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November 25, 2008

Whose Petard?

Why yours, of course, Lynchie. And yer gettin’ a downright atomic wedgie by the danged thing, too.

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, constitutional law expert Richard Moon has finished his little PR stunt that CHRC uber-dachte-Polizistin Jennifer Lynch had commissioned for him and well… you remember how funny it always was when one of Wile E.’s contraptions went haywire on him and blew up in his kisser? Yeah, it was kind of like that.

The reason it’s so damned funny is because the whole purpose of this farce in the first place was that Lynch and her fellow operatives over at the Ministry Of Love were desperately scrambling, in the light of bad publicity (i.e., John and Sally Canuck were being told all about what kind of abuses these bastards have been getting away with for years now), to put on a nice little dog and pony show that would show everyone that they weren’t really conniving, totalitarian thought-nazis trolling the internet and drumming up their own business. So they enlisted Moon to make a pretty report that would say that they were doing very important work by policing so-called “hate messages” (Leftbot Codespeak for “politically incorrect ideas”) on the internet.

So Moon came out with his report today. His conclusion: HRCs should get the fudge out of the business of policing hate messages

An independent report recommends stripping the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its authority to police hate messages on the Internet.


Moon says the commission should get out of the business of policing hate messages, which should be dealt with strictly under the Criminal Code.

But… but… but… If the HRCs aren’t chasing down all those nasty Badthinkersâ„¢, who’s gonna prosecute all those Stalag 13 Section 13 cases that keep little Dickie’s bills paid? Who’s gonna take care of all that important stuff, huh??

Not to worry, little children, Mr. Moon — the guy that Lynch hand-picked to whitewash her dirty laundry — has that one covered too:

The report by constitutional law expert Richard Moon says Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act should be repealed.

The controversial section prohibits telephone or Internet communications that are deemed likely to expose the members of an identifiable group to hatred or contempt.

Hyuk. Lynch got Mooned. 😛 Sound too good to be true? Don’t take my word for it, read all about it right here or download it here. You can thank Ezra for the .pdf, and even he was a little stunned:

I’m surprised, because Moon was hand-picked by Jennifer Lynch, the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s chief commissar, and was paid more than $50,000 by her for his 42-page report (nice work, if you can get it.)

Welcome to the club, buddy. Like all good little tyrants with a well-developed sense of self-preservation (and a powerful liplock on the taxpayer teat), Lynch is already trying to toss Moon under the bus and wailing for a mulligan: She’s announcing “further reviews.” Of course she is…

“The debate on how to ensure that Canadians are protected against hate, while preserving freedom of expression, demanded fresh thinking. We commissioned the Moon report as an important step in our analysis,” CHRC Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C. said upon releasing the report. “Professor Moon has now provided us with an excellent and thoughtful report. Today, I am pleased to share his findings and invite comments on the report’s conclusions, in order to further our review process.”

And to think… this lovely house of cards all came crashing down because of some sock puppets, and a self-aggrandizing bugger with a full deck of Victim Cards® who thinks any Israeli over 18 is a fair target for murder. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

Funny how things work out, eh? And just what does the Grand Sock Puppeteer have to say lately? Well, some highlights…

  • “The first point that I did learn from this exercise is that Islamophobia is alive and well in Canada, in the media and also in politics,” he said. “In all of this, we’ve been victimized.”
  • [about those puppets] Prof. Elmasry said both those men, in their numerous public and media appearances, were always acting “upon my instruction.”
  • Prof. Elmasry said Canadian law is deficient because it lacks the concept of “group defamation,” which would “make it easier” for tribunals to uphold complaints such as his.
  • “If somebody makes a joke that you’re white, who cares?” he said.

Hell, even the friggin’ Mop & Pail is jumping the hell off this boat:

Allowing a human-rights commission to police the country’s newspapers and magazines for their coverage of religious or other minorities is a terrible idea, yet that is the law, though most Canadians may not realize it. Now, an independent report requested by the Canadian Human Rights Commission recommends a repeal of the section on hate speech in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The report is a much-needed blast of common sense.

November 19, 2008

Bonehead Bonanza

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Ah, well now, wouldya just lookie here? All the class acts are just poppin’ outta the woodwork like daisies through the snow in springtime.

As most longtime readers know, I’m not big on responding to the comments on this site. Yes, I know that makes me a very, very bad blogger but the fact is that I just don’t have the time to go sifting through all the stuff that gets fired my way. Seeing as how I’m not one of those clowns wanking away at his keyboard in his parents’ basement and have bills of my own to pay, other things just plain have to take priority.

