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September 11, 2008

Day 5

CampaigningWell, now… I was wondering if (or should I say, when?) this was going to happen. You know that the Loopier Left is starting to get all nervous and freaked out when they start recycling — yet agaaaaiiiinnn — the old “a Conservative government will mean the end of the world!!” canard. 🙄

Yeah, it’s back. But it wasn’t the Grits that dug up this corpse, sowed it together, and ran a few volts through it this time. That was a bit of a surprise.

Going pear-shaped

Danny Williams may be something of a superhero back home in Newfoundland but the rest of us are starting to wonder if his cheese hasn’t slid clean off his cracker

ST. JOHN’S, N.L. — Premier Danny Williams levelled his most blistering attack yet against the prime minister, telling a business audience yesterday a Stephen Harper-led majority government would mark one of the darkest eras in Canadian history.

Williams escalated his public feud with Harper, warning voters the Tories would stoop to any depths to implement their hidden “right-wing, Conservative-Reform party” agenda.

“The only reason we haven’t seen his full plan for Canada implemented is because he had a minority government to keep him in check,” Williams said. [Be afraid! Be veerrryyyy afraid!!! -D] 😯

Ah, yes, the good ol’ Hidden Agenda®, don’tcha just love it? These idiots remind me of a doomsday cult: every time the appointed day for the End Of The World As We Know Itâ„¢ comes and goes, they just move the goalposts. In the last election, we were all warned about how the sky would fall if the Tories formed a government. I know I’ve pointed this out before, but I think some boneheads out there need a refresher. So here, along with a few additions, is my own little list of…

Catastrophes We Were Promised But Didn’t Get

  1. Neither Stephen Harper nor any members of his caucus have eaten any babies.
  2. Quebec has not separated from Canada.
  3. The sun has not burned out.
  4. Our health care system has not collapsed.
  5. Homosexuals have not been rounded up into camps in the high arctic.
  6. Women have not been forced to get pregnant in order to be denied access to abortions.
  7. We have not become of 51st state of US of A.
  8. We have not sent troops to Iraq, either.
  9. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has not been scrapped.
  10. We have not withdrawn from the UN.
  11. The sky has not fallen.
  12. There have been no reliable reports (other than above) of the dead rising from their graves to feast upon the living.
  13. We have not declared war on puppies.
  14. Toronto has not been placed under martial law (although that might not be such a bad idea).
  15. The polar ice caps have not melted.
  16. The National Capital has not been moved to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.
  17. The economy has not collapsed.
  18. We still have no official State Religion; Christian, Satanic or otherwise.
  19. Fun has not been outlawed.
  20. No one has been executed for anything.
  21. Banjo lessons are not a compulsory component of our educational curriculum.
  22. No angels have tooted any trumpets, cracked any seals, or done anything else worrysome.
  23. Petroleum is not included in the Canada Food Guide
  24. Gun ownership is not mandatory (and here I was looking forward to that one)
  25. etc, etc, ad nauseum…

Get a friggin' CLUE!Please, guys; on behalf of Canadians everywhere, from Lotusland to the Rock and Point Pelee to the Pole: quit being so STUCKING FOOPID and get some new material, ya friggin’ idjits! Seriously, we mean it. This is getting beyond old.

Clever buggers

Say what you want about Jumpin’ Jack Jerkweed and his Not Democratic Party, but at least one of them over there knows how the ‘net works. Much as I hate giving the Dippers credit for anything, I’m forced to admit that this is some darned good thinking:

OTTAWA — The New Democrats have cut a deal with Google and Yahoo to grab Internet traffic in a marketing ploy that has some online experts impressed.

Type the names Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion or Gilles Duceppe into the major search engines and an ad for NDP Leader Jack Layton pops up on the screen, along with the search results.

Google Adwords; gotta love ’em.

Who’s where? 12:20

Just in case anybody’s wondering where all the bestest blowhards’ll be today…

Stephen Harper

  • MONTREAL: Young leaders’ breakfast at 8:45 a.m., 2200 Rue Mansfield
  • News conference at 9:30 a.m. Mansfield Room 4, Cours Mont-Royal
  • ST. EUSTACHE, Que.: Rally at 12:30 p.m. at Vignoble de la Riviere du Chene, 807 Riviere Nord
  • HALIFAX: Evening arrival. No events scheduled.

