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September 14, 2008


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Screw the election, some things are more important.

Erica Caines

Desperate hunt for mom, baby

Somewhere in Totonto a nine-month-old baby is dying.

Toronto Police are desperately searching for baby Heru Sut Tekh El and his 22-year-old mother. Erica Caines took her baby from the Hospital for Sick Children Wednesday after doctors admitted the severely malnourished tot. Mother and child haven’t been seen since.

“The baby requires urgent medical care, so we’re obviously worried,” said Toronto Police Const. Helen Dixon, of 52 Division’s family services unit. “Get your baby back to the hospital immediately.”

Caines had brought the baby to the Sick Kids’ emergency room around 2 p.m., police said. Once inside, hospital staff determined the little boy — who only weighs an alarming 11 pounds — was suffering from “severe malnutrition” and in need of immediate medical attention. But soon after the child was admitted, his mother took him and fled.


More than 24 hours later, police made the public appeal for the mother and her child, but still can’t find them.

Const. Tony Vella said officers believe the child’s safety is at risk without immediate medical attention and that the mother could be anywhere within the GTA. The mother has had no previous contact with police.

Caines is described as black, 5-foot-6, 99 pounds, with curly dark brown hair. The boy is about half the weight of a typical nine-month-old baby and only a few pounds heavier than an average newborn. The two may be travelling in a late 90s model, red, two-door, Acura, police said.

Dixon said officers have been checking a number of addresses on an “ongoing basis,” but the woman has not been located. Police said they had been in contact with the mother’s next-of-kin.

Catherine Snoddon, of the Toronto Children’s Aid Society, said they had no involvement with the mother before this incident.

“Professionals and the public will call us if they are concerned about the safety of the child and in this situation, certainly Sick Kids was,” Snoddon said. “Unfortunately, since then no one’s been able to see mom … hopefully someone will come forward.”

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Caines or her son is asked to contact 52 Division at 416-808-5200, the Toronto Children’s Aid Society at 416 924-4646 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

The abduction is the third very public tragedy involving a child to rock the city this year.

In January, baby Angelica-Leslie was abandoned in a frigid North York mall stairwell. Last August, Katelynn Sampson was killed in a Parkdale apartment. The child’s legal guardian and that woman’s common-law husband were charged with murder.


The Toronto Sun has more info (what the hell is going on here??):

A young woman who fled a Toronto hospital with her severely malnourished baby has another young child police are worried about.

Investigators have been looking for Erica Caines, 22, and her 9-month-old son Heru Sut Tekh El since Caines left the Hospital for Sick Children against the wishes of medical staff Wednesday.

Aside from the sick tot, who weighed only 11 pounds. when admitted to hospital, Caines has another son who is about 2 or 3 years old and also unaccounted for, Toronto Police Det. Mike Leone said yesterday.

“The younger child is sort of the focus of the incident, but we’re obviously concerned about both kids,” Leone said.


Caines admitted her son to Sick Kids’ around 2 p.m., but left with the child after a confrontation with staff.

“Medical staff basically tried to convince her that the baby should not leave and should remain in the hospital and receive treatment,” Leone said. “She obviously didn’t agree with them.”

Caines was with a friend, who hasn’t provided police with a lot of information, Leone said. It’s unknown if her other son was with them at the time.

Investigators have since received some help from Caines’ family, but continued to plead for Caines to come forward.

It’s unknown where she resides, as she only lives with her family “at times,” and it appears her and the father of her children aren’t together, Leone said.


Her family was apparently unaware of the baby’s ill health, as Caines “has not been on the greatest relations” with family members, so they haven’t spent much time with the baby, Leone said.

“The family is very concerned,” he said. “I can’t understand why she wouldn’t come in or take the baby back to the hospital. She’s got to come forward. If she doesn’t want to talk to police, she can call Toronto (Children’s Aid Society) or more importantly, just go to a hospital with the baby,” Leone said.

“Our main focus is just the well-being of this kid. Beyond that, obviously we’re going to find out to what extent this neglect went to and if there’s any criminal side to it, we’ll certainly investigate that.”

Tipsters should contact police at 416-808-5200, CAS at 416-924-4646 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477, or by texting TOR to 274637.

