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February 26, 2010

Of Floodgates and Fraudulence

“I think of the fall of Jerusalem in 69 A.D., and the fall of Rome, and of the USSR — no civilization falls because of external threats. They fall because of internal corruption, because of failing to be who they say they are.”

Great BritainIt’s no secret to anyone, nor has it been for a very long time now, that the political Left are infatuated with the politics of ethnic divisionism.  Despite all their accusations of “divisiveness” aimed at their opponents, it is and has always been they who gain the most by pitting cultures, classes and races against one another.

It has also long been suspected that the Left’s fetish for multiculturalism and mass immigration — even the importation of cultures violently opposed to their own interests — has more to do with keeping assorted socialists and neoliberals in power than with any of the problems those policies are accused of solving.  Suspected and met with apoplectic denials.

As increasingly pissed off Brits are finding out, the suspicions were truer than most would have thought possible.  Turns out the far-right kooks were right after all. (more…)

February 19, 2010

The Last

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Age shall not weary them, nor the years condem...

On the 18th of February 2010, Master Corporal John H. F. Babcock, the last surviving Canadian veteran of the First World War, passed away at his home in Spokane, Washington.  He was 109 years old.

With the passing of Mr. Babcock, there are now only 3 remaining WWI veterans in the world, two British and one American.  In November 2006, Parliament voted unanimously to accord a state funeral for him as the last Canadian veteran of the war, but Babcock declined.

As a nation, we honour his service and mourn his passing.  The passing of Mr. Babcock marks the end of an era.

His family mourns the passing of a great man. Canada mourns the passing of the generation that asserted our independence on the world stage and established our international reputation as an unwavering champion of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

-Prime Minister Stephen Harper

May he rest in peace.

February 16, 2010

Of Soldiers, Sleaze, Slander and Spin

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The Canadian Armed ForcesWhere to begin with this one?

The sordid tale of Col. Russell Williams is starting to read like one of the more poorly written episodes of Law & Order, or maybe NCIS, take your pick. As bad as what he’s accused of is, the slime that some of our media outlets have been excreting over the whole affair might even be worse.

Let me get something straight to start off with; and I’m speaking here as someone who’s actually worn the uniform and is in no damned mood for any excuses from any quarter. (more…)