Stephane Dion

  • SAINT JOHN, N.B.: Pancake breakfast and annual general meeting at the Saint John riding association, 8:00 a.m. Media availability to follow at 8:50 a.m., Lilly Lake Pavilion, 55 Lake Dr. S
  • Speaks at Saint John Board of Trade luncheon at 12:00 p.m. Media availability to follow at 12:30 p.m., Delta Brunswick Hotel, boardrooms A-B-C, 39 King St.
  • THUNDER BAY, Ont.: Greets local candidates and makes brief remarks during a stopover at the Thunder Bay International Airport, 5:50 p.m., Thunder Bay International Airport Maintair Shell FBO, 316 Hector Dougal Way.

Jack Layton

  • MONTREAL: Announcement with MP Thomas Mulcair and NDP Quebec team, 9:30 a.m., Victoria Square (corner Viger and Victoria Square Streets)
  • Meets party supporters at Westmount-Ville-Marie riding headquarters, 2 p.m., 490 Sherbrooke St. W.

Gilles Duceppe

  • HUNTINGDON, Que.: Visit to Maison Russet factory with mayor Stephane Gendron and Beauharnois-Salaberry candidate Claude Debellefeuille, 9:30 a.m. at 142 route 202. Briefing to follow outside at 10:15 a.m.
  • VALLEYFIELD, Que.: Benefit spaghetti lunch, 11:30 a.m., 67 rue Academie.
  • MONTREAL: Speech in Duceppe’s riding, Laurier-Sainte-Marie at 7:50 p.m., 1220 rue Sainte-Catherine Est.

Elizabeth May

  • NEW GLASGOW, N.S.: Canada AM interview taping, 6:45 a.m.
  • ANTIGONISH, N.S.: Setting up signs and greeting commuters, 7:30-9:00 a.m.
  • Visits staff and patients, St. Martha’s Hospital, 10 a.m.
  • Lunch, meets with students, 12 noon-1:30 p.m., St. Francis Xavier University cafeteria
  • News conference on education issues, 2 p.m., St. Francis Xavier University campus, location to be announced.
  • Campus Green Club event, 7:30-9:00 p.m., St. Francis Xavier University Student Union Building.

Le Leftbot Limbo 12:55

How low can ya go? How low can ya go? Just what the hell is the Catholic version of Islamophobia called, anyway? While I’m not so sure myself, I’m sure that Big Wheel Gilles knows the answer…

Bloc Québécois Gilles Duceppe seeks to portray the Conservatives as a party of narrow-minded views with a rightist religious agenda that should offend many Quebec voters. His evidence for such a patently false depiction? Nicole Charbonneau Barron, the Conservative candidate in the South Shore Montreal riding of St. Bruno-St. Hubert, belongs to Opus Dei, a Roman Catholic lay organization known for its adherence to traditional church doctrine.

Yeah, and before he goes to sleep at night, he always makes sure to check for albinos under his bed. Dickweed.

For those of you who might have read one too many Dan Brown novels, try checking out something a little closer to the source.

The cutlery is out 13:10

Gee whiz, I wonder who’s back it’ll end up buried in? What are the Librano$ up to this election, really? Are they looking to win? Are they looking to clear the way to dump Dion? You tell me

The Liberal party moved last night to cancel its biennial convention in Vancouver in December, clearing the way for a full leadership vote next year should Stephane Dion fail win the Oct. 14 election. Sources say hotel reservations were ordered released this week as the national executive gathered to finalize the postponement decision.

No wonder Dion walks the way he does. If I had that bunch “watching my back,” I’d keep my butt cheeks clenched shut, too. Et tu, Brute?

October 21, 2007

How To Shut Up An Atheist

Thumbs up!An absolutely huge tip o’ the old toque to Dr. Roy for putting this where I could see it so that I can, in turn, pass it along to the rest of you (couldn’t have done it without ya, mate).

I wasn’t going to post anything at all today due to my temp hitting 102 — that’s 38.8, for those of you that have been fully metricwashed — and generally feeling like a can of smashed arseholes.

Thanks again, Doc. Just when I thought the day was a wash… 😀 The original article is here (along with plenty of other good stuff, so take the time to check it out).

