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Too clever by half: How CAMH shrinks fooled Canadian Justice System

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Too clever by half: How CAMH shrinks fooled Canadian Justice System and hid from Canadian public greatest case of mass murder in Canadian history (Morgentaler excluded).

Short history of a cover-up of Canadian Zyprexa Experiment in Canadian Courts

See also: “BC wants to switch to forced drugging and killing of homeless” at

In late 1980ties Eli Lilly and Co. was conducting research on chemical substance called Olanzapine or 2-methyl-4-(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-10H-thieno[2,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepine with intent of manufacturing and selling it as a psychotropic drug. Testing of chemicals with intent to use them as psychotropic drugs is extremely difficult due to the fact that testing on animals does not provide any clue as to their effectiveness in treating humans suffering from mental illness. As much as it is possible to recreate certain type of cancer in mouse or a rat and test on them various chemical substances in order to find a cure it is impossible to create schizophrenic mice, rat or even a monkey in order to test various chemical substances in order to determine if they could alleviate any symptoms or provide the cure.

If there is a will there is always the way as they use to say. All that was needed was few corrupt psychiatrists and population so removed from civilisation that that nobody would ever come to investigate of what is being done there.

Such corrupt psychiatrist was quickly located in Canada and his name is Dr. Eric Hood.


Dr. Hood was already involved in providing psychiatric services to the Inuit (see link above) and Canadian North was an ideal place to conduct psychodrug experiments on “subhuman” population.
Dr. Hood reached out to McMaster University in Hamilton to find his helpers in Dr. Lionel Trevor Yung and Dr. Mark Hansen.

Tests of Olazapine on human “subspecies” turned out to be very successful especially in alleviating symptoms of schizophrenia. Even small doses of that drug would immediately stop delusions and hallucinations. Success was phenomenal by any standard but soon it turned out that after repeated administration of Olanzapine for couple of months, discontinuation of that drug resulted in onset of severe depression and suicide.

Dr. Trevor Young at the time was conducting animal studies on toxicity of various chemical substances that had potential to become drugs so we can safely presume (until we find proper scientific papers so we can prove it) that he tested Olanzapine as well.

Since suicide is hard to duplicate in animal kingdom Dr. Trevor Young as clever as he is devised rats drowning test (it might not have been such a novel idea as he might have observed such behaviour studying causes of deaths of his test subjects) that he used for years afterwards to determine severity of depression of mice and rats in his animal studies with other psychotropic drugs.

Since it was very difficult to hide in such tight community as Inuit are information about increased number of suicides among former test subjects of Dr. Hood and his team of shrinks, the only way to deal with the issue was to attack it head on. Dr. Hood as clever as he is started to conduct “scientific” research into “Suicidal Ideation and Behaviour in Easter Arctic and used pretext to brainwash all relatives of victims of his experiments under the guise of trying to determine real reason behind untimely demise of his former patients.

Report of suicide side effects that Dr. Hood and his team of psychiatric experts observed was send back to Eli Lilly and Co. Elli Lilly was at that stage of getting ready to market this drug and some Smart Aleck who read Dr. Hood’s Report suggested brand name Zyprexa where “Zy” would stand for Zyklon B poison gas that was used to exterminate millions of Jews during WWII and “prexa” for proxy as it uses victims’ mind and a body as a proxy to commit that murder.

Everything went well Eli Lilly had new blockbuster drug to treat schizophrenia and Toronto shrinks gained perfect murder weapon.

There was only one small mistake that Dr. Eric Hood and his team of experts have made.

They were not very selective in picking their potential victims so they also experimented on “Ultra-light Man” or “Flying Inuit” as Simata Pitsiulak who had a day job at the ticket counter of First Air and a hobby of flying ultra-light aircraft used to be called.

Few years after he was experimented on Simata came to the conclusion that some of his mental problems might be results of his experiences as human Guinea Pig of Toronto shrinks. He found a lawyer who was willing to explore that possibility. The rest of it is quite well described at this link:


Simata Pitsiulak thru his lawyer Sheldon Toner sues for medical malpractice following defendants:


Just watch dates:

Shrinks know that are in trouble in the court in Northwest Territories over medical treatment of Simata Pitsiulak, as their psychodrug experiments on Inuit of Baffin Island are about to be exposed - Court decision is made by THE HONOURABLE JUSTICE V.A. SCHULER in March 1999 and a case is set to go for a trial

Right after they lost their case in Northwest Territories court Toronto shrinks engaged in flurry of activities; fist they went out of their way to neutralise potential expert witness who could testify against them in Pitsiulak trial Dr. David Healy.

