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July 31, 2007


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More as I have time to write it.

Until then, enjoy this tune:

Renfrew In A Ruckus [updated]

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AlertsAnd who can blame them?

Yesterday, at sometime around 7 in the evening, Bill Regier’s truck was found in a “heavily wooded” area up near Renfrew. One commentor has said that it was found in a little place called Forester’s Falls, which is about 30 kliks NNW of Renfrew, but I haven’t been able to find anything to confirm that yet. Not that I think Jacob’s full o’ shit or anything like that but let’s face it folks, in a situation like that, rumours can fly fast and loose real quick.

Some folks have also speculated that he might be making for Quebec. Now, I personally don’t have a damned clue where this asshole is rabbiting to but when you consider that you can take a leak off your back porch in Renfrew and damned near hit Quebec, it might not be a bad idea to keep vos yeux peeled, just in case

Renfrew OPP last night located the silver 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck after being alerted by a citizen.

The truck was in a heavily wooded area off Kerr Line in the Whitewater Region Twp. when it was found around 7 p.m.

Renfrew-area gas station owner Greg Zavitske says the truck was found in a sparsely populated area near the Quebec border that isn’t easily seen from the road.

”You’d have to be walking through the bush or something, to find the truck,” said Zavitske, who added there are hunting camps and cottages near the spot where the truck was found.

Looks like ol’ Jake wasn’t too far off the mark. And isn’t that lovely: “hunting camps and cottages near the spot where the truck was found.” So this prick might have a rifle or shotgun and some ammo (I’m not sure if anything’s in season up there or not right now).

The OPP’s press release is right here. Some folks (like commentor Mark) have already decided to lock & load. Can’t say that I blame them; plenty of folks up there are getting nervous:

RENFREW, Ont. (CP) – The discovery of a pickup truck linked to the slayings of three people left residents of this eastern Ontario town worried Tuesday that a fugitive might be in their midst as police combed the area for clues.

Provincial police said a silver GMC Sierra bearing Ontario licence number JK8-334 was found by a Renfrew-area resident Monday evening near a heavily wooded area. The truck belonged to William and Helene Regier, who were found shot to death last week in their southwestern Ontario home – some 560 kilometres from Renfrew.

Police forensic teams were examining the truck as officers searched the area, about an hour northwest of Ottawa, where the vehicle was found. At the same time, the hunt continues for Jesse Imeson, 22, who is being sought in the Regier slayings and in the killing of Windsor bartender Carlos Rivera.

The police search near Renfrew enveloped the area around Chenaux Road, off the Trans-Canada Highway near the Quebec-Ontario border.

Back in Huron County yesterday, more than a thousand turned out for Bill and Helene’s funeral at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church. A lot of them were even there up to an hour and a half early and Bishop Ronald Fabbro even showed up.

Bill was always busy with the K of C and was a huge advocate of restoration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Helene served with the CWL for more than 50 years and was a past London diocesan president. According to an online obit, “memorial donations to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Restoration Fund, Heart and Stroke Foundation or charity of choice would be appreciated.” and condolences can be made at

No time for more now, folks. I’ll try to have a proper post up by lunchtime or so.

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It looks like ol’ dumbass Jesse might just have hopped from the frying pan to the fire…

In what appeared to be a startling coincidence, the mayor of the township of Whitewater Region said the small town of Beachburg, Ont., not far from where the abandoned truck turned up, is home to many members of the extended Regier family.

Just like an idiot like that to try and run to about the only place in the country with even more folks with a reason to kill your ass.  Check it out.

July 30, 2007

Day 12 And More Info

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Small town Ontario...Remember that green Ford Taurus that everybody was wondering about? The one that was throwing such a monkey wrench into the timeline of events (how the hell could he be driving two cars at once, etc).

Well, you can write that puppy off now. As of yesterday sometime, the cops have announced that, after a shitload of forensic snooping, the car stolen on July 22 during a break and enter at a house on Babylon Line isn’t connected to the Regier murders at all. Probably some kids that emptied out the booze cabinet and went for a joyride. 🙄

The cops have also given us some more to go on when looking out for Bill’s truck. The Freeps had it today:

– Police released more details about the Regiers’ missing silver 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck. They said the four-door vehicle, licence plate JK8 334, has Z 71 stickers on the rear sides of the box; full stainless steel tube-style running boards; front and rear moulded mud flaps; tinted bug deflector on the hood; tinted window visors above all four doors; HMP Exeter licence plate holder.

Cops are also telling folks that Imeson is a slick customer, the kind that’ll take easy advantage of the gullible (remember little miss whatshertits Lindsey Glavin from Exeter?):

Donnelly says the suspect has lots of charisma– He’s a “talker”, friendly, charming and could be considered as the life of the party in a social environment.

