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September 25, 2007

The Problem With Messing With A Good Kid…

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Don’t… poke… the bear…is that there might be someone around willing to stick up for him.

This guy is getting excoriated in the media lately. Naturally. Nothing pisses the media off more than getting called on the carpet for their bullying misdeeds. Yeah, that’s right: I’m talking about Oklahoma State University’s head football coach, Mike “screw with my kids and I’ll rip ya a new one” Gundy.

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What did he do? Well, it’s simple: he had the gall to take the media to task for the cheap shots that they were taking at one of his players. The media, naturally, are calling it a “meltdown.” Of biblical proportions, no less.

But what should we expect? The media have always been bullies, eager to dish out the most vicious criticism of anyone and anything and then squealing like stuck pigs whenever someone so much as looks sideways at them.

So… did Gundy, nave a “meltdown?” Pete Schrager doesn’t think so, and neither do I. All I see is a coach sticking up for one of his players who’s been kicked when he’s down. But hey, why take my word for it? See for yourself and make up your own mind…

September 20, 2007

Yeah, I’m Still Here

Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic PermanetI don’t blame some of you for wondering. It’s been (what, a month now?) quite a while since I had the time to sit down and shoot my yap off about anything. Kind of lousy that such a thing had to happen right in the middle of a provincial election campaign, especially with Dolt McGuilty in such dire need of getting what’s coming to him.

But living takes priority, right? The new job has been eating up what time and energy I have, so that’s where my efforts have been going. Don’t worry, though; I’m back and ready to spew about my favourite peeve of late: MMP.

The bullshit brigade that’s been peddling this prattle as if it were holy scripture will tell you that that stands for “Mixed-Member Proportional,” as in “better democracy than we have now.” Bullshit. I know what it really stands for: More Machiavellian Politicians.

Utter BullshitHere’s the way it’s supposed alleged to go: some proportional representation means that people who wouldn’t get a voice in Queen’s Park under the current first-past-the-post (FPTP) system will now get a voice equal to the amount of the vote that they get. Get 10% of the popular vote, get 10% of the seats set aside for MMP. Real democracy in action. More Power To The Peopleâ„¢.

Yeah, right. I’ve ranted about what a bad idea this is before, originally back on the 19th of April. For those of you that might have missed, here’s the way that it’ll really work:

Instead of electing 107 MPPs to go to the Arsehole of the Universe® to represent the interests of their local constituents, we’ll only get to elect 90. Another 39 widget-herders (making a total of 129; 22 more political leeches than we already support) would be picked not by such unwashed types as you and I; they would be picked by their parties. That’s right; they’d be accountable to the party, not to you!

Besides the erosion of regional representation that is so vital to a province as vast as Ontario (see my previous rant for details), this whole damned thing stinks of the kind of cronyism that makes Adscam® look like a minor boo-boo.

Think about it: those 39 bozos looking to clamp onto our collective taxpayer teat would be picked from lists drawn up by the parties. No party can be trusted with that. No, not even the Conservatives (and I’m a card-carrying Tory!).

Get a friggin' clue, alreadyAHA!!” the moonbats shriek. “Even a conservative doesn’t trust the Conservatives!” Please do piss off.

This has nothing to do with whether or not any one party can or can’t be trusted. It has to do with understanding human nature. Whereas leftbots tend to see the human species through rose-coloured coke bottle bottoms, we conservative types take a more realistic view. We also actually pay attention to the lessons of history. These lists that the MMP MPPs will be pulled from will be filled with nothing but failed candidates and party hacks. Can you say “cronies,” boys and girls? Try practicing it in front of the mirror if you have trouble.

RantsBut that’s not the end of it. Experience in other countries has shown that a system like that makes small fringe parties breed like rabbits on viagra in a vaselene factory. Under the scheme being proposed, a party would need to get 3% of the vote to get one of the MMP freebies.

