that Marc Patterson is one impressive sonuvabitch.

Some of you out there might remember Marc from the last time that I wrote about him. For those of you that don’t, here it is in a nutshell:

Marc was out on a camping trip with his wife and kids. They brought a friend of the family along; 12-year old Colton Reeb. Colton was on his way to the thundershack one evening when he ran into a cougar. The kind that doesn’t wear lipstick. According to what was on the CBC website at the time, “Colton Reeb was bitten on the head, face, neck and upper chest before a family friend wrestled the big cat off the boy, but his parents told CBC News on Thursday evening their son is resting and in good condition.

That’s right: “wrestled the big cat off the boy.” Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you define “balls.”

Marc PattersonWell, it looks like I’m not the only one that thinks Marc is the kind of guy I wouldn’t mind buying a round or three for. It turns out that Marc’s getting himself a Carnegie medal for heroism! Canoe had the story today:

That’s when the 45-year-old decided to place the cougar in a choke hold, throttling the animal until it was forced to release Colton, who ran to safety. The cougar shook free and turned on Patterson, snarling at him and preparing to pounce.

Instead, the animal ran off when Patterson started growling back […]

Like any 13-year-old boy, Colton Reeb displays his scars like war medals, the proud evidence of his life-or-death battle with a hungry cougar last summer.

And now the man who made sure Colton didn’t become a fast supper for the massive cat will have his own prestigious decoration to show for the scrap in the forest near Kamloops — a Carnegie medal for heroism.

“When I heard about it, I thought, wow, that’s pretty sweet — I’d like to win one of those someday,” said Colton, who ended up with 300 stitches after being mauled by the mountain lion.

“I’d like to win one of those someday.” Dontcha just love kids? 😀

I wonder what Marc has to say about all this?

“Am I a hero? Well, my wife keeps calling me one and when your wife says you’re a hero, I guess you must be.”

June 29, 2008

Lorna Lambasted

Oh, dear. Thin-skinned thespian lesbian Lorna Pardy doesn’t seem to be garnering any sympathy from the expected quarters.

You might be wondering to yourself, “who the hell is Lorna Pardy?” Well, Lorna’s a dyke with no sense of humour. Apparently, she’s also a heckler; and not a very good one.  You see, Lorna’s the whiny little bitch that went scurrying off to the BC Human Lefts Commission after she and a fellow muff-diver got a verbal smackdown from a comedian that they were heckling.  Lorna likely reckoned that she’d have some kind of “wall of sisterhood” type shit backing her up on her idiocy.  Doesn’t look like it.

It seems Lorna has become something of a pariah among many in the gay community (maybe they remember when they were on the other end of the stick?  who knows…).  Whatever the reason, she doesn’t seem to be making many friends.  Here’s who we’re talking about:

She's in the middle

Lorna’s the one in the middle.  And, judging by some of what’s in the comments on the site that I filched this from, she’s gonna be on the outside soon.  We’ll start off with what M_WORD had to say:

shame on you Lorna Pardy.
shame on you for single-handedly lending the credibility of our community to the near fascist BC Human Rights Council, and thus allowing our causes and passions to be hijacked by these thinly veiled thought-crime police.

Has it occurred to you that instead of filing a human rights complaint, the right thing to do would have been to grow a pair and stop being so thin skinned!? [yeah, I know; I nearly laughed my balls off, too, when I read that part -D] Has our community, nee our lovely and liberal Canadian society as a whole become what it is today by crying wolf every time someone said something that hurt our feelings? It has not. Even the US, with it’s terrifyingly litigious tendencies does not encourage the prosecution of thought crime in the way that your petty and pathetic actions have.

I am so discouraged at your small minded and immature foolishness ms lorna pardy that should we ever meet, you can expect me to bitch slap some damn sense into that air-filled head of yours.. stupid woman. stupid stupid woman. shame on you for implicating all of us in this shameless dance with the insatiable beast of censorship. I still remember a time not that long ago when books deemed to have explicit gay and lesbian content were not allowed into Canada, and now, thanks to the foolish and shortsighted tantrum of one sadly insecure little lesbian hipster, we can all look forward to another walk down that dark path.

thank you for bringing this distinctly fascist distortion of liberal thought into our community.