Yeah, right. The life of a necktie party, maybe. This is a dork that sat in an Exeter pub and claimed to be a U.S. Army soldier with a tour in Afghanistan. It’s enough to make me almost wish that Debbie had been there to witness the conversation…

Finally, Bill and Helene were laid to rest today with over 500 attending. If that doesn’t tell you they were good folks, I don’t know what will. Bill and Helene are survived by six children, 16 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Bill’s truck is still missing. The plate is JK8 334.  You all know the drill by now…

  • 911 — the best option
  • 1-888-310-1122 — the OPP
  • *OPP — on your cell phone
  • 1-877-584-8477 — the tip line set up specifically for Imeson


July 29, 2007

Day 11 & I Am . . .

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. . . dumber than a bag o’ hammers.

Yeah, you read that right. Here I’ve been, for over a week now, ranting my arse off about how folks should be keeping an eye out for Jesse Imeson, looking after each other, using common sense, watching where they shoot, and I can’t remember what else off the top of my head. And in all that, I cannot figure out how the hell it is that I somehow managed to overlook what should have been the most obvious no-brainer in the whole damned book. Luckily for all of us, some other folks haven’t suffered from my kind of tunnel vision:

Jesse Imeson — whose image has haunted Ontarians during a police manhunt that has lasted 10 days — could have a beard, moustache and a different hairstyle by now.

This makes the Windsor-area man’s distinct arm tattoos even more essential to the Canada-wide search, police said yesterday.

“Everyone has to be aware that his appearance may be changing,” said Windsor police Staff Sgt. William Donnelly.

“Unless he’s found a razor, he’s going to start getting several days of beard growth or stubble. Physical appearance and clothing can change, but his tattoos can’t,” Donnelly said.

Imeson's left armTotally missed the boat there, didn’t I? So, the longer this bugger is on the lam, the less immediately recognizable his mug is going to be and the more useful it’s going to be to remember those tattoos of his. Something to keep in mind.

Imeson's right armIn the meantime, the cops are urging folks to keep in touch with friends and family who might be up at the cottage or living out in rural areas, just to make sure they’re all okay. But hey, you’ve been looking for an excuse to call aunt Emma anyways, right?

While we’re at it, for those who will be able to go:
The visitations for Bill and Helene Regier are today at the T. Harry Hoffman and Sons Funeral home in Dashwood (here’s a map, if you need it). Prayers will be held there at 1:30 this afternoon, with a K of C service at 6:30 tonight. A funeral mass will be held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church at 11 a.m. tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it but I’m going to try.

Look for something like thisAnd keep in mind that the cops are still looking for Bill’s 2006 GMC Sierra pickup with licence plate JK8 334. If you spot it, get on the horn PDQ and call one of these numbers (in order):

  • 911 — the best option
  • 1-888-310-1122 — the OPP
  • *OPP — on your cell phone
  • 1-877-584-8477 — the tip line set up specifically for Imeson

July 28, 2007

Day 10, Still Looking . . .

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No more Mr Nice GuyWell, it’s the weekend again and still neither hide nor hair has been seen of Jesse Imeson, and the authorities still seem more worried about what WE might do than they are about what HE actually DID! I swear to God, if I see just one more bonehead on my boob tube telling folks to “remain calm, don’t arm yourselves, don’t worry, be happy” I won’t know whether to shit or go blind. Guess I’ll just have to close one eye and fart…

The latest platitudes are being puked up by South Huron Mayor Ken Oke. But, to cut Ken some slack, he is a politician after all, what can we really expect?

EXETER — South Huron Mayor Ken Oke appealed for calm yesterday, asking residents not to act as vigilantes if they encounter the man accused of killing a Huron County farm couple and a Windsor bartender.

His plea came as tips about the suspected killer were flowing in from across North America and as police confirmed the beloved couple — Bill Regier, 72, and his wife, Helene Regier, 73, of Mount Carmel — died of gunshot wounds.

“Police are equipped to do the job,” Oke said at a news conference in the community shaken by the killings.

There have been reports nervous residents have armed themselves with rifles and shotguns in case they’re confronted by Jesse Norman Imeson, 22, wanted in the shooting deaths of the Regiers and the strangling death of Carlos Rivera of Windsor.

Asked if there’s concern people might take justice into their own hands, Oke replied: “There is a feeling that might happen.

After that, he goes off on the whole “lost innocence” ramble… yadda, yadda, yadda. There are, however, a few more sensible bits in the article:

And with thousands heading to cottages this weekend — some for the first time in a week or so — police reminded area residents to remain vigilant.

“If people see anything out of the ordinary, immediately contact police,” said Western Region OPP Const. Mark Foster.

Imeson's left armI know that all those cottagers are from away but if you bump into one of ’em, make sure they know what’s going on and keep an eye out for them, anyway. But that’s just the way it’s done back home, isn’t it? We look after each other and other folks, too. There may have been a lot of talk about Imeson maybe taking off for out west but I have a hard time imagining him slipping out of Huron without anybody noticing something fishy. The only vehicles he could get his hands on would be stolen (which someone would recognize) and I just don’t think he knows the area well enough to walk out on his own.

He’s likely still around, if he hasn’t been shot in the bush someplace.