So, to all the nice folks who have stopped by now and then to say something nice, or even something constructive that I didn’t agree with: thanks. Even though I don’t say it often enough, it’s always nice to know that someone’s listening to my cathartic little rants.

To the bozos that I’ll be talking about in today’s post: bite me.

Today, I’m actually going to take a little time to check out some of the latest comments to the site (in the last few days or so) and toss back my own two bits because, well… I have nothing else to do for a change. And you can only rant about diddling shitbags and Leftbot idiocy so much before it even starts to get on your own nerves.

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to some of the creme de la crap that have stopped by lately to hack up one of their little hairballs on my own little cyber-rug. The fun part is deciding where to start…

Anybody who’s poked around here at all knows that a) I’m a gun owner, b) I support gun owners’ rights and c) I support the right of each and every Canadian to be fully able to defend themselves from any scumbag that tries to hurt them. Some numbskulls, however, just can’t resist the siren call of the ol’ reductio ad absurdum. Guys like “Anonymous,” (is it just me, or does that clown seem to be every damned where in cyberspace?) who posted this little nugget from his Cowtown-based IP in my July 23rd post, here, just the other day:

There is an obvious problem with allowing Canadians to carry guns…then idiots like you and your reactionary friends will be walking around with lethal weapons as a substitute for brains. You are just the type of asshole who would shoot a “coloured feller” if he looked at you funny, you know, just to be safe. Hell you might even move from beating your wife to shooting her. Hey, I’m all for carrying guns, but only if right wing, fundamentalist nut-jobs like you are barred from doing so. Sigh, I yearn for the days when “conservative” meant “wise” and I was proud to call myself one. Now conservative is merely euphemistic for “crazy, uber-religious, Leviticus obeying redneck.”

I seriously hope you’re sterile. Seeing shitbrains like you reminds me of why I support eugenics.

The argumentum ad hominem is blatantly obvious: if you can’t win the argument, attack the messenger. Move along, folks; nothing to think here. Never mind that, like Anonymous here, a certain fellow with a ridiculous mustache (who, in keeping with Godwin’s Law, shall remain nameless here) also wanted to ban gun ownership… from certain people. No, he never outright banned gun ownership (as some on my side of the argument will, maddeningly, insist), but he did pass the 1938 German Weapons Act, which served to restrict gun ownership to “persons whose trustworthiness is not in question.” In other words: NotTheJews®. Come to think of it, the high-strung little nameless Austrian was big on eugenics, too.

And before I forget: my son likes to shoot, too. I got him his first rifle when he was 12 and he still has it. This year for his birthday, he’s getting his CFSC (restricted) and his minors license, paid for by dear ol’ Dad. 😉

Next up, we have little Norm from someplace deep in the heart o’ La Mooch Provence, where there are no problems that the ROC’s money can’t solve. Norm couldn’t pick a post, it seems, so he just hacked one up on the front hall rug. Two of ’em, in fact:

I don’t know what you are doing in Canada buddy, brain-dead turds like you belong in Texas. You are exactly the type of man to end up murdered by his own children, no wonder you’re so against the youth crime act. Oh wait, no woman would procreate with you. No kids. That explains your anger at the world! Now stick your long gun up your anus and dream of harper.

Is it just me, or do these clowns have a somewhat …ahem… unhealthy obsession with my reproductive habits? 😯 My li’l ol’ Furry Pogo Stick Of Loveâ„¢, where it’s been, and what I do with it when it gets there, are none of your damned business, boys. Get over it, already.

What I’m doing in Canada, Normie, is being a Canadian. If you have a problem with that, have yourself a little referendum, get the hell out, and quit acting like the surly teenager living in mom and dad’s basement. Then he has this:

Dear reader, do you notice how right-wing cowards are so afraid to post their last name or even an email address to contact them? If anybody can post this guys last name I bet we’ll discover he’s a got a criminal rap sheet longer than his favorite rifle.

Dear Normie, did you ever notice that it only seems to be knuckleheads like you that have trouble getting ahold of me or figuring out who I am? Plenty of smart people — and plenty of dumb ones, too 🙄 — have had no trouble at all either sending me an email or figuring out exactly who I am. Must be just you.

And yeah, I did have a few run-ins with the law when I was younger; never said I didn’t. But I never sold dope, or stabbed anybody, or raped anybody, or shot anybody, or mugged anybody, or murdered anybody, or swarmed anybody, or… well, you get the idea. And, because I got charged under the JDA and not the YCJA, nobody ever had any trouble figuring out what I’d been up to.