Seems that EYES_ARE_LISTENING doesn’t have much sympathy, either:

You pathetic drunk!!! You make out with your girlfriend like some 15 year old in front of an adult audience. You then behave like some drunken heterosexual male at a strip joint and whine when you get a taste of your own medicine. This will never leave you. A bit of advice sweetheart: stay away from booze cuz you can’t control your big fat mouth. Oh, and say goodbye to your career.

Hm.  Maybe this could explain why Lorna seems to be wanting a low profile, even on gay-friendly sites:

“I can’t even give you my name [to be] printed,” said one of the women, who would only confirm her first name as Lorna.

Heh.  Too late, buttercup; everybody already knows who you are.

One more tidbit from The Province:

Did you hear the one about the two lesbians who walked into a comedy club and started heckling the comedian? He turned the tables on them, so they complained to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. And now the joke is on the taxpayers forced to pay for this kangaroo court.

June 26, 2008

Two Dykes Walk Into A Bar…

[The following post contains language which is not suitable for children. I try to keep the site relatively clean (as clean as a trashmouth like me gets, anyway) but there are times when soft language is just plain dishonest. Parents are STRONGLY advised to preview for themselves before allowing their kids access to this post. Better yet; don’t even let your kids read it at all. -Dennis]

…and walk out with a human rights complaint cash cow. Only in Canada. And guess what else? It’s in uber-leftist British Californicate, no less. What are the odds, eh?

Why, why, WHY can I never be making this shit up??? As if none of us saw this bullshit coming, here’s the gist of it: two shitfaced slit-slurpers shuffle into a club, don’t like what the comic on stage is saying, and haul ass to the nearest HRC to piss and moan and collect a free bankroll. That’s what it boils down to.

Naturally, the BC Human Lefts Commission (of “I wanna commandeer McLean’s Magazine” fame) has agreed to hear the case. Because well, you know… we can’t have anybody offended in this country. Unless they happen to be Christian; in which case, screw them and their tight-ass sensibilities. They can all just shut the fuck up and do as they’re damned well told.

In case you need some sort of recap about why we need to get rid of these Stalinist show trials, here it is:

  1. No more Mr Nice GuyThey only support Leftist causes (sound familiar?).
  2. The complainer gets all costs paid while the accused is forced to pay out of pocket (again: familiar?).
  3. The very process itself IS a punishment.
  4. The conviction rate is 100%!! (No, I’m not making that up) I don’t think even the Gestapo managed to pull that one off.
  5. They plant fabricated evidence and willfully use it against the accused.
  6. They only prosecute people of one race.
  7. The rules change from case to case, as needed to ensure that the accused’s rights are properly violated.
  8. Truth is not a defense.

And now, we can add another one to the list: They have no sense of humour

A Canadian stand-up comedian will face a human rights tribunal hearing after a woman complained she and her friends faced a “tirade of homophobic and sexist comments” while attending one of his shows.

In a decision released this week, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled there is enough evidence to hear the case of Vancouver woman Lorna Pardy against Toronto comedian Guy Earle. Zesty’s Restaurant in Vancouver, where the May 22, 2007, show took place, was also named in the complaint. The restaurant has since closed.

Gee whiz, I wonder what could have set the comedian off like that?

But Guy Earle stresses the comments he made last year to Lorna Pardy and her partner at Zesty’s Restaurant (now known as Zawa) were not motivated by sexual discrimination but out of his hatred for hecklers.

In the video, the comedian says he doesn’t “hate anybody based on sexual orientation” but does “hate hecklers.”

HOLY SHIT!!! A comedian that hates hecklers! WHAT ARE THE ODDS OD THAT????? 😯 I wonder what this little Canadian Michael Richards has to say for himself…?

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