Imeson's right armMeanwhile, I managed to trip over a few other tidbits while I was poking around on the net. Take a look at the closeups of Imeson’s tattoos on the right (just click on ’em to get a better look). The tat on his left arm goes all the way down to his middle finger, so he won’t be able to hide it without wearing gloves (which should be a bit of a dead giveaway at this time of year) and the one on his right arm isn’t finished; it’s not coloured in yet. Not a whole lot of new info, I know; but every little bit helps, right?

One way or another, this bugger is getting caught by someone; the only question is: WHO? Just about everbody agrees that this prick isn’t going to be able to fade into the background. The Freeps outlines a few reasons why in today’s issue:

  • Imeson is highly recognizable, with images of his face and heavily tattooed arms splashed across newspapers and newscasts nationwide.
  • On Thursday, he became the featured fugitive on America’s Most Wanted, the fugitive-finding TV show and website. Plans for tonight’s broadcast include a segment on Imeson.
  • Thousands of armchair investigators are also gunning for Imeson on Internet networking site, where he’s become the subject of growing discussion groups.

If he isn’t found within the next few weeks, I get the feeling that he’ll end up being found in a few years’ time. In a shallow grave out in the back of the bugger all someplace. Personally, I’d rather he be brought in — and cops are getting plenty of tips — but I’m not going to blame anyone if they shoot this asshole in self-defense.

Jesse Imeson

Jesse Norman Imeson
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 6′1″
WEIGHT: 200 lbs
HAIR: brown, almost shaved
EYES: brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: numerous tattoos on arms

If you see this bastard, call 911, 1-888-310-1122 or *OPP on your cell.

In the meantime… stay alert, keep your gun handy if you have one, and for God’s sake, keep a cool head and be careful. I’ll put up more as I get it and have the time.

The Idiots Arrive

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[The following post contains language which is not suitable for children. I try to keep the site relatively clean but there are times when soft language is just plain dishonest. Parents are STRONGLY advised to preview for themselves before allowing their kids access to this post. Better yet; don’t even let your kids read it at all. -Dennis]

RantsWell, this took longer than I thought.

It’s been a whole ten days since the hunt started for a murdering bag of whale shit named Jesse Imeson and the excuse makers have finally put in an appearance. One of the problems with living in Canada (and hey, even I can admit that it’s not a perfect country) is that, if you just sit still long enough, some shitskull will come along and make an excuse for any behaviour you can think of. The self-induced stupidity started over in the comments on this post, with somebody calling themselves “Encourager” (encouraging WHAT, I’d like to know) who posted the following buffoonery from a Calgary IP:

AsshatteryJesse is having and will have a hard time for the rest of his life.He may be many things but he is not a BULLY as I note many of you are!Put aside the bravado, get off the hate wagon and show Jesse some compassion.He needs to be dealt with respectfully and fairly and be allowed the opportunity to change his life. After all he is only 22, he could still have a fantastic life if given the chance.

WTF?? From CALGARY???? And here I thought that Albertans had gotten rid of all their idiots. Must’ve moved there from B.C., I guess… At any rate, that idiocy was followed up by an anonymous comment from somebody with an Ottawa IP:

Thank-you “Encourager.” I am not an old girlfriend of Jesse’s or anything like that. I just think one day some of you may regret the things you say today as it may happen in your family someday. Also, his family is going through enough dealing with all of this- they don’t really need to see all of those nasty things you feel like writing.

Well, golly willickers, what can I say about that? Oh, yeah: GO FUCK YOURSELVES! Yeah, you heard me right: get the fuck down on your little, excuse-makin’ knees, clamp your flappin’ cockholster around my purple-headed yogurt-flinger, make like a ShopVac®, and chug-a-lug a few pints o’ SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Bleep off Were you born retarded, or did you have to go to university for that?

We ain’t bullies — we’re decent, law-abiding folk. In case your little pea brains are having a tough time with figuring out the difference, here’s a quick primer:

  • WE don’t strangle bartenders.
  • WE don’t steal cars and guns.
  • WE don’t hog-tie old folks and shoot them.
  • WE understand that respect is earned, not given and Imeson don’t deserve any.
  • WE expect people to face the consequences of their actions. Actions like murder.
  • WE aren’t going to look back on this and feel bad about ourselves, because WE know that WE‘re in the right. Period.

In other words, we’re not bullies. But we know how to deal with bullies, all right. We’ve known it since we were in grade school: The minute a bully starts pushing you around, you start swinging and you don’t stop. You put him on the ground and pound on him until he cries like a girl. Then you bootfuck him for a bit, just so he doesn’t forget what he’s in for if he tries that stunt again.

So take your happy little pop-psychology bullshit and stay the hell in the city, where you belong. We do things our way because we know that our way is better. Get over it.

Last but not least, to that twat who called me an “ignorant hick” (you know who you are): Look at the bright side, girlie… you were half right. I may have been living in London for over 20 years now, but I am definitely still a hick. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now that the grouchy stuff’s out of the way, enjoy a tune

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