How to Shut Up an Atheist if You Must
By Doug Giles
Saturday, October 20, 2007

The atheist’s days of running circles around the Christian with their darling questions are drawing to a close. Yes, the fat lady just wrenched herself off her humongous backside, has cleared her throat and now is fixin’ to sing the finale on the atheist’s ability to have fun with their specious little fairy tales at the Christians’ expense.

That is if the Christian will buy, devour, commit to memory and stand up and challenge the pouty anti-God cabal with the atheist-slaying facts found in two new books from Regnery namely, What’s So Great about Christianity and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible.

Authors Dinesh D’Souza and Robert Hutchinson skillfully answer, once again, the atheist’s pet questions about the existence (or non-existence) of God and how Christianity has allegedly made the world suck. Suck, for you thick atheists, is a slang word which means to make or to be really, really crappy (kind of like how our culture becomes anytime you guys mess with it).

These books will be especially beneficial for high school and college students to draw upon when their secular anti-God fuming delirious instructors start railing against God and Christianity.

For instance:

  1. When the prissy anti-Christs tell you the Bible stands in the way of science, inform them that the greatest scientific geniuses in history were devout Christians – and scientists from Newton to Einstein insisted that biblical religion provided the key ideas from which experimental science could develop.
  2. When the pissy God haters tell you the Bible condones slavery, you can remind them that slavery was abolished only when devout Christians, inspired by the Bible, launched a campaign in the early 1800s to abolish the slave trade.
  3. When the screechin’ teachers tell you the Bible has been proven false by archaeology, hark back and show them that each year a new archaeological discovery substantiates the existence of people, places and events we once knew solely from biblical sources, including the discovery of the Moabite stone in 1868, which mentions numerous places in the Bible, and the discovery of an inscription in 1961 that proves the existence of the biblical figure Pontius Pilate, just to name a few.
  4. When they get sweaty and tell you that the Bible breeds intolerance, refresh their memory with the fact that only those societies influenced by biblical teachings (in North and South America, Europe, and Australia) today guarantee freedom of speech and religion. Period.
  5. When one of them queues up and quips that the Bible opposes freedom, smack ’em with the fact that the Bible’s insistence that no one is above the law and all must answer to divine justice led to theories of universal human rights and… uh… limited government.
  6. When they tell you that Christianity and the Bible justify war and genocide, unsympathetically remind them that societies which rejected biblical morality in favor of a more rational and scientific approach to politics murdered millions upon millions more than the Crusades or the Inquisition ever did. Hello. Atheist regimes have caused the greatest mass murders in history, says D’Souza. Inside D’Souza’s book you’ll find little gems like, The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Galileo affair, and witch hunts together make up less than 1% of the murders that have occurred during modern atheist regimes like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

This is just a smattering of the various 411 fun the Christian is going to get as they plow through What’s So Great about Christianity and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible.

Senior pastor, college pastor and youth pastor: do yourself and your congregants a favor and teach this stuff to your church. Equip Christians to stand against the BS (belief system) of the atheists. The culture war is heating up, therefore make sure your people don’t stand intellectually naked and neutered before these no-God numb nuts.

Lastly, comfortable and cocky atheists, you had better brace yourselves. Hundreds of thousands of Christians and authors are about to read these books and, as stated, systematically dismember your old and haggard arguments.

In addition, everywhere I go and speak – be it in conferences, on the radio, on television or in print – I’m going to encourage the tens of thousands of Christians I address that every time and everywhere they get crapped on by an atheist with unfounded arguments to open their mouths and slam dance them with facts found in these two new brilliant books from Regnery.

Doug Giles’ new book 10 Habits of Decidedly Defective People: The Successful Loser’s Guide to Life is now available. Doug’s award winning talk show and video blog can be seen and heard at

October 7, 2007


Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet“Dennis,” people have been asking me a lot lately, “what the hell’s up with you, man? There’s been an election campaign going on all summer in Ontario and, aside from a couple of posts about how lousy an idea MMP is, we haven’t heard a damn thing from you. You’re not packing it in, are ya?”

No, I’m not packing it in. It’s just that getting laid off back at the beginning of summer, job-hunting and then getting settled in to the new job have taken up one hell of a lot of my time lately. Anybody out there that’s ever had to switch jobs knows exactly what I’m talking about. And as far as the provincial election goes, well, I think I can sum it up pretty well…

Faith based schools. Faith based schools. Faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools faith based schools.

