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March 10, 2009

Is Islam Killing Free Speech?

Well, no, not yet. But they’re trying their damnedest…

March 14, 2007

How’s This For Inconvenient?

VideosHere’s a little something that’s sure to piss the Kult of Kyoto right off. As most of you have likely heard already, Britain’s Channel 4 has recently produced a short (75 minutes without commercials) documentary titled “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which knocks the wheels of the Kyotology bandwagon with all the ruthlessness of a Kyoto Kultist screaming for the head of a global-warming-denying heretic. No doubt the money-grubbing Marxist granola grinders from the errorless echelons of the Exalted EnviroEnlightenment Eggheadocracy® will bromidically bitch and bawl endlessly about what harsh language their critics have begun using. To them I say, “if you can’t take it, quit dishing it out and shut the hell up!

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In the opening seconds, the accusations “The ice is melting, the sea is rising, hurricanes are blowing AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” flash across the screen, only to be immediately followed by “Scared? Don’t be; it’s not true.” One by one, the errors, delusions and outright lies of the Enviroloony elite are laid bare calmly and in plain English that is conspicuously devoid of the kind of bafflegab that saturates the rhetoric from the other side of the issue.

I’ll have plenty of time to shoot my mouth off on the topic later so, in the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the show.

[If, for some reason, you are unable to play the video in this window, just click this direct link to go directly to the video page and try there.]

A hearty thanks to Channel 4 for this excellent, non-powerpoint-presentation production. Keep up the good work, lads.

March 9, 2007

UN-F**k Yourselves, Please

Useless NumbskullsWell now, this just has to be some kind of new vista of asshattery if I’ve ever seen one. It seems that every Lefty’s favourite international sanctimonious busybody and toothless tiger has decided to pipe up and finally take mean, nasty Canada — yup, you read that right — to task for being the vile, evil bunch of racist honky bastards that we are. That’s right: the UN has loudly and proudly declared that Canada should be wearing sackcloth and ashes for using the term “visible minorities.” Yes indeed, boys & girls, no fly turd is safe in the pepper with these shitheads around…

AsshatteryLike all countries that are party to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Canada must periodically appear before the committee to make the case that it is a non-racist society. I think it’s fair to say that Canada is among the most tolerant nations on earth. But UN committees being what they are, the committee members always find something to lecture us about.

This year, the committee really had to scrape the bottom of the anti-racism barrel: As reported on the front page of Thursday’s National Post, the committee concluded that our government shouldn’t be using the term “visible minorities.” Despite the fact that this term appears in our legislation for no other reason than to mandate and track affirmative action programs that help “visible minorities” (please excuse my racism), the term, we are told, is “not … in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Convention.”

RantsSo, anybody out there still need some more proof that the UN has hung around long after it’s “best before” date?

Let’s get one thing straight right now: this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with combating racism, making the world a better place or anything else even remotely worthwhile. It’s nothing more than Exhibit #14,867,942 in the case against political-correctness-run-amok. It has nothing whatsoever to do with improving anyone‘s lot in life or with any question of what may, or may not, offend the majority of the people that this gaggle of Darwin-Award-winners-in-waiting so stridently claim to be protecting. What it does have to do with is the self-satisfaction of a bunch walking widgets who are so morally vacuous and utterly useless in this life that they are incapable of coming up with anything better to do with their time than clamouring to be offended on other people’s behalf whilst sucking at the tax teat of those of us that actually get things done.

Why, yes, I AM PISSED OFF…  how can you tell?In an effort to give the appearance that they somehow have a purpose — because, if it were revealed that they really don’t, someone might pry them off the funding/grant teat expect them to start doing something productive — they relentlessly pursue a useless word-game where the rules change approximately every 3.1457 seconds. The time has come to toss these walking sacks of maggot food onto the trash heap of the History of Stupid Ideas where they belong. Scrapping the UN while we’re at it wouldn’t be a bad ide, either.

Oh, yeah; before I go…


Dickheads… Bleep off

October 11, 2006

Pobody’s nerfect

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AsshatteryThey say that nobody’s perfect, and I guess this kinda proves that old adage out. Anybody with their cranium clear of their colon already knows that I’m quite the fan of Stephen Harper. I like the idea of having someone in charge who a) does what he said he would do and b) doesn’t steep himself headfirst in a bunch of namby-pamby, feelgood bullcrap whilst actually doing nothing about anything the way the Grits did for over a decade. But it must have been baked beans and chili dogs for ol’ Steve’s intellectual lunch the other day because, as brainfarts go, this one could peel the paint off the walls:

VANCOUVER — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling on the United Nations to impose sanctions against North Korea for its purported nuclear test.

