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January 13, 2009

Too clever by half: How CAMH shrinks fooled Canadian Justice System

Too clever by half: How CAMH shrinks fooled Canadian Justice System and hid from Canadian public greatest case of mass murder in Canadian history (Morgentaler excluded).

Short history of a cover-up of Canadian Zyprexa Experiment in Canadian Courts

See also: “BC wants to switch to forced drugging and killing of homeless” at

In late 1980ties Eli Lilly and Co. was conducting research on chemical substance called Olanzapine or 2-methyl-4-(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-10H-thieno[2,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepine with intent of manufacturing and selling it as a psychotropic drug. Testing of chemicals with intent to use them as psychotropic drugs is extremely difficult due to the fact that testing on animals does not provide any clue as to their effectiveness in treating humans suffering from mental illness. As much as it is possible to recreate certain type of cancer in mouse or a rat and test on them various chemical substances in order to find a cure it is impossible to create schizophrenic mice, rat or even a monkey in order to test various chemical substances in order to determine if they could alleviate any symptoms or provide the cure. (more…)

June 27, 2007

Still A Mess

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OkaWell, isn’t this just God damned jolly?

It’s been more than a decade and a half since the poop hit the windmaker in Oka, Quebec and now, if you believe what some media outlets are coughing up, we’re pretty much smack-dab right back where we started, waiting for it to blow up again. Reading the Freeps and the Winterpeg Sun, you’d think the whole thing was a powder shed, with a chimp playing with matches inside…

The war never ended in Kanesatake, the Mohawk community at the centre of the Oka crisis, and now the government has been put on notice history might repeat itself.

Ottawa’s lead negotiator on the Kanesatake file has received two letters this year from the Kanesatake Women’s Coalition warning the federal government to stop negotiating with the band council. The letters say they could throw up a highway blockade or worse to force the issue.

“I do not have to remind you that this is exactly what happened back in 1990. The chief and council of the day did not have the authority or the mandate to negotiate our land rights in the pines for the expansion of the Oka golf course,” says one of the letters.

“The Mohawk women of Kanesatake warned the federal Conservative government of that day and its negotiator that if they continued to negotiate with the council without the community’s input there will be war and war did break out.”

War, my ass. For those of you that don’t remember all too well: as soon as the army started moving forward, all the “Mohawk warriors” started moving back. Yeah, big surprise. This reserve has been known more for its lawlessness than any other one in the country that I can think of. For example, take a look at what happened a little over three years ago:

An incident on Jan. 12, 2004 triggered it all. When 67 police and auxiliary officers from outside communities descended on Kanesatake armed with three submachine guns, a sniper rifle, two automatic rifles, a semi automatic rifle, two pump-action shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, all hell broke loose. Warriors and community members laid siege to the police station for two days. The force was eventually let out of the community and Gabriel’s [referring to Former Grand Chief James Gabriel] house was burned down.

Nice, huh? As if that weren’t bad enough, this fiasco also has its lips firmly locked on the public teat, to boot:

Money down the drainThe official says Ottawa has spent $51 million on the Kanesatake negotiating process since 1994. Of that, $35 million was spent on the acquisition of 178 pieces of property, $4 million was spent on negotiations for the government side and $9 million for the Kanesatake side, according to the official.

RantsThis is getting ridiculous. Granted, the Tories haven’t had this file for too long and they’ve had other things on their plate, but there hasn’t been any indication that I’ve seen that they’re going to deal with this properly any more than the Grits did. And with all the talk about a nation-wide “day of action” (read: “shit-disturbing”) this coming Friday, you have to wonder: just when the hell is the government going to put its foot down and say, “the law is the law and you damned well follow it whether like it or not and no, we don’t give a shit what colour you are.

Granted, the current system for land claim resolution sucks. But Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice recently unveiled a plan to fix that mess. In the meantime, however, the government should be lowering the boom on any lawlessness they see and NO band should get anything until they damned well get it through their heads that yes, the law applies to them, too.

October 20, 2006

Dolt: “Can’t somebody else pay for it?”

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Dalton's dithering at workWell, this is rich. Pure true Grit bullshit at its absolute finest if ever there ever was. After months of dithering, sitting on his hands and basically allowing anarchy a free pass in Caledonia, the waffling wanker from Ottawa South has flung open his piehole to demand that the feds should pick up the tab.

Yup, you read that right. The guy whose utter lack of leadership screwed up a no-brainer law enforcement issue until it became the biggest farce since Bob Rae’s government wants the feds to pick up the tab for his gutlessness and stupidity.

How truly Liberal of him. Can we have an election now, please?