Think about that; that’s fewer than one in twenty. While you’re at it, think about 20 people that you know. No, it doesn’t matter who, just think about any twenty people that you know. Guess what? At least one of ’em’s a kook. And if you’re thinking about 20 people and can’t figure out who the kook is… it’s you. Do you really think you want to give the clowns a say in how the circus is run?

Yeah, I'm on a roll...Hey! Come to think of it, I’ve been underrepresented… While there isn’t a politician in Ontario that has the guts to come out and say it, I know damned well that I’m not alone in thinking that it’s high time that Ontario got a conceal & carry law! You know what I’m talking about: the kind of law that allows law-abiding folks with no criminal record to arm themselves. Everybody knows that the scumbags aren’t worried about cops or courts, but they’re damned well scared shitless about bumping into somebody like me with a .44 (or better yet, .50 cal) Desert Eagleâ„¢ tucked into a shoulder holster that won’t think twice about saving the public some money if given an excuse. That’s saving money as in not having to pay out a shitload of my tax dollars to pay for your lawyer and then house and feed your worthless ass for the next 20 years or so. All that stuff’s expensive; ammo is cheap. Sort of.

No politician will admit it but when decent folks are alone in that voting booth, you’d be surprised how many of us are itching for the chance to see the shitbags of society shaking in their boots for a change. Damn… the Blow A Gangbanger’s Brains Out Party® could end up with 39 seats in Queen’s Park!!

Hm. Come to think about it, this MMP thing might not be so bad after all. Please disregard this post. Except for the last three paragraphs, of course… 😉

September 1, 2007

Just Say “Oh, I Don’t Goddamned Think So…”

[Sept 1 – I know that I’re recycling the crap out of this post, but it’s getting more and more relevant by the day. Besides, I just plain haven’t had the time to put up anything original lately. Don’t worry though; I plan on getting back to shooting my mouth off again regularly after the long weekend. -Dennis]

[May 17 – This post was originally put up on April 19 and while I’m not in the habit of bumping old material to the top again, today’s post by Ruth over at rootleweb has brought the issue back into my mind. Ruth and I are usually on the same page, but not this time. And the more I think of it, the more convinced I am that this is an issue that needs to stay on the front burner. So, for that, you get what’s probably my first-ever rerun… -Dennis]

Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic PermanetI have to say that I am totally with Adam Daifallah on this one. On Sunday, the Ontario’s Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform proved that if you crack a brainfart in a confined enough space, you really can stupefy everyone in the room. Proving once again that Orwell was right when he said that “there are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them,” this gaggle of widget-wankers cacked up the suggestion that we bugger up our electoral system and dump the FPTP system in favour of topping it up with PR. Ontario voters get to decide on this latest clanger the pointy heads left on our rug when we go to the polls in October:

Utter BullshitWhen provincial voters go to the polls Oct. 10 to elect a new government, they’re also to decide if the election status quo is good enough, or if a new system is needed. It’s called ‘mixed member proportional’ and gives greater representation to the popular vote. It would mean electing 90 politicians in enlarged ridings across Ontario using the current first-past-the-post system, with another 39 appointed by parties from a public list of candidates, according to the percentage of popular vote they received.

RantsThis is a bad idea. I’m honestly tempted to blab up that this is and even worse idea than the Farmer Bob Gun Registry Balls-up. No, I don’t think I’m going off half-cocked here; this has the potential to do one hell of a lot more damage than the registry ever did. All the gun registry really did was waste money and give the temporary illusion that a corrupt party was actually doing something to get tough on gun crime. This, on the other hand . . . this has the potential to weaken our entire democratic system, possibly paralysing the will of the people and placing real power in the hands of a few elite, possibly for generations.

Oh, shit; take his guns away and get the net. Dennis has lost it.

No, I haven’t. Look; I know that PR sounds like a good idea. A party gets 12% of the votes, it gets 12% of the seats in the legislature. Everybody’s vote counts, everybody has a say, the balance of the legislature truly reflects the collective will of the people . . . it’s the ultimate in democracy, right??