It's Hampton!Just about sums it up, doesn’t it? Way back at the beginning of the race, John “Guess What Party I’m With” Tory said that if he got elected, faith-based schools in Ontario would be able to get some funding, therby bringing them into the public fold and holding them to the same academic standards as the rest of the schools in the province. He made the announcement and then moved on to other things. Dolt McGuilty, however, seized on it like a tarrier with a rat and has maniacally banged away on that same drum over and over, drowning out all other discourse in the campaign. The stupidity of the whole transparent ruse, along with the baffling herd-of-sheep response of Ontariens to it, got to such an extreme that even Howard Hampton J. Pig blew a gasket at the media for having gone so gleefully along with the whole sham. And that’s probably what pissed me off the most…

An irate Howard Hampton swept through Southwestern Ontario yesterday, dragging a campaign’s worth of baggage.

That burden — his party falling in the polls, the faith-based school funding issue dominating debate — blew open in Hamilton, as the NDP leader strafed his Tory rival and the media, accusing journalists of hijacking the campaign and ignoring real issues.

[…]Hampton’s frustration boiled over into a blistering attack on Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, whom he called a “disaster” whose mistakes have given the ruling Liberals a free ride. “Mr. Tory’s campaign has been chaos,” Hampton said, noting the faith-based school funding vow has hijacked the campaign debate.

… because, as all of you know, there’s just about nothing in the world that I hate more than being forced to agree with a socialist. And, as Lorrie Goldstein saw when he talked to Hampton, Hampton might be getting the same nauseaous feeling, even going so far as to say something sounding vaguely … conservative…

Asked what he’d say to voters poised to give Premier Dalton McGuinty a second majority government, while ignoring his record of fibs and broken promises in favour of the minor issue of stopping public funding for non-Catholic religious schools, Hampton deadpanned: “What do I say? I say, well, then people get the government they deserve (laughter) that’s what I say.”

Hampton, meeting with the Sun’s editorial board, knows, as we do, that if McGuinty wins big Oct. 10, it won’t be long before voters who abandoned the Tories and NDP to back the Liberals will be asking themselves what they’ve done.

Why, yes, I AM PISSED OFF…  how can you tell?No shit, Sherlock. For the record: I’m against public funding for faith-based schools, but not for any of the reasons that McSquinty and the Liebrals barf up. He who pays the piper calls the tune and I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a rabidly secular government ministry be in the position of holding a financial gun to the head of a school that might be teaching something that goes against whatever the trendy Leftbotâ„¢ dogma du jour might be. Keep government the hell out of it; it’s better for the schools. That’s my take.

But, to listen to McGuilty, you’d think that white kids would be going to all the good schools and black kids would be lucky to end up in a one-room schoolhouse if Tory’s plan went ahead. You don’t think he’s hammering away on the word “segregation” by accident, do you? And the media, from top to bottom, have been all too happy to help him out.

Da Librano$But it’s the smart thing for McGuilty to do, isn’t it? The sad fact is that Ontario is likely the most intolerant province in Canada (yes, even worse than Quebeckers or those nasty Albertans), especially when it comes to religion. This is because Ontario has become infested with the disease of the Leftbotâ„¢ mindset and religion is the ultimate enemy of the modern neoliberal ideology…

The neolib socialist philosophy (there really isn’t much “neo” about it) requires, above all else, that the masses give their first and foremost loyalty over to the authority of the secular state (of course, you and I know how well that has worked out in the past, but they don’t, for some reason…). Religion gives people a higher authority than the state, therfore it has to go. They won’t come out and say this out loud, but that’s still the meat of it. This is the mindset that has infected Ontario; especially urban Ontario.

John Tory should have known this. He made a rank-amateur mistake and now he’s given McGuilty four more years in Queens Park and the people of Ontario four more years of weak leadership.

This week, I’ll still be voting Conservative, but I’m afraid J.T. already sold the farm.

