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August 31, 2006

What the f#*% is wrong with some people?

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Go on, do itI know; I try not to use that word here. You never know when someone’s kids might come across the site and well, my regular language is coarse enough without adding that little nugget to the vocabulary. But I’m royally pissed off and sometimes, no other word really gets the job done.

Even though the union (CUPE; there’s a big surprise) decided to call it off (after a thunderous “go fuck yourselves” from all sides), the very idea that they would try a stunt like this in the first place makes me want to puke. And the excuses they’re making aren’t doing anything for my ulcer, either.

I’m not even going to bother going into the details. Just look at it and see for yourselves how vile some organisations can be.

No passport for you

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CBC PhotoIn denying terrorist sympathiser Abdurahman Khadr a Canadian passport, PM Stephen Harper and his Conservative government have once again dug in their heels on a matter of principle and this time, they’re all but outright daring the courts to try to screw with them on the matter:

It was reported MacKay refused a passport to Khadr even though a Federal Court judge ordered Ottawa to stop denying him his travel document.

The debate, as you can imagine, has already begun. Let’s not fool ourselves though; the Khadr family, often referred to as “Canada’s al-Qaida clan,” have been a blot on this country for far too long. These people, the whole damn lot, should have been stripped of their “citizenship” years ago and stuffed into the first plane / slow boat to Afghanistan, Egypt or wherever; anywhere but here.

August 30, 2006

Baby bonus bruhaha

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Government du CanadaGrits are gearing up to make a nice big stink over the fact that apparently 10% of families eligible for the Universal Child Care Benefit aren’t going to be getting it this time around. It seems that the parents of about 100,000 kids in the country aren’t going to be getting any extra baby bonus this time around.

The Librano$, who fought the program tooth and nail, preferring child-care money to be spent on governmental bureaucracy instead of being given to parents, will no doubt barf about that this is proof that the program is a failure, the Tories can’t deliver, kids are going to starve, blahblahblah. One blurb from an article in the Freeps suggests another possible explanation, however:

The majority of families with children under the age of six were automatically eligible for the benefit because they already received or had applied for another program called the Canada Child Tax Benefit.

But primarily wealthier families who hadn’t applied for that benefit — probably knowing they wouldn’t qualify — have to sign up before receiving money.

The emphasis is mine, of course but still; interesting, non? Could it actually be that some families haven’t applied because they figure they don’t need the extra money? OMG!! Are there people running around out there without a hand out for government money!?!? It’ll be the end of Canada as we know it!! EEK!!

Next news item: Scientists Baffled By Sudden Spike In Heart Attack Rate Among Canadian Socialists …Film at 11.

Grits… being Grits

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Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic PermanetCan anybody really say that they’re surprised at this? It seems that after endless promises to clean up the governmental act, the Ontario Liberals’ much-ballyhooed Transparency in Public Matters Act has been, very quitely, dumped. In typical Grit fashion, this skullduggery, as opposed to their blaring promotion of the act in the first place, was pulled off so quietly and stealthily that it almost slipped past J. Q. Ontarien completely unnoticed.

Caught with their hand yet again in the cookie jar of yet another hollow election promise, Sarnia MPP Caroline Di Cocco (who was spearheading the act, once upon a time) tried the tired old Grit routine of “lie, deny and act surprised:”

…on April 5, Di Cocco was appointed minister of culture by Premier Dalton McGuinty. Her bill was withdrawn a few days later, something that has only recently come to light.

…Di Cocco said yesterday she was unaware when she was appointed minister her bill had to die under the legislature’s rules because ministers can’t push private member’s bills.

“That’s just a rule that’s there,” she said. “I wasn’t aware of it at the time.”

Of course you weren’t, Boopsie. After all, you’re just a girl and can’t be expected to grok all that icky government rules stuff, right? It’s not as if your constituents expected you to be competent when they elected you or anything like that.

Nobody seems fooled, though. Even her own campaign manager quit in disgust:

“I’m very disappointed. That sums it all up,” Robert Swift of Point Edward said yesterday.

“Since she became a part of the government, it’s a waste of time talking to her about these kinds of issues.”

Well, just what do you expect from a Liberal??

August 29, 2006

Going once, going twice . . .

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The Great Grit Hope?If a Tory did this, there would be holy hell to pay. Screeching handwringers everywhere would bemoan the inhumanity and degradation of it all. Dire comparisons would be drawn to pimping and slave auctions and the dude who dared to do such a dastardly deed would be eviscerated by the CBC.

But since it’s the great Grit second-coming-of-Pierre-Trudeau, Michael Ignatieff, that’s auctioning people off (no, that’s not a typo), I guess it’s all okay.

Yes indeed, truth really is stranger than fiction. Several Grits are on the block to raise money for Iggy’s run for the big comfy chair at the Grit table, with Ruby Dhalla getting the best bids so far (go figure).

Ruby Dhalla

And last but not least, an interesting little side tidbit from near the end of the article:

The auction has illuminated once again Liberals’ undying devotion to party icon and former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

A program from the Liberals’ 1984 convention, with a cover photo of the late Trudeau, has drawn a bid so far of $111.

Some things really do never change.

REAL Women striking back

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Government du CanadaOkay, I’m a little behind the herd on this one. In case you haven’t heard all the boo-hooing lately, the crying jag is going full throttle over at SoW on the heels of reports talking about the campaign, kick-started by REAL Women of Canada, to take the axe to the Trudeau-era radical feminist money pit, Status of Women Canada.

Yes, indeed, the very thought that the gravy train might not be pulling in anymore has sent Canada’s shrillest feminazis and their union and Grit flunkies to new heights of apoplexy and hysteria, ranging from the panicky:

This actually turns my blood to ice.
-Halifax communications consultant and blogger Audra Williams

to the downright stupid:

When you look at women in Canada and their human rights compared to international standards, we have a long way to go.
-Monica Lysack (Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada)

As expected, the usual accusations of “misogyny” are being hurled about but they don’t seem to be having the usual effect. I wonder why that is? Could it have anything to do with the fact that REAL Women of Canada is a, er…, women’s group??

Golly, but it’s darned hard to rave about the Oppression o’ The Evil Penis when there’s nary a swingin’ one in the ranks aligned against ya, ain’t it?

And these women aren’t about to take any crap from a bunch of screeching feminists who arrogantly presume that they, and only they, can speak for all women:

Like typical radical feminists, they have decided that they speak for all women, and they only consult those groups and women that agree with their agenda. So it’s a bunch of radical feminist bureaucrats consulting radical feminists to hear what they want to hear to promote more radical feminism on my dime . . . When you question your government, your government will use your own money against you to punish you for daring to speak out.
-Suzanne, on the Big Blue Wave

or excuses, either:

If Status of Women is so effective, why are the statistics for women so ‘bad’? The group has been around for decades, has a generous budget, but their own stats seem to indicate that they’ve not done much good. SOW does NOT represent all women, and therefore shouldn’t use my taxes to lobby for a radical feminist agenda dominated by abortion rights, victimhood, junk science and male bashing.
-Kathy Shaidle on Relapsed Catholic

One wonders what exactly SOW has been doing with its $23 million a year to improve the lot of Canadian women. The only women’s lot who have been improved, it seems, would be those who work for SOW and get grant money from it.
-Loyalist, on Dissonance and Disrespect

Ouch. You go, girls. [Update: I have since been informed that in my haste to get this post up that day, I seem to have overlooked the fact that Loyalist is… well, a dude. And I now look like a horse’s arse. DOH!]

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