That’s the theory. The reality is somewhat messier. Look what has happened in other countries that have adopted PR: the influence and power of party machines and professional politicians has only been increased. Majority governments become nearly impossible. With no one clearly in charge, damn near nothing gets done and what little does manage to slip through is watered down to virtual uselessness. And the sonsofbitches that benefit from that chaos have no interest at all in fixing it:

The experience of the past hundred years in numerous countries has shown how PR leads small parties to breed like rabbits. Politics becomes a continual cabinet shuffle, with jostling and shifting coalitions. Governing along any steady course becomes extremely difficult. The Italians know this all too well, but when they tried to get rid of PR, the politicians who had gained power under that system got in the way.

You think that having a minority government, every now and then, is a pain in the ass? Try imagining that as being the best you can expect to get… EVER.

PR also effectively shitcans the idea of regional representation, something that is absolutely vital in a province as geographically diverse as Ontario, let alone a nation as vast as Canada. Imagine this, if you will (we’ll use a federal scenario for this example):

Under our current system, the people of a particular riding all get together and decide amongst themselves, without any outside interference, who is going to be their MP. This guy or gal then becomes that riding’s representative in Ottawa, NOT the Whatever Party’s representative in that riding. [Try explaining that to the Grits, I know; but I digress…] This means that the good folks of Freezeyourassoff, about 180 km northeast of Chruchill, get to decide who carries their concerns to the ears attached to the pointy heads in Ottawa.

The Nanny StateUnder PR, however, the Whatever Party decides that Eugene Sniffletwit, a fine upstanding academic from metro TO with an impressive alphabet soup of sociology on his business cards, is clearly a much more qualified representative to speak in the House than some backwards bumpkin who probably owns a gun. Mr Sniffletwit doesn’t own a gun. In fact, the only thing that Mr Sniffletwit knows about guns is that he doesn’t like them and any intelligent person can clearly see that that’s all he needs to know about them. So Eugene — guided by his superior intellect, honed through years at the finest hermetically sealed leftist educational institutions the country has to offer — throws his support behind the 2017 Guns Are Bad Act, which the all-urbanite House passes into law by a vote of 307-1 after Garth Turner worked himself into another snit. The Canadian Universal Firearms Ban takes effect January 1, 2018, making possession of any firearm an indictable offense punishable by up to 14 years in prison (or a week in your room, if you get a conditional sentence).

Don’t… poke… the bearPeople in Freezeyourassoff are now prohibited from even owning a rifle, let alone carrying one as they go about their business in close proximity to animals that will eat them if given the chance. Freezeyourassoff now has a lucrative market for baseball bats with nails in them. But at least they were represented. Proportionately.

In response to this embarrassment, the government promptly introduces the Northern Communities Relocation Act because, let’s face it, those snotty eskimos have no bloody business living up there like that, bothering mommy nature’s creatures like polar bears, in the first place. Who do they think they are? If they’d bothered to go to university, they’d know better. We should pass an Act about that…

HUH???Over the top? Extreme? Of course. But if there’s one thing that I’ve managed to learn in my lifetime, it’s this: if something CAN be taken to its most ridiculous, idiotic, socially destructive extreme by lib-leftists, IT WILL BE!! Just look at all the inevitable, clearly foreseeable consequences predicted by conservatives in the past that were labelled “right-wing fearmongering” and look how many have come to pass.

Sure, this is only Ontario and it’s only a watered-down version of proportional representation, but mark my words:


If you value effective governance, STOP THIS NOW, before it has the chance to do any real damage! On October 10, vote for whoever you want (that’s your god-given right) but for God’s sake, vote against this bullshit. There’s a damned good reason why our Westminster model has lasted as long as it has: IT WORKS!

Don’t buy the snake oil. Keep Ontario’s democracy strong and stable. Do what you know to be right.