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August 23, 2010

Lock and Load

Filed under: Cluebat,Immigration,Politicorrect — Dennis @ 11:36 am

Yes, I have something to say...Enough is enough.

How long have Canadians been saying that, especially in referenced to our never ending joke of a refugee system?  Fraudsters the world over have been scamming us for decades, ever since the High ‘n’ Mighty Roos took a gigantic dump on the bench and gave every lying queue-jumper on the planet the magic welfare word: Refugee.

Sun Media has the right idea, though:

Call it fraud.

The National Post weakly opined yesterday that it was time for the Harper government to “get smart” about this refugee situation, and “forget tough.”

It then took us to task, stating “the Sun Media newspapers even ran an odious editorial advocating a Œlock and load’ approach to incoming vessels.”

That, of course, was early in the game.

So let’s rephrase that “lock and load approach” in light of the secret government report that gives credence to our concerns about becoming patsies – concerns rightly shared by many Canadians outraged by having our collective generosity taken advantage of by con artists.

Instead of “lock and load,” let’s “lock them up, load them up, and ship them out.”

Are we clear?

Of course, the usual ad hominem excuses will be flung.  Stephen Hume pops up right on cue, telling us that we’re all a bunch of xenophobic, mean-spirited boobs.

Hey, Stephen: shove it.  We’ve been called names for so long, it just doesn’t sting anymore.  It pisses us off. (more…)