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February 26, 2010

Of Floodgates and Fraudulence

“I think of the fall of Jerusalem in 69 A.D., and the fall of Rome, and of the USSR — no civilization falls because of external threats. They fall because of internal corruption, because of failing to be who they say they are.”

Great BritainIt’s no secret to anyone, nor has it been for a very long time now, that the political Left are infatuated with the politics of ethnic divisionism.  Despite all their accusations of “divisiveness” aimed at their opponents, it is and has always been they who gain the most by pitting cultures, classes and races against one another.

It has also long been suspected that the Left’s fetish for multiculturalism and mass immigration — even the importation of cultures violently opposed to their own interests — has more to do with keeping assorted socialists and neoliberals in power than with any of the problems those policies are accused of solving.  Suspected and met with apoplectic denials.

As increasingly pissed off Brits are finding out, the suspicions were truer than most would have thought possible.  Turns out the far-right kooks were right after all. (more…)

July 23, 2009

Gee Whiz, I Wonder…

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… Just whatever, exactly, could this possibly be?

Say whatever you like, boys and girls, just be sure that you don’t use the words honour and killing in the same sentence…

KINGSTON, Ont. — A man, his wife and their son are charged with four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of three Montreal sisters and their caregiver, who were found dead in a submerged car near Kingston, Ont.

The bodies of the three teenaged sisters and the 50-year-old woman were found in the car in the Rideau Canal on June 30.


The accused are Mohammed Shafi, his wife Touba Yahya Shafi and his 18-year-old son Hamed Shafi.

The victims are Zainab Shafi, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, along with Rona Amir Mohammed.

The family, originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, spent 15 years in Dubai before moving to Montreal two years ago.

In the immediate aftermath of the drownings, the surviving Shafis had grieved their loss openly and shared family photographs with the reporters they allowed into their home.

Both parents described the eldest, 19-year-old Zainab, as a rebellious young woman.

Move along now, nothing to see here.

February 21, 2009

No Commentary Required

This is what your kids are being taught in our wonderful, leftbot-infested public schools these days. Race-baiting 101.

New Brunswick’s education minister has ordered the cancellation of a school assignment that asked children which lives they would save if they had to choose among different ethnic groups.


The assignment also included images representing each of the different ethnic groups that they could choose to save.

The controversy began after Jessie Lomax complained when her 10-year-old daughter was given the assignment, which, the woman said, is better suited for “concentration camp employees.”

February 1, 2009

Forces And Objects

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Ah, it’s lovely, isn’t it? Xeno must be giggling his backside off in the afterlife somewhere.

Xeno, you might know, was that Greek chap who once asked what would happen if an immovable object were struck by an irresistible force. Well, we just might get the chance to find out; sooner than we think.  It seems that the force and object (you can pick which is which) of multicultism and politicorrectitude are well on their way to a lovely little meeting.

For as long as many of us can remember, the legions of Big Nanny have been hammering into our skulls that multicultism is the only way to go, tolerance for tolerance’s sake is the loftiest goal, no one is better than anyone else, everybody’s the best at everything, blahblahblah…

So, smartasses, what happens when multiculturalism smucks up against political correctness?

But what to make of the case last week of an Egyptian-born Winnipeg doctor who, for religious reasons, told a lesbian couple she was uncomfortable treating them? The couple says she refused to accept them as patients; her lawyer disputes this.

Medical ethics codes and human rights codes are clear: A doctor can’t refuse treatment on the grounds of sexual orientation. So, must doctors ignore their personal beliefs?

Well, will ya look at that?  The big, bad intolerant one’s a woman, to boot.  Let the games begin…

October 8, 2008

A Lesson In Viral Messaging

This isn’t Pat Condell‘s first appearance here. Most folks already know that he’s one opinionated sonofabitch by any standards. Like him or hate him (and I’ve done both), the man does say what’s on his mind and if his YouTube channel is any indication, he’s got a lot on his melon. But then, what can you expect from a guy whose website starts off with “Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended. Cheers.”

Well, some folks would prefer that Pat just put a cork in it and would like to stick it in themselves, if at all possible. In case you hadn’t heard, one of his recent rants, a little something called “Welcome to Saudi Britain” got yanked from YouTube:

However YouTube, which is owned by the internet search engine giant Google, has removed the video from its site because of “terms of use violation”.

It had been watched more than 40,000 times in the 24 hours after Condell uploaded it.

YouTube has also threatened to disable his entire account if he commits “additional violations”.

A spokesman for the website said: “YouTube has clear policies that prohibit inappropriate content on the site, such as pornography, gratuitous violence or hate speech. Our community understands the rules and polices the site for inappropriate material. When users feel content is inappropriate they can flag it and our staff then review it as quickly as possible to see if it violates our Terms of Use. If users repeatedly break these rules we disable their accounts.”

Surprise, surprise, the net community and others went apeshit over this kind of censorship. Within hours, copies of the vid were all over OhNoYouDontTube and — surprise, surprise, again — YouTube caved and let the damn thing be. Here’s Pat’s take on the whole kerfuffle:

And, of course, what would this post be without the little rant that started the whole big stink in the first place?

September 8, 2008

Bring On The HRC Complaints

Go on, you know you want to…

(tip o’ the hat to Paul)

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