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June 14, 2009

Nannies, Nincompoops & Ne’er-do-wells

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The Nanny State(Gonna start off with a big ol’ tip o’ the tuque to Jeremy for dropping this in my inbox)

You know things are looking bad for Big Nanny when she’s getting hit from so many sides at once. Everyone knows that Big Nanny’s convinced that there’s nothing you can do that she can’t do better, including and especially deciding what’s best for your kids.

It seems like that sacred cow’s taking a bit of a beating lately:

Whether we wanted it or not, knew it or not, over time, the work of child-welfare organizations has become “parenting by the state and the imposition of their value system on other people,” says Marty McKay, a clinical psychologist who has worked on abuse cases in the U.S and Canada. Provincial agencies have the power to intervene when children are considered “at risk” of abuse or neglect – even if none has actually occurred. Or, where spousal abuse happens, but kids are untouched. And what they do with the children they take can sometimes be worse than what they suffered at home.

Utter BullshitThen we have another favourite social-engineering sledgehammer, the Human Lefts Commissions which have popped up across the land like warts on a toad’s arse. Curiously enough, they’ve been yelping a lot lately about how they want to “engage in the debate” that has swirled around their malfeasance lately. I call bullshit on that; and so does Ezra Levant.

Yup; this right here is totally how you engage in a debate. Not. This kind of buffoonery would actually be funny as hell under different circumstances…

This evening, Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, tried to have CTV Newsnet kick me off their interview program Power Play, hosted by Tom Clark.

To their great credit, CTV refused to be bullied — and it was Lynch who wound up off the show.

You can watch the episode here.

What an embarrassment Lynch and her CHRC have become to this government — and to all Canadians.

June 6, 2009

Destruction and Triumph

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[This was originally posted on December 17, 2006 and now I make a habit of dusting it off every year at this time. It wasn’t written by me; my son wrote it (most of it, anyway) and today’s the best day to let everyone have another look at it. So kick back and enjoy, and I’ll say it again: Edward, you did one heck of a good job.]

Proud?  Moi??? :DAside from the not-so-occasional “I told you so” that I rather enjoy beating Lefties over the head with, I’m not much one for tooting my own horn. I do not, however, have any problem at all with bragging up my boy.

Elementary school ain’t what it used to be, what with some of the useless feel-good social engineering crap that they try to to cram down kids’ throats these days. It seems sometimes like nothing of real value, especially history, gets taught anymore. But I’m not going to be ranting about that right now. Nope. Nosiree. Because when it came time to pick a project, my boy didn’t have to “get stuck” with anything. He chose his own topic and not only am I proud of his choice, I think he did pretty darned good at it, too.

Yeah, yeah; proud dad = BIG surprise, I know. 🙄 But here it is in its entirety, nonetheless. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

[And before anybody wonders, “how much of this did dad do,” the answer is: not too darn much. My part consisted of helping look up specific info and offering suggestions on spelling and grammar; some of which he took, some he didn’t. After all, this is his project and so they are his decisions and he takes responsibility for them. There’s more to be learned here than just history. 😉 I also added the graphics and links that appear in this post but are not in his essay, just to spice up the page a bit. The rest, and the credit for it, is all his.] (more…)