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September 17, 2008

Day 11

This is beginning to give me the creeps.

It’s been over a week since word of this first broke and the silence coming from the media has been absolutely deafening. The lefties love to roll their eyes whenever conservatives (big or little “C”) complain about bias in the media. But how can we not complain, when an issue as serious as this gets swept under the national rug, in the middle of a God damned election, no less??

True or not (and no, I don’t know which), accusations that Premier Williams threatened people with financial ruin and other reprisals if they supported the Conservatives need to be dragged out and examined in the light of day, where everyone can see.

And just what have we heard from the MSM on this, what should be of major concern to all Canadians, not just Newfoundlanders? The most recent thing I can find is from eleven damned days ago:

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. (CP) — Premier Danny Williams denies he’s threatened Conservatives in Newfoundland and Labrador who work for Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a federal election campaign.

Is Danny guilty until proven innocent? Hell, no. But can you imagine the hue and cry that would arise from the Ministry Of What You Should Think, the TO Red Star, the Mop & Pail, and all the other usual media suspects if this had been someone accused of trying to intimidate Grits??

And isn’t it funny that we don’t hear a peep out of Elections Canada about this? No skulduggery there either, I guess.

September 14, 2008

Zimbab… Er… Newfoundland??????? [updated]

What the hell is THIS??? (Huge hat tip to Hunter over at Climbing Out Of The Dark for this one)

Where the hell is Fife talking about? Harbour Grace or Harare?? I know that a) I have a tendency to go off half-cocked sometimes and b) these are unproven allegations but let’s be serious here, folks; if these accusations have any merit to them, we have some serious problems with our democratic rights in Newfoundland! It’s one thing for a Premier of a province to bitch and moan about a Prime Minister and put his political capital into opposing the PM’s campaign, but this kind of bullshit is beyond the pale…

It seems that voters in Newfoundland are being intimidated and threatened with retaliation against their persons and businesses if they vote Conservative, donate to the Tories, or otherwise display any support for the CPC! NO, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!

From Hunter’s post:

High praise goes out to CTV’s Robert Fife for this report [for the record, I agree -D]. He listened to the people of Newfoundland, and understood the seriousness of what they were saying.

Joanne over at Blue Like You broke this story on blogs, and she has the links to the CTV site that will give you the full story. She has the video link to Jim Morgan backing up what Robert Fife said. It is worth the listen!

What I’m waiting for now, is to see what the MSM does with this story. Are they going to howl this from the rooftops, or are they going to show themselves as being the Lieberal lapdogs that they are so often accused of being, and sweep some more Leftist dirt under the rug?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching for this.

Just TRY it, assholes...Dear Scumbags:
I understand that you’re awfully busy and otherwise occupied with trying to bugger about with the God-given right of Newfoundlanders to choose whoever they damned well please to represent them in our nation’s parliament but, if you could spare the time, could you please stop by and try to intimidate me?

Please? I’m feeling all left out and neglected here. Thank you for your consideration.



Looks like I’m behind the herd on this one, but I’m not going to complain. The more noise gets made, the better. Here’s what others have been saying:

  1. Williams threatening Conservative supporters in Newfoundland? – Darryl Wolk
    “It is time for Danny Williams to check his ego and desire for the spotlight at the door. This man is putting a personal feud ahead of the interests of his province.”
  2. “If You Run We’ll Ruin Your Father’s Business”: Danny Williams – A Step To The Right
    “CTV Bob Fife is naming senior Conservative sources that are on the record saying that Danny Williams and his minions are launching an extensive campaign of fear and intimidation against anybody thinking about running for the Tories, or attending their rallies in Newfoundland.”
  3. Tell Danny the Dictator what you really think of his ABC campaign – Right As Rain
    “Just before I head off to bed, I would like to encourage everyone to email Danny Williams to let him know in uncertain terms what you think of these allegations of bullying and intimidation.”
  4. Campaign Of Intimidation Part 2 – Climbing Out Of The Dark
    “If Robert Fife from CTV wasn’t persuasive enough, here is a former Fisheries Minister from Newfoundland, who pretty much agrees that intimidation is happening in Newfoundland. Big story here in Canada!!! NOT! Didn’t I say what that would indicate in my last post?”
  5. *Official* Danny Williams has been put on notice – The Hypocritical Oath
    “OPEN LETTER TO DANNY WILLIAMS: It is my belief that you and your government have not met the needs of Newfoundlanders in terms of developing new and sustainable industries to succeed the fisheries. Oil is not going to float your paper thin economy like that of Alberta; you simply do not possess the amount of reserves that they do. Invest in education and the development of your business community which, by the way, should consist of more than just three fish boat captains in St. John’s harbour and the local pub owner.”
  6. Danny Mugabe Williams – SDA
    “Well, perhaps that’s unfair. We haven’t yet seen rampaging gangs of PC’ers raping and pillaging political opponents.”
  7. Ugly? – Halls of macadamia
    “You mainlanders don’t know nuthin’ about ugly.”
  8. All Hail Danny – Back Off Government!
    “Ok maybe he hasn’t reached Robert Mugage proportions – but with these news reports coming out of Newfoundland I would say the words “Friendly Dictator” definitely apply.”
  9. Some things never change (including Newfoundland politics) – Daimnation!
    Robert Fife reports that federal Conservatives in Newfoundland are being intimidated by supporters of Danny Williams.”
  10. Danny the Dictator? – Right As Rain
    “The allegations talked about by Bob Fife and Jim Morgan about Danny the Dictator’s actions in N.L should cause a great deal of concern amongst every party in this election.”

Ten and counting.  It’s always nice to know that I’m not the only one who’s pissed.