May 8, 2008

Heads Up In TO… Another Jr Scumbag

Most of you have heard by now about the Arsehole Of The Universe’s first ever shooting on a subway car, where an 18-year old girl was shot (in the crotch, no less) following a “confrontation with three males.” [TRANSLATION: three little maggots so gutless that they couldn’t even gang up on a girl without a gun] The cops have nabbed one so far, and given the rest of us something that we just don’t see often enough: the name of another shitbag, regardless of his age!

We don’t get this very often and God knows the Leftbot useful idiots will be busting their arses to sweep it back under the rug at the first opportunity, so grab the info now and forearm yourselves while the forewarnin’s good. From the release by the TO cops (my emphasis, of course): (more…)

October 24, 2007

Here, Kittykittykitty… [updated]

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AlertsAlright, everybody, pay attention.  This is important.

It seems like all the quibbling of “is there one or isn’t there one,” is over when it comes to the question of whether or not southwest Ontario has itself a resident cougar.  And I’m talking about the kind that doesn’t wear lipstick.

The Freeps carrried the story today, telling how the big cat — that all the “experts” told us couldn’t possibly be here — made such a mess out of some poor fella’s standardbred trotter out on Elliott Drive near Parkhill that the horse had to be put down…

Parkhill residents have been warned to be on the lookout for a cougar after a horse was viciously mauled by an animal with sharp claws and had to be put down.

Since the attack, which left the horse torn up and bleeding on an Elliott Drive farm last week, there has been at least one cougar sighting, Middlesex OPP Const. Doug Graham said.

In response to the attack and the sighting, police and North Middlesex council issued a public safety notice yesterday, warning residents to avoid walking alone at night in the bush and to secure barns.

“The risk is low, but we know (the animal) is not as fearful of humans as it normally would be,” Graham said. “Normally we see losses of pets, dogs and cats, but this is the first attack of a horse.”

The attack on the horse has not been confirmed as a cougar attack, but the injuries are consistent with that of a cougar hunting prey, police said.


“It was traumatic,” Graham said. “The wounds (were made by) one animal as opposed to a pack. It wouldn’t be consistent with a coyote or wolf — they hunt in packs.”

He said the wounds were made by “sharp claws. This (horse) was attacked by a large predator that knew how to attack a large animal.”

Cougar sightings have become almost legendary in the region.

Last summer, a wildlife specialist with the Natural Resources Ministry investigated 32 sightings in London, but found no hard evidence of a cougar in London.

The expert did find proof of deer, coyotes, raccoons, wild turkeys and possibly a bobcat.  [gee, he was thorough, wasn’t he? 🙄 -D]

Cougars, also known as pumas, mountain lions and panthers, roam remote areas across the country, mostly Western Canada. Their presence has been confirmed in New Brunswick and Quebec and provinces west of Ontario. Wildlife experts concede they likely roam remote regions of northwestern Ontario. Most of the past Ontario sightings have been at night and in the early fall.

For the most part, the community is not overly concerned, Graham said.

“People realize there has never been an attack on a human. The cats are normally out at dusk and dawn (and) young children tend not to be out at that time of day.”

CougarApparently Graham doesn’t know too many small town and country kids.  When I was growing up, depending on the time of the year, we could be damned near anyplace around dusk, so make sure that you know where your kids are and when.  And make sure they know what to watch for and not to mess with it.  I’ve seen what one of these things can do to a grown man and don’t even want to imagine what could happen to a kid.

And, as cool as that guy was to hear about, I don’t exactly feel like writing any posts about a local Marc Patterson anytime soon.

CKNX is also reporting that the OPP are warning folks that the critter is still around:

Middlesex OPP are advising area residents that there has been a cougar sighting along a creek in the Parkhill area.

This sighting follows a mauling of a horse last week.

The mauling of the horse has not been confirmed as a cougar attack, however, the injuries are consist with that of a cougar hunting prey.

A cougar expert says they prefer forested or bush areas, usually follow a water course and try to avoid human contact.

Most of the Ontario sightings are in the early Fall.

So for the time being, keep the kids close and your eyes open because this thing’s getting a little too ballsy for my liking.  And while it might not be a bad idea to keep the ammo near the old 12 gague for a few days, don’t go hunting the thing just yet, because a) deer season’s just around the corner so this critter might come to an unlucky end anyway and b) you likely don’t need the hassle of explaining why it is that you shot something that there isn’t even a season for in this province.

