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September 30, 2008

And Another One Goes Totally Sideways

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Care to guess if any smartass pollster is going to try and say that he saw THIS one coming?

What the hell are the odds of that???

Nah. I didn’t think so either.

September 29, 2008

Anti-Gun Asshattery

Some of you may have heard of this already; others, likely not. But if you’re involved in shooting sports in London or the surrounding area, you’ve probably already heard about the bigoted asshattery pulled recently by Thames Valley School Board Director, Bill “my head’s so far up my ass, I chew my food twice” Tucker.

In an age when schools in our province are chronically underfunded, having to scrounge for cash wherever they can find it, Little Willy seems to think that he can pick and choose and turn his nose up at money if it comes from people he just plain doesn’t like.

In other words: screw what’s good for the kids; just as long as Willy can waddle around with his smug, masturbatory sense of politically correct self-satisfaction

Guns and schools don’t mix. Period.

That’s why students at East Elgin secondary school in Aylmer aren’t allowed to accept $5,000 from the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association, says the director of the Thames Valley District school board.

“I do not feel comfortable accepting money from any organization associated with guns,” Bill Tucker said. [so no police fundraisers, eh, Willy? -D]

The controversy began when John Evers of the sportsmen’s association sent out a news release linking the organization with the East Elgin secondary school drama tech department.

Evers now says the release shouldn’t have implied the school was sponsoring the event.

During the weekend, the association staged the Ontario International Practical Shooting Confederation provincial match.

Competitors, including a three-time world champion from France, used full-power handguns to complete various stages over the course during the weekend, Evers said.

East Elgin students volunteered at the event. [showing that the kids whose interests he’s supposed to be looking out for have both more balls AND brains than Willy does]

About $5,000 raised at the event was to be donated to the school’s drama department for new lights.

But when Tucker heard about the news release, he objected to linking the school — and by extension, the school board — with a shooting event.

“This was not a fundraiser for the school,” he said. “From a school board perspective, I can’t have implicit or explicit links made between us and guns.”

But similar events have raised money for the drama department the last two years since Evers’ daughter started at East Elgin and students needed money for a production, Evers said. [gee whiz, I wonder what’s changed?]

“The kids are the only ones hurting here. They’re not getting the funding they need and deserve.”

Last year, a similar event raised about $3,500 for the drama department, he said.

An official cheque presentation was supposed to happen on Sunday, but the students will need to find a different way to get $5,000, Tucker said.

Tucker became the Thames Valley board’s director of education this year [AHA! So THAT’S what’s changed!] and said he couldn’t comment about why the money was accepted in the previous two years.

“This was my decision,” he said, adding he didn’t like the association of “schools and guns.”

Students who volunteered at the event can still count their time toward the 40 hours of community service required to graduate in Ontario, Tucker said.

Evers praised the kids who came to volunteer, saying they patched targets involved in the competition.

Frank Exley, one of two Elgin County trustees on the school board, said he was still figuring out Thames Valley’s policy on donations.

“It’s hard to say no to parents and kids who raise money for the school,” he said. “I want to be fair to the school, the students and the board on this.”

So there you have it. One miserable gun-grabber gets to shove his political agenda down the throats of a whole school full of students. After all, it’s not like IPSC is a legitimate, law-abiding bunch, right?

The CSSA/CILA had their take on this as well. I’ll let them speak for themselves…

Have Firearms Owners Become Second Class Citizens In Canada?

In a move obviously fueled by irrational bigotry, Thames Valley School Board Director, Bill Tucker, has refused a five thousand dollar donation to a secondary school drama class because the money was raised at a shooting competition. “I do not feel comfortable accepting money from any organization associated with guns,” Tucker said.

This is the third year the Ontario International Practical Shooting Confederation provincial match has donated a large sum of money to the drama class. The money was accepted the first two times.
The donation program was spearheaded by East Elgin resident, John Evers, as a means of assisting the class in procuring large ticket items they otherwise would not be able to afford, in this case, new stage lights. “The kids are the only ones hurting here. They’re not getting the funding they need and deserve,” asserted Evers.

School boards should not be placing politics ahead of the welfare of our children. He added, Politicians like David Miller and Dalton McGuinty have demonized firearms owners to deflect blame away from their inability to deal with crime issues but this is the sort of argument one would expect weaker minds to buy into. I would like to think that school board Directors have more sense than that.

“It is appalling that in these days of chronic provincial under-funding of schools, that a person charged with the responsibility of operating those schools would turn down a generous donation because of political correctness,” spoke Larry Whitmore, Executive Director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. “Mr. Tucker should hang his head in shame.”

Bernardo added, “Mr Tucker has spit in the face of two million government inspected, government approved Canadians. Target competitions are a lawful sport with an impeccable safety record and a history of community service and involvement. Firearms owners have become Canada’s second class citizens.”

For more information:

Tony Bernardo
Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA)
(905) 571-2150

Larry Whitmore
Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA)
(905) 265-0692

While we’re at it: If you want to top up that five grand that’s already been raised (and what better way to rub Willy’s little hoplophobic nose in it?), you can contact the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association. One way or another, I know they’ll make sure it goes to good use.

OFAHAs you likely guessed, the OFAH isn’t pleased, either (Freeps again):

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is calling the area public education director’s stance on guns “highly offensive and hypocritical.”

The province’s largest fishing, hunting and conservation group made the statement yesterday, decrying Thames Valley District school board director Bill Tucker’s refusal to accept a $5,000 donation to an Aylmer high school because it came from a gun club.