May 16, 2007

More On Artur Pawlowski

JusticeI’d like to start off today by thanking both Artur Pawlowski and the Calgary Sun’s Licia Corbella for their help in putting this post together; I couldn’t have done it without ’em. I managed to speak briefly with Mr. Pawlowski from his home in Calgary and I have to tell you, he’s one of the nicest folks I’ve talked to in quite a while.

You might recall from two of my previous posts that Art is the guy who was arrested and jailed in Calgary back in August of last year for reading the Bible and praying in a public park.

Let me say that again: Arrested. And jailed. For praying. In Canada.

I Am Not Making This Upâ„¢.

I said yesterday that I was going to try to find the video footage of Art’s arrest, so I figured “who better to ask than… well, Art?” So, after getting ahold of a number for him, I gave him a call. While he didn’t have the footage in a digital format himself, he was able to direct me to the page for Paul Arthur’s show, Insight, at (which you can check out yourself here) where I was able to download one of the shows that features a clip from the footage that Art’s brother shot the day he got busted. It’s a fairly long vid (about an hour) and the footage from the arrest only runs from 8:38 to 9:32 but on the whole, the whole vid is worth watching (you can download it to your hard drive here, if you like)…

May 15, 2007

Truth Comes Out

Anti-ChristianDang, but this one took quite a while to come around, didn’t it? Some of you might remember me piping up waaayy back last August about a guy out in Cowtown by the name of Artur Pawlowski, after he got the cuffed-and-stuffed treatment from the Calgary cops for the unpardonable crime of… wait for it… reading the Bible in public.

No, I’m not making that up.

Now, before you go asking and bleating “how do we know he wasn’t accosting people,” bear this in mind:

On August 16, Artur Pawlowski was arrested for sharing the Gospel with tarot card readers at the Fringe Festival in Calgary. Pawlowski told these practisers of “sorcery” that the Bible condemns these practices. Organizers of the festival asked him not to talk to the vendors and he agreed. But when he stayed in the park praying and reading the Bible, the organizers called police. The police arrested Pawlowski for obstruction and he was taken in a police car in handcuffs. He was also charged with trespassing and causing a disturbance. Amazingly, Pawlowski’s brother videotaped the entire sequence of events.

Well, it has come around now and it looks like the video was rather… ahem… uncomplimentary. Both to the cops who busted Pawlowski and to the credibility of those who complained about him in the first place:

It was clear Pawlowski, his friends and family were jubilant criminal charges of obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and refusing to assist a public/peace officer had been wiped off the docket.

But the people who should be most relieved are the police officers who arrested him last Aug. 16 on 17th Ave. S.W. for reading from the Bible aloud near the Fringe Festival.

Had this case gone to trial, the judge would have seen evidence — a video taken by a Pawlowski supporter — that would have thrown the officers’ reputations into total disrepute.

Case toally dismissed. And before anybody even bothers asking, yes I am going to try and get a copy of that video. Stay tuned.

February 26, 2007

An Inconvenient Kook

Why, yes, I AM PISSED OFF…  how can you tell?Some crap really does just boggle the hell out of the mind, doesn’t it? Take, for example, the recent colossal kerfuffle over yet another twit who thinks he’s found the tomb of Christ. 🙄

Here we have some dork — and James Cameron too, it turns out — burbling on like he’s some kind of authority when, in fact, he’s nothing more than just another media hack:

Simcha JacoboviciA Canadian filmmaker and author claims to have new scientific evidence that could have profound implications for Christianity.

Simcha Jacobovici, from Toronto, is expected to reveal at a news conference in New York on Monday that a tomb he explored under a Jerusalem apartment building once contained the bones of Jesus of Nazareth and his family.

Further, he suggested that the tomb, stored in a warehouse belonging to the Israel Antiquity Authority outside Jerusalem, may contain microscopic remains of the Christian saviour’s DNA.


The boxes were inscribed with the names: Jesus son of Joseph, Judah son of Jesus, Maria, Mariamne, Joseph and Matthew.

A quick peek around the net reveals that our little Mr. Jackoffski (pictured at right) is an Israeli-born Canadian, and received a B.A. with Honours in Philosophy and Political Science from McGill University. That’s right, two degrees: one in bullshitology political science and the other in bafflegab philosophy.

