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The YCJA should be...
Total Votes: 120 Started: January 6, 2008
The Canadian Senate should be:
Total Votes: 33 Started: November 14, 2007
Do you own guns?
Total Votes: 200 Started: December 30, 2007
Is it time to think about bringing back the death penalty?
Total Votes: 316 Started: July 25, 2007
A 13 year-old girl in Medicine Hat has been found guilty of the murders of her family. Should her identity be made public?
Total Votes: 219 Started: June 6, 2007
Would Canada be better off without Quebec?
Total Votes: 68 Started: May 5, 2007
Should Canada start electing judges?
Total Votes: 20 Started: April 12, 2007
Do current laws adequately punish youth crime?
Total Votes: 21 Started: March 10, 2007
Did the Supreme Court screw up in ruling against federal security certificates?
Total Votes: 23 Started: February 24, 2007
On New Year's Eve, I'll be...
Total Votes: 26 Started: December 26, 2006
'Tis the season! What drives you nuts?
Total Votes: 31 Started: December 9, 2006
What is your stance on same-sex marriage?
Total Votes: 24 Started: December 3, 2006
Quebec is...
Total Votes: 28 Started: November 24, 2006
What do you think of smoking bans?
Total Votes: 31 Started: November 13, 2006
Canadian troops should leave Afghanistan...
Total Votes: 63 Started: October 27, 2006
Should sitting MPs be ultimately responsible to their constituents or to their party leader?
Total Votes: 18 Started: October 19, 2006
How long before the UN, like the League of Nations, collapses under its own incompetency?
Total Votes: 6 Started: October 18, 2006

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