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October 20, 2006

Dolt: “Can’t somebody else pay for it?”

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Dalton's dithering at workWell, this is rich. Pure true Grit bullshit at its absolute finest if ever there ever was. After months of dithering, sitting on his hands and basically allowing anarchy a free pass in Caledonia, the waffling wanker from Ottawa South has flung open his piehole to demand that the feds should pick up the tab.

Yup, you read that right. The guy whose utter lack of leadership screwed up a no-brainer law enforcement issue until it became the biggest farce since Bob Rae’s government wants the feds to pick up the tab for his gutlessness and stupidity.

How truly Liberal of him. Can we have an election now, please?

October 12, 2006

Caledonia Crackpot Crock of …

Anarchy continuesTo absolutely nobody’s surprise, Ontario Premier Dolt McSquinty is once again proving, for all the world to see, that some white men really do speak with a forked tongue. The man who has been utterly MIA throughout the ongoing anarchy in Caledonia has seemingly suddenly come to the realisation that there are right ways and wrong ways to do things in this province (if you’re white, that is) and that a protest planned to take place in Caledonia this weekend should be held in Toronto instead. Everybody’s nobody’s favourite extraterrestrial kittyvore must have eaten a few too many kittens lately. How else to explain his hacking up this lovely little hairball of hypocricy:

“I think it’s important for all of us to recognize that if somebody has a particular beef with a government there is a legitimate way to give expression to that criticism, and I would encourage that individual to come to the front lawn of Queen’s Park,” McGuinty said yesterday.

And the government does nothingWell, now; isn’t that just nice? And I wonder what his message to the Natives will be when it comes to ” a legitimate way to give expression to that criticism?” Not much, obviously. The Ontario Librano$ have been paralysed throughout the entire Caledonia affair, terrified of having an “Ipperwash incident” of their own (which would be a hell of a lot of egg on their faces, considering all their handwringing and mudslinging at former premier Mike Harris over that).

Gary McHale, the man behind the Caledonia Wakeup Call website and the organizer of a rally to be held at the disputed site this weekend, gets the message loud and clear: play by the rules so we can ignore you.

“Politicians won’t pay attention unless we go to Caledonia — that’s the only reason they’re talking about it,” McHale said. “So I don’t see the purpose of coming to Queen’s Park.”

Why the masks?The Fiberal government went on to wail that police should deal with the protestors (but not the Natives, of course) and even found time to throw in a vague threat (and unwitting admission of its assesment of the Native so-called “occupiers”) from the piehole of David Ramsay, the minister for aboriginal affairs:

“In fact, by coming out you potentially put your own life in danger, so it’s better if people just stay home.”

So proud of what he's doing, he needs a maskGee whiz, don’t come out and exercise your lawful right to set foot on public land and complain about the nice, peaceful, law-abiding Natives; something might kill you. But not a nice, peaceful, law-abiding Native, of course. Tell me, Dave, just where is this mortal danger coming from, hmmm?

Mayor Marie Trainer of Haldimand County isn’t much better, either. She’s ready to declare a state of emergency. Not because of the Natives, mind you, but because of all those nasty Caledonia Wakeup types that are going to be showing up.

It all boils down to the same crap: Natives can get away with whatever the hell they want but everybody else should obey the law. The law, which is supposed to hold everyone to the same standard. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of all this two-faced, liberal, double standard bullshit?

September 27, 2006

What the hell kind of answer is THAT??

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AsshatteryThere isn’t much in the world that I consider to be beneath them but this is monumentally idiotic, even for the Grits. It seems that the idea of being accountable for how they blow our tax dollars is so foreign to the McSquinty Fiberals that they don’t even know how to respond properly when asked about it.

So proud of what he's doing, he needs a maskWhen quizzed on just how much of our money (yes, Dolton, OUR goddamned money) is being blown on the Caledonia fiasco is going to cost Ontario taxpayers when all the wishy-washy fiddledyfriggery is done with, it seems that the best answer that they can come up with is that it’ll “cost what it’s going to cost.”

I couldn’t make this bullshit up if I tried. This politically correct, mollycoddling clusterpluck (you all know what I meant to type) has been going on for over seven months now and we are the ones on the hook for the bill! That includes paying the cops, buying the land and oh, don’t forget the 300 grand for “negotiator” Jane Stewart’s salary. Yeah, you read that right. But according to David Ramsay (minister responsible for aboriginal affairs), the Ministry of Bullshit has “no idea” how much the occupation is costing.