But if you see it going after your livestock — or even worse, somebody’s kids — that’s another matter.  Just be observant, keep your head, and for God’s sake, make sure what you aim at.

You know the drill.


The Freeps has a follow-up today from Cheryl Penny’s farm:

When Penny and partner Bob Rundle went across the pasture to collect Rainbow, they were shocked.

“Her head was all smashed in, she was bleeding from a nostril and there was this long gash, right to the bone,” Penny said.

A veterinarian examined Rainbow’s injuries and recommended the horse be put down.

“I agreed because I hate to see an animal in distress,” Penny said.

Rundle said he’s convinced Rainbow was spooked.

“There’s no way she’d jump three fences and that cut from shoulder to knee,” he said.

“I didn’t see a cougar and I can’t prove it, but one was spotted not far from here and it was either that or some other wild animal that spooked her.”

July 31, 2007

Renfrew In A Ruckus [updated]

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AlertsAnd who can blame them?

Yesterday, at sometime around 7 in the evening, Bill Regier’s truck was found in a “heavily wooded” area up near Renfrew. One commentor has said that it was found in a little place called Forester’s Falls, which is about 30 kliks NNW of Renfrew, but I haven’t been able to find anything to confirm that yet. Not that I think Jacob’s full o’ shit or anything like that but let’s face it folks, in a situation like that, rumours can fly fast and loose real quick.

Some folks have also speculated that he might be making for Quebec. Now, I personally don’t have a damned clue where this asshole is rabbiting to but when you consider that you can take a leak off your back porch in Renfrew and damned near hit Quebec, it might not be a bad idea to keep vos yeux peeled, just in case

Renfrew OPP last night located the silver 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck after being alerted by a citizen.

The truck was in a heavily wooded area off Kerr Line in the Whitewater Region Twp. when it was found around 7 p.m.

Renfrew-area gas station owner Greg Zavitske says the truck was found in a sparsely populated area near the Quebec border that isn’t easily seen from the road.

”You’d have to be walking through the bush or something, to find the truck,” said Zavitske, who added there are hunting camps and cottages near the spot where the truck was found.

Looks like ol’ Jake wasn’t too far off the mark. And isn’t that lovely: “hunting camps and cottages near the spot where the truck was found.” So this prick might have a rifle or shotgun and some ammo (I’m not sure if anything’s in season up there or not right now).

The OPP’s press release is right here. Some folks (like commentor Mark) have already decided to lock & load. Can’t say that I blame them; plenty of folks up there are getting nervous:

RENFREW, Ont. (CP) – The discovery of a pickup truck linked to the slayings of three people left residents of this eastern Ontario town worried Tuesday that a fugitive might be in their midst as police combed the area for clues.

Provincial police said a silver GMC Sierra bearing Ontario licence number JK8-334 was found by a Renfrew-area resident Monday evening near a heavily wooded area. The truck belonged to William and Helene Regier, who were found shot to death last week in their southwestern Ontario home – some 560 kilometres from Renfrew.

Police forensic teams were examining the truck as officers searched the area, about an hour northwest of Ottawa, where the vehicle was found. At the same time, the hunt continues for Jesse Imeson, 22, who is being sought in the Regier slayings and in the killing of Windsor bartender Carlos Rivera.

The police search near Renfrew enveloped the area around Chenaux Road, off the Trans-Canada Highway near the Quebec-Ontario border.

Back in Huron County yesterday, more than a thousand turned out for Bill and Helene’s funeral at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church. A lot of them were even there up to an hour and a half early and Bishop Ronald Fabbro even showed up.

Bill was always busy with the K of C and was a huge advocate of restoration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Helene served with the CWL for more than 50 years and was a past London diocesan president. According to an online obit, “memorial donations to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Restoration Fund, Heart and Stroke Foundation or charity of choice would be appreciated.” and condolences can be made at

No time for more now, folks. I’ll try to have a proper post up by lunchtime or so.

More links:


It looks like ol’ dumbass Jesse might just have hopped from the frying pan to the fire…

In what appeared to be a startling coincidence, the mayor of the township of Whitewater Region said the small town of Beachburg, Ont., not far from where the abandoned truck turned up, is home to many members of the extended Regier family.