They approached him in July 1999 with job offer and an appointment as Clinical Director for the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at CAMH and a position of Full Professor of Psychiatry at University of Toronto.
Toronto shrinks also went to work on Ontario provincial government of Mike Harris and and put lots of pressure on him to make changes to Mental Health Act. (as result of their actions Birian’s Law came into effect on December 1, 2000. see: link ).

Toronto shrinks were also are trying to figure out the way how to diffuse the issue of medical treatment without informed consent of the patient that was going to destroy their effort to defend themselves. Dr. Eric Hood consulted his old friend Dr. Allan Swayze who in turn consulted with his son Dr. Ian Swayze.

Dr. Ian Swayze who was and still is working at CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) in Toronto had in interesting patient; paranoid schizophrenic Scott Jeffrey Schultzman aka “Professor Scott Starson” who always protested being medicated as he claimed that medication was slowing his thought process and “consilium”, that is what you call cabal of three doctors, decided to use these protests in order to throw a monkey wrench into Canadian legal system and do it quick enough so the issue of informed consent could be done away with by the courts before they face their own trial.

Idea was to introduce Trojan Horse into Canadian justice system in a from of paranoid schizophrenic Scott Jeffrey Schultzman and set up young and ambitious female lawyer Anita Szigeti, to defend “Professor” Scott Starson rights to refuse treatment while fully knowing that Schultzman aka Starson goes totally nuts without psychodrugs.

Watch date again and see decision of Ontario Superior Court

Ontario Supreme Court

Starson v. Swayze

Date: 1999-11-26

Professor Scott Starson, aka. Scott Jeffery Schutzman, Appellant


Dr. Ian Swayze and Dr. Paul Posner, Respondents

Ontario Superior Court of Justice Molloy J.

Heard: July 29, 1999

Judgment: November 26, 1999

Docket: 03-006/99

Anita Szigeti, for Appellant.

Susan Metzler, for Respondents.

Molloy J.:


1 This is an appeal from a decision made on January 20, 1999 by the Consent and Capacity Board (“the Board”) having jurisdiction for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Queen St. Division (“Queen St.”) under the Health Care Consent Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c. 2 (“the Act”). The Board found that the appellant Scott Starson (“Professor Starson”) was not capable of making his own decisions as to treatment proposed by his psychiatrist. The Board’s decision confirmed the earlier determination made by Dr. Swayze that Professor Starson was incapable of consenting to treatment.


2 Professor Starson is an extraordinarily intelligent man, particularly in the field of physics. At the time of the hearing before the Board, he was 43 years old. Since 1985 he has had frequent admissions to mental institutions here and in the United States. The most frequent diagnosis has been bipolar disorder (sometimes referred to as manic depressive disorder). His most recent admission arose after an incident in July 1998 as a result of which he was criminally charged with making death threats. On August 17, 1998 he was admitted to Queen Street on a 60 day treatment order after being found unfit to stand trial on those charges. He was subsequently determined to be fit to stand trial but was found “not criminally responsible” at trial. Although the information on the record is sparse, it would appear that the Ontario Review Board ordered Professor Starson’s further detention at Queen St. for 12 months, which is to be reviewed some time in January 2000……..

To make long story short Scott Jeffery Schutzman aka. Professor Scott Starson won his case.

On June 29, 2000 Simata Pitsiulak the Plaintiff in Northwest Territories Court vanishes after taking off from Kimmirut, Nunavut Territory. On July 14, 2000 body of Simata Pitsiulak is found. See:

It was too late for CAMH shrinks to call off the appeal so they decided to make the best of it up the ante and turn paranoid schizophrenic Scott Jeffrey Schultzman into a World class scientist.



DATE: 20010614

DOCKET: C33406


B E T W E E N:


Professor Starson in person

Anita Szigeti, amicus curiae, Respondent

- and -


Janice Blackburn

For the appellants

Heard: August 24, 2000

On appeal from the judgment of Madam Justice Molloy dated November 26, 1999


[1] Professor Starson is an exceptionally intelligent man. His field of expertise is physics. Although he has no formal qualifications in that field, he is in regular contact with some of the leading physicists in the world. In 1991 he co-authored an article entitled “Discrete Anti-Gravity” with Professor H. Pierre Noyes, who teaches physics at Stanford University and is the Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Professor Noyes has described Professor Starson’s thinking in the field of physics as being ten years ahead of its time.

