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July 31, 2008

It Was Just A Joke [updated]

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Seriously; that’s all it was.

It was our way of pointing out all the idiocies of Bill C-68 and the long gun registry and all the other gun-grabber-related buffoonery that has tried to pass itself off as public policy in this country for years now.

We never meant for it to be taken seriously — hell, even we didn’t think that the loopy left could be that damned retarded. But no… According to the Mop & Pail, no less, some of the moonbats are actually taking it seriously:

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said the violent attack is a “horrific” incident and his heart goes to the family of the victim.

However, Mr. Day played down the possibility of enacting tough security measures in Canada’s bus terminals, similar to what already exists in airports.

“People should always be open to looking at precautionary measures. But let’s keep in mind that as bizarre and tragic as this is, it is extremely rare,” Mr. Day said.

He also dismissed talk by some opposition MPs of a “knife registry,” saying that millions of them are bought each year simply for kitchen use. He added that there are already provisions in the Criminal Code against crimes and assaults.

Knife registry?????????????” WHAT… THE… FU… 😯

That was supposed to be just a joke…

-= UPDATE =-

There’s video here.

July 26, 2008

Enough, Already

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Okay, we get it.  It’s a story…

Who's going where now...?

A Saturday Giggle

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Hey, it's funny...This is me.

These are my dingleberries.

This is me, laughing my dingleberries OFF. (tip o’ the toque to Kate over at SDA for this)

Let’s see now… what have we got here? It’s not your gun. You were told “not to mess with it.” But did you listen? Nope.

Well, then, you get what you deserve and you deserve what you get. 😉

I think the “so-called mayor of Toronto” just pooped himself. 😆

July 23, 2008


Canadian Gun RightsThere’s somebody in the mainstream Canadian media who actually GETS IT!!

For years, various groups in this country ( is only one example) have been telling the hoplophobes that Canada is in dire need of becoming a “shall issue” jurisdiction. Not in some half-assed, who-you-know fashion, either: nation-wide. Either nobody’s been getting it, or the ones that are getting it just don’t have the balls to do anything about it.

Well, I’m tickled pink to tell you that Marty Gobin gets it, too. The proof is in today’s Windsor Star. Like I always do with really good stuff, I’m putting the whole damn thing here; before it expires on the paper’s site or disappears down some other internet black hole. Read on and enjoy (emphasis, links, pretty pics, etc. are mine; as usual):

Give Canadians right to use arms in self-defence

Marty Gobin, Special to The Windsor Star

Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In a recent Windsor Star article (“Cops see spike in number of crime-fighting do-gooders,” June 25), it was reported that there has been a rise in private citizens defending themselves or others against criminals.

Whether it was a veterinarian fighting an armed robber off with a garbage can, or a bystander chasing a violent mugger who beat a man for his prescription medications, it is clear that Canadians are responsible enough to use defensive force in a reasonable and legal fashion.

That said, it’s time that Canadians be permitted to carry weapons for defence against criminals.

This wouldn’t be such a drastic change in law. It’s already legal under Section 34 of the Criminal Code for Canadians to use necessary force to protect their life, up to and including the use of deadly force.

It’s also legal to own a firearm.

Canada even has a permitting process in place for people to carry firearms at the discretion of their provincial Chief Firearms Officer (CFO). [But, unless the CFO is your drinking buddy, good f*&%ing luck getting one -Dennis]

The only thing Canada would have to do to enable Canadians to better protect themselves is change the issuing process for an Authorization to Carry (ATC) from “may-issue”– a permit issued at the discretion of the CFO –to “shall-issue,” a permit which must be issued to anybody who meets clearly defined, reasonable training and background check requirements.

Such a change in the ATC-issuing process would make it more accountable, in that the CFO would have no arbitrary authority to withhold or grant the right to defend oneself. That kind of authority should never be held by any one office.

The change would also ensure that every similarly qualified and screened Canadian has an equal right under the law to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors, regardless of whether they have any political ties that would grease the wheels for a carry permit.

Utter BullshitNow, some of the more sensationalist politicos out there may suggest that allowing Canadians the suitable means to defend themselves would result in shootouts every day in the streets at high noon. 🙄

This kind of Chicken Little approach to the right of one to preserve his or her own life has been proven wrong time and time again south of the border. Michigan switched from “may issue” to “shall issue” permits in 2002, and yet thousands of Canadians manage to travel across the border daily without witnessing any bloodshed.

Vermont, which has no laws regulating the possession or carrying of arms by non-criminal adults, has the third lowest violent crime rate per capita in the USA. (In fairness, that could be accredited to the similarly lax regulation of public nudity in the state combined with the aging baby boomer population scaring off all of the potential muggers.)

Overall, over thirty states have gone the route of shall-issue permits since the early nineties, and none have seen fit to go back to the days of may-issue. The U.S. experiment has shown that there would be no bloodbath resulting from Canadians being allowed to protect their lives.

Not only has there been no public safety crisis as the result of Americans being able to pack heat, but there have actually been numerous potentially large-scale massacres stopped in progress by those authorized to carry a weapon. [YO! Miller! Pay attention, dipshit! -Dennis]

In 2002, a shooter on a rampage at the Appalachian School of Law in Virginia was stopped after not one, but two students in different locations heard his shots and retrieved their weapons from their cars, returned, and placed him under arrest until the police arrived.

In February 2007, an off-duty out-of-area police officer who was carrying his weapon at the Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City managed to keep an armed madman under fire until Salt Lake City police officers arrived to assist.

This last December, an armed man went to the New Life Church in Colorado after having left a suicide note saying he intended to kill as many people as possible.

He only managed to kill two people at the church before a parishioner shot him.

One can only imagine how these massacres would have turned out, if, like Canada, off-duty police and private citizens were not allowed to carry guns for self-defence. Certainly the murderers in each case, who were intent on committing capital crimes, would be unlikely to care whether or not any law forbade them from carrying a gun.

Both the American example and the recent case of Canadians defending themselves and others in a responsible fashion have proven that private citizens and should be trusted to carry arms without any resulting chaos.

Hopefully our legislators will, in the near future, acknowledge that Canadians have the right to defend themselves guaranteed by the Criminal Code, and modify our weapons laws so that we may have a realistic chance of exercising that right.

Marty Gobin is communications director, Ontario Libertarian Party Member, Canadian Shooting Sports Association in Whitby, Ont.

Pat Condell …

… has a wee bit to say about our HLCs:

July 16, 2008

God Damned Gutless…

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… murdering sons of sluts. EVERY ONE OF THEM!!

As if we needed any more proof that the MSM are nothing but shills for the enemy, AP has now gone and made a snuff film for the Taliban. Yeah, these assholes have great big balls against a couple of unarmed women, don’t they? Just try some of that shit anywhere with in range of ME, you chickenshit failed abortions, and I’ll kill your ass in a way that will ensure that none of your precious 72 virgins will want to touch you with a ten foot pole.

Read the damned story here. I’m entirely too pissed off to go into any more of this shit…

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