October 12, 2006

Caledonia Crackpot Crock of …

Anarchy continuesTo absolutely nobody’s surprise, Ontario Premier Dolt McSquinty is once again proving, for all the world to see, that some white men really do speak with a forked tongue. The man who has been utterly MIA throughout the ongoing anarchy in Caledonia has seemingly suddenly come to the realisation that there are right ways and wrong ways to do things in this province (if you’re white, that is) and that a protest planned to take place in Caledonia this weekend should be held in Toronto instead. Everybody’s nobody’s favourite extraterrestrial kittyvore must have eaten a few too many kittens lately. How else to explain his hacking up this lovely little hairball of hypocricy:

“I think it’s important for all of us to recognize that if somebody has a particular beef with a government there is a legitimate way to give expression to that criticism, and I would encourage that individual to come to the front lawn of Queen’s Park,” McGuinty said yesterday.

And the government does nothingWell, now; isn’t that just nice? And I wonder what his message to the Natives will be when it comes to ” a legitimate way to give expression to that criticism?” Not much, obviously. The Ontario Librano$ have been paralysed throughout the entire Caledonia affair, terrified of having an “Ipperwash incident” of their own (which would be a hell of a lot of egg on their faces, considering all their handwringing and mudslinging at former premier Mike Harris over that).

Gary McHale, the man behind the Caledonia Wakeup Call website and the organizer of a rally to be held at the disputed site this weekend, gets the message loud and clear: play by the rules so we can ignore you.

“Politicians won’t pay attention unless we go to Caledonia — that’s the only reason they’re talking about it,” McHale said. “So I don’t see the purpose of coming to Queen’s Park.”

Why the masks?The Fiberal government went on to wail that police should deal with the protestors (but not the Natives, of course) and even found time to throw in a vague threat (and unwitting admission of its assesment of the Native so-called “occupiers”) from the piehole of David Ramsay, the minister for aboriginal affairs:

“In fact, by coming out you potentially put your own life in danger, so it’s better if people just stay home.”

So proud of what he's doing, he needs a maskGee whiz, don’t come out and exercise your lawful right to set foot on public land and complain about the nice, peaceful, law-abiding Natives; something might kill you. But not a nice, peaceful, law-abiding Native, of course. Tell me, Dave, just where is this mortal danger coming from, hmmm?

Mayor Marie Trainer of Haldimand County isn’t much better, either. She’s ready to declare a state of emergency. Not because of the Natives, mind you, but because of all those nasty Caledonia Wakeup types that are going to be showing up.

It all boils down to the same crap: Natives can get away with whatever the hell they want but everybody else should obey the law. The law, which is supposed to hold everyone to the same standard. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of all this two-faced, liberal, double standard bullshit?

September 27, 2006

What the hell kind of answer is THAT??

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AsshatteryThere isn’t much in the world that I consider to be beneath them but this is monumentally idiotic, even for the Grits. It seems that the idea of being accountable for how they blow our tax dollars is so foreign to the McSquinty Fiberals that they don’t even know how to respond properly when asked about it.

So proud of what he's doing, he needs a maskWhen quizzed on just how much of our money (yes, Dolton, OUR goddamned money) is being blown on the Caledonia fiasco is going to cost Ontario taxpayers when all the wishy-washy fiddledyfriggery is done with, it seems that the best answer that they can come up with is that it’ll “cost what it’s going to cost.”

I couldn’t make this bullshit up if I tried. This politically correct, mollycoddling clusterpluck (you all know what I meant to type) has been going on for over seven months now and we are the ones on the hook for the bill! That includes paying the cops, buying the land and oh, don’t forget the 300 grand for “negotiator” Jane Stewart’s salary. Yeah, you read that right. But according to David Ramsay (minister responsible for aboriginal affairs), the Ministry of Bullshit has “no idea” how much the occupation is costing.

Ramsay did get one thing right, though. Yes, a Fiberal got something right. It was this:

“When you’re confronted with a situation, it’s the government’s responsibility to deal with it.”


September 22, 2006

How to fix Caledonia

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Mainstream MediaI’ve found it. Yes, I have; and I found it in the damned Globe and Mail, of all places. Don’t look at me like that; the only thing I’ve been smoking is, well… smokes. But I have actually found the answer to the situation in Caledonia. All they need to do is just send in this guy right here:

‘Indian Time doesn’t cut it’ for innovative chief with on-the-edge humour

From Thursday’s Globe and Mail

FORT McMURRAY — The man with the PowerPoint presentation is miffed.

He is speaking to a large aboriginal conference and some of the attendees, including a few who hold high office, have straggled in.

“I can’t stand people who are late,” he says into the microphone.

“Indian Time doesn’t cut it.”

Some giggle, but no one is quite sure how far he is going to go. Just sit back and listen:

“My first rule for success is ‘Show up on time.’ My No. 2 rule for success is follow Rule No. 1.”

“If your life sucks, it’s because you suck.”

“Quit your sniffling.”

“Join the real world — go to school or get a job.”

“Get off of welfare. Get off your butt.”

Full article here.

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