Just like an idiot like that to try and run to about the only place in the country with even more folks with a reason to kill your ass.  Check it out.

July 25, 2007

More Info On Imeson

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AlertsI know that this asshole has been taking up too much space in my blog lately but I mean to keep at it until this prick is either caught or gets his pumpkin blown off by Billybob Lunchbox from Huron County. And it’s looking like the odds of either are pretty much 50-50. Based on the bulk of the emails and comments I’ve been getting (some of which had to be removed), this son of a bitch is now nothing more than a walking, talking bullseye waiting for that bullet with his name on it.

Boo hoo. Bleep off

Those of you that have been coming here for a while already know that I like to hunt and that I’m also damned serious about hunting safety. Everybody knows (at least, everybody that I hang out with) that an important part of that safety is being able to properly identify your target. With that in mind, take a minute to click on the images on the right-hand side of this post to get a better view of them. Take a good long look, too.

Imeson is described as 22 years old, white, 6’1″, 200 lbs. with short brown hair, brown eyes and numerous tattoos on his arms. Police are asking the public to watch out for two stolen vehicles — a grey GMC Sierra pickup, with Ontario licence JK8334 and a green 2005 Ford Taurus, licence AXSR 755.

Getting back to what I was saying before about some of what I’ve been hearing…
Everybody that reads much here already knows that I have no moral compunctions whatsoever about blasting this son of a bitch right out of his Keds, but I CANNOT tell people enough: if you find yourself in a position in which you absolutely have to shoot in order to protect yourself or someone else, CHECK YOUR TARGETS! I had me a bump-in with what I’m sure is one of the ten jumpiest buggers on the planet last night — You know who you are: garrison boots, OFAH cap, and that old beat-to-shit .22 (looked like a Savage-Stevens) — that looked like if somebody cracked a loud fart, he’d jump three feet straight up. Not good.

Two good folks on Bronson Line have already died and we don’t need any more innocent people getting hurt. Don’t shoot unless you have to and make God damned sure what you’re aiming at! And if you can’t keep a cool head, leave ol’ Betsy in the closet before you shoot yourself in the foot or some such damn fool thing. I’ve got no problem with decent folks arming themselves for their own protection, but do it right. Keep your cool, confirm the target, mind your background and if he makes one wrong move, save us taxpayers some money.

Meantime, the official hunt is still on for Jesse Norman Imeson, as the Freeps and other outlets keep telling us. I can’t help but wonder who’s gonna find him first…

Lastly, but sure as hell not least, let’s not forget Bill and Helene…

Bill and Helene Regier

And let’s keep our eyes out for that son of a bitch Imeson.

July 24, 2007

Still Eyeballs Time [updated]

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AlertsMurdering bastard Jesse Imeson seems to still be hiding his gutless ass someplace up in Huron County.

Word has it that the couple that he killed on Bronson Line were Bill and Helene Regier, an elderly couple that never did a damned thing against anybody. To their families and all those who knew them, you have my deepest sympathies. To the rest of you: take a good long look at this worthless son of a bitch so that you know who you’re looking for…

Jesse Imeson

Jesse Norman Imeson
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 6’1″
WEIGHT: 200 lbs
HAIR: brown, almost shaved
EYES: brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: numerous tattoos on arms

That’s Jesse Imeson. This prick is responsible for three murders so far (that we know of) and as far as the OPP know, he’s still someplace up in Huron. From the look of the photo, he seems to have some sort of tattoo on the left side of his neck as well.

If you see this son of a bitch, don’t be going off half-cocked! First thing to do is to try to call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or *OPP on your cell. Once that’s done, lock & load and hunker down, just in case.

But remember: if worse comes to worst, better him than you


The Grand Bend Strip website has some more info that might be useful:

The owner of a green 2005 Ford Taurus with a license plate AXSR 755 has reported the vehicle stolen, and police believe murder suspect Jesse Imeson could have taken the vehicle. It’s unclear when the car was stolen, and whether it has any connection to a double murder and truck theft at the home of Bill and Helena Regier on Bronson Line between Mount Carmel and Dashwood Monday.

If you see this vehicle or Imeson, call police immediately.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.

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