Harper condemned the test blast and said the UN must make a “a meaningful and substantial response.”

Where the hell did that come from? This is the kind of wussese that I would expect out of the Librano$, or maybe the Dippers, but I expect better from Harper. This is the guy who stood up in the Gerneral Assembly in New York not that long ago and declared the very relevance of the UN was being tested and has, at times, vaguely hinted that he understands that the UN is long past any useful purpose and that it’s days are irrevocably numbered.

Let’s face it: the UN never accomplishes anything. It was useless in Bosnia, useless in Somalia, useless in Rwanda, and it’s useless in the Sudan. The last shred of respect that I had for that organisation vanished when it put Libya in charge of human rights. Maybe Harper hasn’t forgotten any of this and he’s giving them one last chance to prove their worth. I hope that’s it; I really do. But just in case I’m wrong and just in case Harper somehow (though I can’t imagine how) doesn’t really get it, I’m going to put it into terms so damned simple that anyone could figure it out (even me):

Unrelenting Nonsense

Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From The Hitman

Okay, here we go. Think back to when you were a kid. Remember watchin rasslin’ on Saturdays? No, I don’t mean wrestling. Wrestling is an olympic sport. I’m talking about the figure-four leglock, the Rowdy Roddyflying elbow smash and heads rammed into turnbuckles. Are ya with me now? Good.

Now, think back to those Saturday mornings when you used to watch the greats of the day stride into the squared circle. Back to the days when good guys like Rick “Quick-Draw McGraw, the Boogie-Woogie Man and Dusty Rhodes used to keep the world safe from scumbags like the Iron Sheik, Ted “The Million Dollar Man” Dibiase and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine while other guys like Rowdy Roddy Piper would just kick the crap out of whoever happened to be handy at the time. Still with me? Cool.

My favourites were always the tag-team matches. Whenever one of those was on the card you knew there would be some good mayhem someplace before the show was done. My all-time favourites would have to be the Hart Foundation, with Mike Rotundo & BarryThe Hit Man and the Anvil Windham a close second.

The matches always followed the same formula, but we watched them anyway (hey, we were young; give us a break). It would go, with a few little variations here and there, something like this:

Good guy A would be in the ring, pounding the crap out of bad guy A (or B) so hard that his grandkids were going to be born dizzy. The bad guys’ manager (because bad guys always had managers) would then pull some stunt while the ref wasn’t looking, usually a cheap shot, to get good guy A off-balance for a few seconds. Good guy B would holler at the ref to do something about it and the ref would go over and demand an explanation from the manager, who would shrug with a “what, me?” look on his face while bad guys A and B would drag good guy A over to their corner behind the ref’s back and proceed to double-team the crap out of him. This would go on until good guy B finally lost his cool and jumped into the ring to help his buddy, at which point the ref would suddenly finish with being distracted by the evil manager and jump over, grab good guy B and herd him back to his own corner while good guy A was still getting stomped by bad guy A, bad guy B and the manager across the ring. No matter how much the crowd would scream and point, the ref never managed to look the right way and catch the skulldiggery that was going on just a few feet away and it was always the good guy that got admonished for jumping in when he wasn’t supposed to.

What the heck does all this have to do with world affairs, you ask?

It’s simple: the UN is the ref.

August 14, 2006

More on MSM lies

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Mainstream MediaMaybe I’m flogging this a bit, but I really don’t care. The MSM, along with all the other usual hand-wringing suspects, has been howling to the rafters about the “slaughter” that Israel is committing in Lebanon. Give me a break. LGF already put the smack to this bullshit but the critter don’t seem dead yet so I guess I’m just going to have to beat this horse a little more myself.

Anybody remember Jenin? Anybody? You can be excused if you don’t because I didn’t remember it either until I read a reference to in the the Calgary Sun recently.

Jenin was supposed to be, as WAFA (the official Palestinian news agency) dubbed it, “the massacre of the 21st century.” Supposedly, more than 500 “defenceless Palestinians” (if there is such a thing) were slaughtered by those mean, nasty, bloodthirsty Israeli soldiers in the spring of 2002. WAFA had themselves a happy little meltdown, declaring that there were “hundreds of martyrs.” The world media (supposedly “controlled by the Jews,” as any paranoiac will tell you) promptly went “HYUK!” and gladly pranced along with the parade.