Meanwhile, the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association’s president, John Evers, said he’s had to refuse more donations since the controversy began this week.

“If I accepted new donations from other sports clubs and individual shooters, I’d probably be up around $7,000 or $8,000 right now,” Evers said.

Over at the St. Thomas Times-Journal, Ian McCallum seems to have it figured out:

It’s another example of political correctness run amok.

The bias of Thames Valley District School Board director Bill Tucker has deprived students at East Elgin Secondary School of much-needed funds ($5,000 to be exact) and sent a message to legal firearms owners everywhere that somehow their money is tainted.

“I do not feel comfortable accepting money from any organization associated with guns,” asserts Tucker, as his rationale for turning up his nose at proceeds from the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association (EESA) hosting of a high-profile handgun competition last weekend.

The money was destined for the school’s drama department for new lights.

Tucker initially threw up a smoke screen by insisting his concerns emanated from a news release that linked the school as a sponsor of the event.

Never mind in the past two years, similar events have yielded donations to the Aylmer high school.

In a conversation with City Scope this week, school trustee Frank Exley of St. Thomas toed the company line, supporting Tucker’s decision and insisting the EESA was at fault.

“This issue is not what’s going on at the gun club. The issue has to deal with the way in which the money situation was announced on the CBC (by EESA past president John Evers),” says Exley.

Asked if he had ever visited the club north of Aylmer or communicated with Evers, our elected school trustee shot back, “What does that matter? You get far from the picture when you start asking this question.”

So Tucker slammed the door on the EESA contribution, and Exley is in full agreement, without either of them visiting this club to see for themselves the valuable contribution to gun safety and education made by the dedicated membership.

We approached Evers to determine what sort of shady associates competed in this first-class event at the club, in addition to the three-time world champion from France.

Definitely read the rest of that one; it’s good.

September 26, 2008

Bar Fight, Eh?

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Sorry but no time for anything else right now.

Wish I could say this surprised me, though…

You’ll die in a Bar Fight.
You are the angry type when drunk, and you can’t help but be violent towards perfect strangers. Unfortunatly for you one of those strangers is a kung fu master.
‘How will you die?’ at

September 23, 2008

You Know You’re In Trouble …

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… when the rats start running off the ship.

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, the good ship Gritanic is hauling ass for Davey Jones’ locker. The latest evidence can be found in the fact that even the rabidly Liberal-loving Mop & Pail is starting to sigh heavily and admit that the Grits are completely and utterly screwed.

Just how bad do things need to get before even the Glob starts admitting that their favourite horse isn’t even in the race anymore? Well, we all know the answer to that one, don’t we? Some highlights:

The more people see of Mr. Dion, the more they want to vote for someone else. Since the campaign started, his negatives have soared. Mr. Dion is now disliked far more than Stephen Harper, who has morphed into the nation’s tough-but-fair dad.

… Many Liberal campaign events are drawing only 35 or 50 people. If Mr. Dion were any weaker, he’d need a blood transfusion.

… what we have here is a train wreck. It’s the wreck of the Liberal Party as we know it.

… He talks like a professor, sometimes unintelligibly. He has no sense of audience.

… “You are going to be seeing Stéphane Dion unplugged,” promised a Liberal shill. From now on, a new, improved leader would play down the Green Shift, which has proved about as palatable to the voters as boiled spinach. As Wall Street blows up and economic growth grinds to a halt, the environment has dropped off the radar of the electorate. But yesterday, when Mr. Dion unveiled his platform, the boiled spinach was still front and centre on the plate. And so was he. Still plugged.

… Could it get worse? Yes. Liberals are dreading next week’s English-language debate, when Jack Layton and Elizabeth May are likely to remind us how bad on his feet he really is. He may well deliver a knockout blow – to himself.

… Mr. Dion, of course, can’t be blamed for destroying the Liberal brand. It has pretty much disintegrated already. The decline of the Bloc Québécois and the fragmentation of the left are also not his fault. Mr. Harper’s sober, steady and focused performance is not his fault. The ideological exhaustion of the party is not his fault. Maybe he’s just the guy who happens to be driving the big red bus when it finally runs out of gas.

Ouch.  If this is what his friends have to say about him…  You get the idea.  You know the Grits are screwed when even these clowns have given up on making excuses for them.

Aw, Dang…

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I almost coulda won something. I think. Ah, well, maybe next time

so close and yet...

Absent Libs – The Videos

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You really have to hand it to Stephen Taylor, he comes up with the coolest stuff sometimes. 😀

His latest creation, shown below in this post, is something he calls the “absent Liberals video player.” It’s based on the code for his old BT TV video distribution thingamajig (that I have embedded in the right sidebar) and it’s stuffed full of examples of exactly what kind of “leadership” the Grits don’t have to offer.

As Stephen points out in his post today, these are likely an NDP production, but what can I say? The truth is the truth, no matter whose mouth it comes out of. Say what you want about the Dippers (and I frequently do), at least they showed up for work in the last parliament. Can’t say that about the Grits.

So check ’em out and get a good long look at your tax dollars not at work. (If you want the code for your own site, just hit this page and you can get it there.)

Put this on your site

UPDATE: Okay… for whatever reason, the player doesn’t seem to be working for me here and I don’t have time to fiddle with it right now. Guess you’ll just have to hit Stephen’s site and check it out there. Sorry, folks. 🙁

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