[2] Unfortunately, Professor Starson has a history of mental illness, dating back to 1985. He has been diagnosed as suffering from a bipolar affective disorder. On several occasions during the last 15 years he has spent time in mental institutions. In November 1998 Professor Starson was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder on two counts of uttering death threats. In January 1999 the Ontario Review Board ordered that he be detained at the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health (the Centre).

[3] The appellants Dr. Ian Swayze and Dr. Paul Posner are psychiatrists at the Centre. They proposed to treat Professor Starson with mood stabilizers and with anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety and anti-parkinsonian medication. Professor Starson refused treatment. On January 20, 1999, the Consent and Capacity Board (the Board) found that Professor Starson was not capable of making his own decisions about treatment. Professor Starson appealed the Board’s finding. In a thorough and well-reasoned decision dated November 26, 1998, Molloy J. concluded that the Board’s finding was unreasonable and she set it aside.

[4] Dr. Swayze and Dr. Posner appeal Molloy J.’s decision to this court. After much deliberation, we have decided to dismiss the appeal. Because Molloy J.’s decision is so comprehensive, and because we substantially agree with it, we will not trammel on her work. Instead, we will restrict our observations to the essence of our own reasoning.

[5] The legal test for determining whether a person is capable of making his or her own treatment decisions is found in s. 4(1) of the Health Care Consent Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.2 (the Act). It is a two-part test. A person is “capable with respect to treatment” only if the person is both “able to understand the information that is relevant to making a decision about the treatment” and “able to appreciate the reasonably foreseeable consequences of a decision or lack of decision”:

[14] Putting aside any paternalistic instincts – and we think that neither the Board nor the appellants have done so – we conclude that Professor Starson understood, through the screen of his mental illness, all aspects of the decision whether to be treated. He understands the information relevant to that decision and its reasonably foreseeable consequences. He has made a decision that may cost him his freedom and accelerate his illness. Many would agree with the Board that it is a decision that is against his best interests. But for Professor Starson, it is a rational decision, and not one that reflects a lack of capacity. And therefore it is a decision that the statute and s. 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms permit him to make.

[15] The appeal is dismissed.

“J.J. Carthy J.A.”

“J.I. Laskin J.A.”

“S. Goudge J.A.”

Released: June 14, 2001

On November 30, 2000, Toronto shrinks suffer almost fatal blow when Dr. David Healy, whom Toronto shrinks hired in order to prevent him from testifying against them in Pitsiulak Case, presents his lecture on dangers of Zyprexa at the University of Toronto.


Toronto shrinks fire him right after his presentation on December 3, 2000 see:

Dr. Healy decides to sue them for damages September 2001, see:

Toronto shrinks decide to continue their Starson case farce all the way to Supreme Court of Canada and turn that case turns into 8 ring circus.

Case is heard on January 15, 2003: and decision released June 6. 2003:

To make long story short Scott Jeffery Schutzman aka. Professor Scott Starson wins his case once again and becomes an instant celebrity poster boy for rights of psychiatric patients World wide.

While Starson case is heard in Ottawa shrinks in Toronto are making yet another fatal mistake they are trying to kill , well known Canadian mezzo soprano Ms. Linda Maguire, see:

She turned out another patient who goes to live thru Zyprexa pump and dump experience and hunt them.

What happens to Starson after his win at Supreme Court of Canada??

Whole Hell broke loose and Starson almost starved himself to death exactly as cabal of doctors predicted.

Latest courts decision just posted on CanLII gives some details see;

Come comprehensive but dated info can be found at:

What happened to Inuits??


Dr. Cornelia Wieman’s report on suicide epidemic confined to Baffin Island area of Canadian Arctic.


What happens to other psychiatric patients??

Killings using Zyprexa pump and dump procedure continue.


Dr. David Rudd’s report on mortality statistics after release from psycho ward due to suicides completed during washout from their brains of psychotropic drugs. link

What happened to Inuits??


Dr. Cornelia Wieman’s report on suicide epidemic confined to Baffin Island area of Canadian Arctic.


What happens to other psychiatric patients??

Killings using Zyprexa pump and dump procedure continue.


Dr. David Rudd’s report on mortality statistics after release from psycho ward due to suicides completed during washout from their brains of psychotropic drugs. link

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