One little problem: Once the fighting stopped and the dust settled, the UN had themselves a speedy investigation headed by oh-so-pro-Israel (sarcasm? me??) Kofi Anan, that found only 52 Palestinians had been killed “of whom up to half may have been civilians, and 23 Israeli soldiers were dead.” Oops. Came up a little short on the martyr count, did ya boys? It gets better. Human Rights Watch (not exactly known for taking sides) did its own investigation and found only 22 Palestinians were killed in Jenin.

And Israel gets condemned for this, even though Anan’s own report said that “From the beginning of March until 7 May (2002), Israel endured approximately 16 bombings, the large majority of which were suicide attacks. More than 100 persons were killed and scores more wounded.” Doesn’t sound like a “measured response” to me. It sounds like restraint.

So there it is. The Israelis lose 100 people (plus 23 soldiers), the Arabs lose maybe 52 (but probably 22), and Israel gets bitched at? Give me a God damned break.

Sure, the truth came out but it’s the lie that’s still shambling around like some damned in-law that showed up at the cottage and won’t leave. Some like to bleat that Israel should only make “proportionate responses.” Well, now, a “proportionate response” would have been killing 123 Arabs, not 22, right?? But hey, what are numbers when you’re bashing the victim, eh?

The lies don’t stop there, though. Arabs have become masters of flinging the bullshit fast and hard so it sticks, even after the truth comes out.

This past Monday, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora howled that 40 people were killed in an Israeli air strike in Marjayoun. He was later forced to admit that the body count was… get ready for it… one.

Remember Qana? Where 54 people from two families (mostly kids) were supposed to have been killed in an airstrike? It was front page news everywhere. Human Rights Watch put the death toll at 28 (if that), almost all adults.

The Lebanese government is now bleating (and news agencies parroting) that more than 1,000 civilians have been killed in this war that Hezbullshit started. Yeah, right.

Everybody knows about the Reuters propaganda fiasco by now but that’s not all of it. More can be found here, here and here.

So the next time you hear a body count about some “Israeli aggression,” take the number and divide it by about 10. Then you might at least be in the same area code as the truth. Because believe me, you can’t trust these buggers.

July 31, 2006

UNrelenting Nonsense

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It's true

I am about to commit a great heresy. I’m going to get a lot of hate mail in the next couple of days because I am about to speak the unspeakable, violate the inviolable, and generally be a mean, nasty, right-winger. Here goes:

The United Nations is a completely useless body that has long since outlasted its intended purpose and Canada should withdraw from it altogeather.

RantsBetter yet, scrap the whole damned thing and start from scratch with a new league where dictatorships and countries with abyssmal human rights records are not welcome. Half the reason that nothing ever gets done at the UN is because dictatorships vote on many issues as a bloc. And giving China veto power was just plain stupid to begin with.

I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Over at the Calgary Sun, Ezra “the Lip” Levant had his own little rant about the Un today while Peter Worthington in TO had his own thoughts about the futility of diplomacy and other such weapons of mass discussion.

What useful purpose has the UN actually served since the collapse of the Soviet Union? None whatsoever that I can see. Its list of failures, however, is absolutely staggering in its scope:

  1. Utter failure to prevent the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.
  2. Deafening silence in response to slavery in Sudan.
  3. They take over in East Timor and drop the ball.
  4. The Dutch government resigned en masse as a result of UN “peacekeeping” failures.
  5. The UN did nothing when Mugabe expunged all white farmers and caused a famine that threatens to kill 8 million. Now the UN is talking with Mugabe about solutions.
  6. The UN frequently fails to condemn human rights abuses in countries such as Iran.
  7. Speaking of human rights, remember when they let Libya run that show?
  8. They failed in Somalia.
  9. They failed in Bosnia.
  10. They failed in Kashmir.
  11. They failed in Angola.
  12. They failed in Iraq.
  13. They failed in Afghanistan.
  14. Hell, they’re even a joke in Sierra Leone.

Just one screwup after another, and these are only the ones off the top of my head. Type “UN failures” into any search box and see what you get. When I googled it, I got 15,300,000 results. A search for “UN successes” gets about half that number.

So why is this colossal widget society still around? What does it actually do, other than to provide money to buraucrats and other assorted windbags that wouldn’t be able to find a job anywhere else? The answers are: wishful thinking and nothing, in that order. And that’s why we should get out.

Canada’s exit from this farce would also serve to throw some much needed cold water on the wishful thinkers of the world who still cling to the belief that this toothless tiger is of any use. The blueprint for the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written by Canadian John Humphrey, and if Canada decides it’s time for something else, the rest of the world will have no choice but to take notice and start asking some hard questions that should have been posed over a decade ago.