Utter BullshitPhilosophy, of course, is a Greek word that means “why do something about it when you can drone on endlessly about it with needlessly big words” that was best described by Ambrose Bierce as “a route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.” Let’s face it, kids; the only thing you can really do with a degree in philosophy is teach philosophy. And I think everybody here already knows what I think about a degree in polisci…

But enough about what he’s got. Let’s see what he hasn’t got. I wonder if he has any degrees in…

Archaeology? Nope.
Anthropology? Nope.
Theology? Nope.
Okay, how about codicology or philology? Nope.
Damn. The guy’s gotta at least have one in history, right?? Nope.

RantsThe article could just as easily — and just as accurately — be headlined: “Dude With Camcorder Says Outrageous Shit.” But you just know that the MSM and all the usual loopy Lefty suspects are going to be all over this like maggots on Saddam Hussein. Okay, tell ya what we’re gonna do…

Just for the moment, we’re going to forget that I’m Christian and therefore already know that Christ’s tomb is empty and this dolt is just yapping out of his arse. Let’s just examine his excuse for methodology for a few seconds, shall we?

University of Toronto mathematician Dr. Andrey Feuerverger calculated the odds at one in 600; while Dr. James Tabor, chair of the department of religion at the University of North Carolina, placed the odds at one in 42 million.

“If you took the entire population of Jerusalem at the time and put it in a stadium, and asked everyone named Jesus to stand up, you’d have about 2,700 men,” Tabor said. “Then you’d ask only those with a father named Joseph and a mother named Mary to remain standing. And then those with a brother named Yose and a brother named James. Statistically, you end up with one person.”

So here we are, over two thousand years later, and some twit finds a tomb with the name tags of “Jesus son of Joseph, Judah son of Jesus, Maria, Mariamne, Joseph and Matthew.” All of these were common names at the time. It’s like finding the tomb of “Jim son of John, Rob son of Jim, Linda, Jenny, John and Mike.” It means virtually nothing. The most important thing though, is that this whole theory hinges on one grasping compulsion: if this is, in fact, a tomb containing the remains of Jesus, Mary and Joseph themselves, then the mitochondrial DNA from the “Jesus” remains absolutely must be consistent with mtDNA from the “Mary” remains. There is no way around this whatsoever; NONE.

So, without further ado, allow me to throw in the monkey wrench (from the same article, no less)…

According to Jewish custom, the bones have long since been reburied in unmarked graves in Israel. But tests conducted at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont., on DNA obtained from the Jesus and Mary tomb and show that the two individuals were not maternally related.

AsshatteryNot… Maternally… Related… How’s that for lowering the boom? Ah, but what’s a little snag like that when your head’s so far up your ass you chew your food twice? You don’t really think that you let inconvenient little things like a few piddling facts get in your way when you’re a card-carrying kook, now, do you? Hell no; you just decide to pull a Homer Simpson and pull your arms out of the tar with your face. Undaunted by having his little attention-whore balloon popped, he promptly shifted gears and fell back on the same old, tired, predictable, discredited, Gnostic bullshit

“Perhaps Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married as the DNA results from the Talpiot ossuaries suggest and perhaps their union was kept secret to protect a potential dynasty – a secret hidden through the ages,” narrator Ron White says in the documentary.

“A secret we just may be able to uncover in the holy family tomb.”

Go on, do itGimme a friggin’ break. Okay… Let’s assume for a minute that “Mary” isn’t genetically related to anybody else in the tomb; marriage would be a reasonable hypothesis to explain her presence. But married to whom? There are four sets of male remains in that tomb, folks, and nary a marriage certificate to be found. It’s an assumption perched on a presupposition built on a conceit. All in all, a pretty rickety affair.

On the bright side though, for a change, the gobsmacking of this idiocy isn’t confined to just folks like me. For example

“It was an ordinary middle-class Jerusalem burial cave,” Kloner said. “The names on the caskets are the most common names found among Jews at the time.”

Archaeologists also balk at the filmmaker’s claim that the James Ossuary – the center of a famous antiquities fraud in Israel – might have originated from the same cave. In 2005, Israel charged five suspects with forgery in connection with the infamous bone box.

“I don’t think the James Ossuary came from the same cave,” said Dan Bahat, an archaeologist at Bar-Ilan University. “If it were found there, the man who made the forgery would have taken something better. He would have taken Jesus.”

Nice to see scientists being scientists for a change.

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