Next up, we have Anonymous again, this time posting from a US-based IP (damn, but that bugger gets around). Apparently, he has a thing for homicidal jailbait:

She’s kinda sexy; No?

And some folks are worried about me breeding. Sheesh… 🙄

Damn. That was more fun than I thought it would be. I’m gonna have to do this more often…

November 18, 2008

If Ever There Was An Argument For Hanging

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Well, well. Oh goody. Willya just look who’s back in the news again? It really amazes me the things that happen when I’m away sometimes.

Nobody’s favourite diddling bag of maggot shit, Jeremy Allan Steinke is finally getting his day in court. Not in Medicine Hat, though; oh no, we couldn’t have that. After all in the ‘Hat, everybody knows what an asshole he is. So they moved the trial all the way to Calgary. Because, as everybody knows, people in Cowtown can’t possible have ever heard of this waste of skin.

Just on the remote chance that you’ve been living in a cave for the past God-knows-when and don’t know who this prick is, he’s the worthless puke who helped Jasmine Richardson kill her parents and her 8-year old brother. Not that you’re supposed to know that, of course.

You see, little Jasmine was only 12 when Marc and Debra Richardson bled out their last on the floor of their own home. And, as any expert on the Youth Criminal Justice Act will tell you, just because li’l Jasmine knifed her own little brother while he begged for his life on the floor doesn’t make it any of anybody’s business…

Speaking in a barely audible voice, she admitted to stabbing eight-year-old Jacob
in the upper part of his body.

“I’m scared, I’m too young to die,” the girl told the court, recalling what the boy said during the April 23, 2006, massacre.

Seems Steinke had a harder time than she did…

“My old lady’s father’s a big guy. When he came at me with that screwdriver, I was scared s-less. I screamed. I just stabbed him. I’m surprised I came out on top. I thought I was a dead man.”

Steinke is heard saying on the tape that the girl slit her eight-year-old brother’s throat.

“It didn’t bother her at all. She didn’t cry. . . . She was laughing about it the next day.”

Gee, what a sweet little couple, eh?

I’ll admit that, when this whole damned story first came out, I was a little reluctant to start off on one of my typical rants. The facts don’t support that restraint, though. Jasmine (who you’ll only hear identified as “JR” in the MSM) has already been found guilty of three counts of murder but, thanks to the laughable excuse for a justice system that over a decade of Liberal governments has given us, she’ll be back on the streets before she’s old enough to drink. And you still won’t be allowed to know who she is. I’m starting to feel like I’m flogging a dead horse here.

Steinke is on trial himself now, after having bragged his worthless ass off about what he did. What do you think the odds are, really, that he’ll actually get what he deserves?

November 13, 2008

Have You Seen This Bitch?

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Presented as is without comment because I’m too pissed off to say anything else right now…

November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

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I don’t usually post on Remembrance Day, but…

November 10, 2008

Lie Through Our Teeth?

YES, WE CAN! (via Gun Owners Resource)

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one who has two brain cells to rub together, United States President-Elect, Senator Bananafanafofama from Chicago has promptly backpedaled on his consistent claims throughout the campaign that he “supports the Second Amendment.”

The American NRA-ILA — God knows we could use a noisy bunch like that up here, but that’s another rant — is reporting on the latest (of many more to come, no doubt) bucket of cold water thrown on the American public’s sense of personal liberty by the Obamites:

Obama Announces Gun Ban Agenda Before The Final Vote Count Is In

Friday, November 07, 2008

Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign slogan, “the audacity of hope,” should have instead been “the audacity of deceit.” After months of telling the American people that he supports the Second Amendment, and only hours after being declared the president-elect, the Obama transition team website announced an agenda taken straight from the anti-gun lobby–four initiatives designed to ban guns and drive law-abiding firearm manufacturers and dealers out of business… [read the whole thing here -D]

Now, before anybody out there (especially any Americans reading this) even thinks about hooting and hollering about how they didn’t see this coming: STFU!

You all knew exactly who and what Obambi was: a typical Leftist, statist, social-engineering Democrat who never met a problem that more bureaucracy couldn’t solve and who wouldn’t trust an average citizen to wipe his own backside with any competency. And he got elected anyway.

So why am I bothering with this? It’s simple, really. If there’s one thing that history has shown, it’s that American Leftbot idiocy has a habit of slithering across the border and making trouble up here. And decent Canadian gun owners have enough problems already.  Look for things to get worse…

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