Ramsay did get one thing right, though. Yes, a Fiberal got something right. It was this:

“When you’re confronted with a situation, it’s the government’s responsibility to deal with it.”


August 22, 2006

More judicial idiocy on the way

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CourtsNo sooner had one judge, Superior Court Justice David Marshall, finally done something right (ie, actually enforcing the law instead of trying to make it), along come another bunch of magesterial marsupials to bugger it right back up again. And they wonder why people have lost faith in the country’s courts.

More on this as it develops.

August 10, 2006

Desperate to do nothing

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CourtsProving yet again that they know where their priorities are, the McWimpy government is waging a desperate battle to get back to the business of doing nothing. Attorney General Michael Bryant is going to court to argue that endless chinwagging is better than actually doing something to resolve the situation in Caledonia. Being typically Grit, Bryant seems to think that the law just doesn’t apply to everybody.

LawlessnessOn Tuesday, Ontario Superior Court Justice David Marshall knocked the wheels off this little bullshit bandwagon by ordering that there will be no talks between the protestors rioters and anyone until the law of the land is followed and a previous court order to vacate is obeyed. Let’s face a nasty truth here, boys and girls. No matter what some of the lefty-lovers try to say, everybody with a brain in their head knows damn well that if these were white people pulling a stunt like this, they’d have been dragged off to the pokey long ago, using any force necessary.

This puts the provincial Grits in one hell of a bind. No longer able to hide behind the “but we’re doing all we can; we’re talking to them” BS, they are still going to be expected to do something about the problem. Grits hate having to solve problems. Problems keep people distracted from Liberal incompetence and malfeasance so, obviously, it is in the Liberals’ best interest to drag every “crisis” out for as long as possible. Without any looming politically correct disaster to dazzle the masses, they start asking hard questions that Grits, with their wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed absence of guiding principles, are utterly unable to deal with. Conservatives (both big and little C), on the other hand, seek out such challenges and meet them head on; hence all the lib-left media fearmongering about us.

Got that? For Liberals, the logic is: problems good, solutions bad. Come to think about it, it’s kind of like a scaled down version of the way that Mideastern despots rail against Israel lest their people realise that it is their own leadership that is the author of most of their miseries. Hmm.

The natives, meanwhile, have been taking every opportunity to drop not-so-subtle insinuations that, without talks ongoing, the only alternative is mayhem. More proof of their thuggery.

Utter BullshitHazel Hill, a spokeswoman for the group, calls the ruling “an act of aggression.” What bullshit. Attacking an elderly couple in their car and trying to run over a cop are acts of aggression.

Rioter mouthpiece Janie Jamieson even has the nerve to imply that it’s up to the townspeople to keep cool heads. “There is a constant push from some (residents) to see bloodshed and they’re going to keep on creating situations until it happens,” she barfed.

When will this hypocrisy end?

August 9, 2006

Took ’em long enough

CBC photoWell, that didn’t take forever, did it? Only about six months, right? And hey, what’s six months of crass lawlessness compared to the warm, fuzzy feeling that we all get from being nice and politically correct? After all, it’s not as if the “non-native” residents of Caledonia can actually expect the same rights and security as everyone else now, is it?

So proud to be there he needs a maskIn case you haven’t heard, Superior Court Justice David Marshall has pulled the plug on the appeasement tactics of the McWimpy government and ordered that ALL talks with the rioters protesters be called off until they get the hell out of Caledonia. Saying that “It is common knowledge that the people of Caledonia, after five months of occupation, have seen security in their town replaced by lawlessness, protesters in battle fatigues, police officers in riot gear,” Marshall displayed a rare convulsion of judicial common sense and made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that ignoring the law of the land is not going to get you what you want. It also shows the Ontario Grits that they’re not going to get away with jerking off a bunch of home grown Robert Mugabe wannabes, pretending that they’re actually doing something. The Grits, however, don’t seem to be getting the message.

More masksMany, including a lot of Caledonia residents, are worried that this is just going to throw gas on an already smoldering woodpile. Guess what, kids? The fire is already lit. These thugs have clearly gotten in into their heads that bullying is the way to get what you want. If this isn’t stopped dead in its tracks, you can all bet your arses that we will be seeing one hell of a lot more of this in the future.

No one wants another Ipperwash or another Oka. We may not want it, but it may be what’s needed.

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