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April 13, 2011

Little things we know

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Well, the debate is in the rearview mirror.  The good news is that Iggy has now attended 50% of the leaders’ debates, surpassing his attendance record in the House, where he missed 70% of all the votes.

“You had an option, sir; you could have showed up for work.”

The irksome thing about the whole affair was the sheer mass of stuff that Iffy, Jack & Gilles seemed to think we’re just too dumb to know.  I say this because they kept harping (no pun, of course) on about them as if they actually had something to go on about.  So, for their edification, here’s a short list of things that us dumb ol’ Canuckleheads actually have in our tuque-wrapped melons: (more…)

Jack Did the Best??? (now with video)

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Well, the first debate is over and — surprise surprise — it was a left-wing Little Bighorn attempt on Harper.  But hey, that was what everyone and their uncle was expecting, right?  We all knew that Steve was going to be the punching bag in the English debate, just like he’s going to be again in the French one.  It’s to be expected; he’s the man who’s got the office everyone (except Duceppe — somebody tell me again what the hell he’s dong there?) wants.  Hell, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that even Layton is starting to imagine that he might have some sort of a shot…

The real surprise here, for me at least, wasn’t that Harper managed to come out on top of this particular dogpile, but rather that Jack Layton did as well as he did.

Yeah, you read that right. (more…)

April 11, 2011

E minus 21: Bias? What?

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Talk about pots and kettles...I have to say, this is kind of refreshing.  Small c conservatives like myself have been going on for years about how the Ottawa press gallery is blatantly biased against conservative ideas in general and Stephen Harper in particular.

“But-but-but,” sputters the Left, “the media gives every government a hard time.”

Please.  Give me a damn break.

Ever since he became leader of the Canadian Alliance, and then the new Conservative Party, the media (and Mothercorpse in particular) have accused Harper of everything anyone could dream up. They were more critical of him than they were of PM the PM during Adscam, fer chrissakes! They obediently paraded out the boogeymen of “using the notwithstanding clause to ban gay marriage,” “criminalizing abortion,” “taking away a woman’s right to choose,” and played the hidden agenda card until it was ragged.  If you didn’t know better, you’d have thought that they were the ones running the Lieberal campaign.  But, of course, whenever a conservative brings this up, it’s all deny, deny, deny.

Too bad John Ibbitson spilled the beans on the air(more…)

March 24, 2011

A Gun to Jack’s Head?

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Government du CanadaNo, this isn’t going to be a rant about the registry; not today.  Everybody and their dog has been wondering just what the hell might be going on between Uberdipper Jack! Layton’s ears these days and I have to admit that I’m no exception.

How could this guy possibly want to trot off into an election right now?  Is he nuts? Forget for a minute that his health isn’t the best; he still started off the week at least seeming to have most of his marbles.   The MSM hasn’t been saying much about it (no real surprise there) but when the budget came down, Layton said he wasn’t making up his mind until after caucus.  Seems logical to me so far.  So then the budget comes down, and even Canadian Labour Congress Complainer In Chief Ken Georgetti, of all damn people, says it’s good.  Didn’t see THAT one coming, did you? (Don’t feel bad; neither did I.) (more…)

August 9, 2008

“Don’t Look At Me…

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… I don’t want a damn thing to do with it!”

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how, for a Natural Governing Party®, the danged Grits just can’t seem to find enough schmucks that want to… er, naturally govern? It seems that there are yet two more little Gritlets that want nothing to do with the Eternally Imminent Downfall Of The Aberration Of Conservative Government In Canada©. Oops.

Stephane Dion’s Green Shift may not have specific targets or goals on how it will impact reductions in greenhouse gases, according to critics of the plan, but the Conservatives are suggesting that the Liberal plan is reducing the number of Liberal candidates prepared to run in the next federal election.

In Prince Edward Island, one of the Liberal’s star candidates, Robert Morrissey has stepped aside as the candidate. A spokesperson for the Conservative Party Robin Sparrow stated today, ““The Liberals can deliver their talking points all they want but everyone knows the deal. You don’t win a hotly contested nomination meeting for a long-held Liberal riding and then just quit,’’ Sparrow said from Ottawa. Morrissey is clearly feeling the heat on the carbon tax and doesn’t want to campaign on raising the price of gas, home heating fuel and groceries.”

Both seem to be causing a bit of a micro-kerfuffle, but the one in Spudland seems to be the most interesting.

Long story short: the potential candidate basically said, “thanks; I’m honoured and all, but I’ve got business opportunities that I’m chasing down right now.” Some other folks, like Peter MacKay, have wondered if maybe when faced with the thought of trying to spoonfeed a new bullshit tax to the Canadian public, he came up with other things that he’d rather do. Like sitting naked in a field in Skinner’s Pond in February, bashing his dingleberries with a claw hammer.

I think Peter’s got it figured out. Some guys just aren’t Liberal enough for that kind of masochism.

February 28, 2008

Whaddaya Mean, “Risk?”

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Government du CanadaThis is rich. It seems that the Freeps has gotten it into their collective melons that the “Liberals risk [a] reputation for inaction.”

Well, DUH! Welcome to the party, boys and girls; what the hell took you so long? After all, it’s not like this has ever been heard before now, is it? 🙄 Hell, even Jumpin’ Jack Jerkweed®™ and his No Damned Principles® bunch have figured out what the rest of the country has known for months: If balls were muscle, Dion and the HypoGrits couldn’t knock a hole in the wind with a fistful o’ hammers…

Answering a budget question in the House of Commons, for instance, Harper said, “When (Dion) comes and makes ferocious attacks on a budget that he has every intention of allowing to pass, he simply has no credibility.”

Meanwhile, NDP deputy leader Thomas Mulcair said: “Mr. Dion is just going to sit on his hands once again. They have no credibility. They’ve got an extraordinarily weak leader, indecisive.”

No shit, Sherlock? Figure that out all by yourself, did you? Michael Den Tandt made he observation in the Edmonton Sun just a few days ago that “this PM struggles with ‘nice.’ He’d much rather drag the Liberal leader onto the parliamentary lawn and give him noogies until he cries.” (Best line I’ve read in weeks, BTW) Well, I think we’re a little past noogies at this point. Way past it. Everybody keeps saying that HMPM Harper is drooling for an election, that he wants to score a majority.

I disagree.

Why the hell would Steve want to trigger an election to get a majority government? He already has a majority government. Because Stephane is Steve’s little bitch.

Who needs an election? Steve can just keep on cruising until the mandate runs out, and hand Dion’s ass to him then. Why hurry?

And hey, while we’re at it (since everybody else has been posting this, and since it really is that damned funny):

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